Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twilight & Byebye

Yeaps..I've watched Twilight and here is the movie 'review' LOL..

Hmmm, one thing for sure, both Bella and Edward looks much nicer in the movie than in the poster. Edward don't look that freaky or scary and Bella looks slightly prettier. Some parts were funny, some were 'huh' (as I can't really hear what they were saying... LOL) and some were frightening/scary. A little. Not a bad movie for me as I've not read the book before and from the ending, I think there is going to be a sequel to it. It better have anyway, the ending was not really an ending. Lots of questions unanswered. Heex, anyway, no spoilers for those who haven't read the book like me. XDDD

Packing my stuff for tomorrow trip to Thailand, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Hopefully I get to do lots of shopping there. Hahas, I know Chiang Mai has lots of shopping places like their night market, but, might not be able to go there as I'll probably be staying at Chiang Rai instead. Sad.
=( Hopefully everything will be peaceful there and I'll be able to enjoy it too.Oh well, shall end off at here.

Have a happy holidays~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Photos Fun!~

Wheeee~ Just done with one test. ICT, quite easy and was surprised at it. I got back my bFin test. Quite happy with my results. 28 out of 30. This two weeks are the project and test weeks, just before the holidays. Sigh. MY trip to Thailand might be cancelled too, thanks to the riot and stuff that is happening just nice at the area we are going. Oh well, let's hope that it will end soon. Heex. In bLaw now and getting bored, there's like nothing to do on the laptop cos I'm too lazy to go online and my lappy is too laggy too. Argh..
Decided to upload some pictures that I 'edited' through an online software. Heex. Did it quite some time ago but forgot to upload it. Heex. '

Best friendz~
I went window shopping and found...They love me!
Yeaps, ending off with this pic. I got extensions, fake ones though. XDDDD
haven really worn it out yet..heex. not used to it yet...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lots of Fun!~


Didn't manage to update last week cos it was filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy. Let's see.

Monday: Excel Test + Ajisen Ramen @ Tamp
Tuesday: BLaw Test + Jap Test + Food Expo + Quantum of Solace
Wednesday: Monopoly + JMD
Thursday: Winx Movie! + Kobayashi + National Museum + DJ Maxing @ SMU
Friday: Project + EFMA Test + Emo + Winx Anime! ^___^
Saturday: JMD + Drama Play @ TP
Sunday: Church + Emo + Winx Anime ! >___< Yeaps, I went to watch Winx! Its so cool..XDDDD I like most of them. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna. All so cool...Don't really like Layla that much. Heex. Call me childish or whatever, its niceeeee. ^___^

Heex.. Currently finish season 1 of Winx. The dvd in Singapore for Winx are so expensive. $69.90 for one season. Ouch. I shall go Thailand and look for it in December instead. Hurhurhur. Maybe I am a little siao about it now. Oh well. Addiction, they are so cute. Hahas. For the JMD performance for Open House, I'll be in Traditional.

Woots. Actually, I'm pretty okay to be in either one, cos I think both are cool. Go BT, Go Bryan! The two instructors and choreographers for the fusion dance. XDDD There was a play in TP and Ezzat's sis is in it so he invited us to go watch it together. It was a killing spree. And it shows how creepy a woman can be. Muffins? Hyah Hyah Hyah (Evil Laughter) As it was after JMD, G4 + 1 needed to chiong all the way down and grabbing some food on the way. But G4 were still hungry so they decided to start an symphony orchestra in the play. Just joking. But I guessed they were really hungry. We managed to reach there on time and met up with Ezzat, Gerry, XM, Jaeson, Jessica and Wendy. After the play, they went to eat KFC at Tamp while I went home, too tired plus got to wake up early the next day. So far, I can predict busy days in front of me. BFin, BLaw, EFMA, Marketing projects all coming up. After them is HRM project. Last week I had 4 ICAs, ICTS, Japanese Language, BLaw and EFMA. Woah. 2nd year is really busy, but....I'm still coping well, I think. XDDDD Yeaps, I gotta work hard. Yosh!

Let's see this week's schedule:
Monday: BLaw Meeting
Tuesday: Marketing Meeting
Wednesday: EFMA Meeting + BFin Meeting + Yukata Tying Training + JMD
Friday: BLaw Meeting
Saturday: JMD
Sunday: Church

Hmmm, not really settled except for all the funny meetings and stuff. Yeaps, and there a training by Mrs Ota. Heex.

More movies are coming up and I'm waiting to watch Wild Child, Bolt, Twilight (maybe, if it doesn't seem scary) and Ip Man.XDDD

Anyway, I shall continue to go do my stuff. Update next time. XDDD

Monday, November 10, 2008

I want to eat...

2 posts in a day. I must be very free...not. Just blogging to relax from studying for tomorrow Business Finance test. Argh. The result of slacking in class. Hahas. All the questions and answers look like greek to me. Hopefully, I will be able to do well for it tomorrow. 8am. Zzzzz

Anyway, I want to eat!

Eat what? Lots of food.

Cheese Fries
Ice Cream
Teriyaki Chicken
Long John Silver
Pasar Malam food (Chicken Drumstick!)

Okay, I know I sound like a pig. Its just my rambling. Food Food.

Study makes my stomach hungry.


I want a PSP!

The title says it all. When travelling to the bus interchange, I was thinking, how nice if I had a psp on my own. Ever since my Zen refuses to function, I've been deprived of many songs. I could only depend on my handphone which is not that good for listening music after all... Which is why I want a psp! Music is the 1st priority, followed by games, then videos. Sigh~ I have to dream more and hope that I might be able to get one soon. *wonders how much is the price now*


Anyway, blogging in Biz Law tutorial. I'm so dead for this week. Report to be handed up on friday which I have only touch a little and Biz Finance ICA tomorrow. Wish me luck! Whahahahaha!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun & Laughter, Peace & Joy

I got back my TEP results. It was pretty good for me. All As. I'm happy enough. It managed to pull my overall GPA up to 3.81. Happy~~~ Which means my GPA for last sem is 4.0. Woots. At last, though its just attachment and 2 modules, at least its a dream come true. I wonder if I can do as well for this semester. Whahahahaha. This sem, the modules are interesting, but taxing. 8 modules. Pheww whoooo. Yeaps.
Oh yea, here are some pictures that I took over the past week. I also managed to catch a movie. Tropic Thunder. Wooohooo. Its a funny but yet gross show.

Lunchtime Concert on 29Oct and 5th Nov

Had a great time dancing. The 2nd performance was much better for me. Heex. Currently practising for Open House next year. A fusion of both hip hop and traditional. Wheee...can't wait. Just learnt a few sets yesterday and it looks great. Its just too bad that not all the juniors were there. Most of the time, I think I'm not 'Junior-lise' like what Jiejie said. Like the traditional choreo. I shall start to ask them then.

Hamamatsu is this coming wednesday. Jiayou to the Mentos juniors. I believe it will be great. And after this, good luck with Open House. Hahas.

Time to go study and chiong my report due this friday and my two tests tomorrow and tuesday. I hate this week.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last week was hectic thus the lack of blogging. (excuses excuses)

I had my first performance in school, Lunchtime concert and it was full of mistakes. On my part that I feel. Sigh~
However, after that, G4 + Xiao Qiang and I went to watch.....

Wheeee~~~ It was a big improvement from HSM2. Sharpay's still my favourite character in it. Ashley Tisdale. Woots!~ The songs are defintely better and so is the storyline. There will be an HSM 4 coming out but a different cast, probably. Was pretty happy after the whole movie. XDDD

Oh yea, just the day before that, Tuesday, I went to sign up for Nebo membership. Finally. Got my nebo card and my Tapz card, Doraemon~ (though it has no $$ inside, it is purely for decoration purposes and maybe taiko? LOL)

Lunchtime concert tomorrow again. Wish me all the best in it and that I won't repeat my mistakes.

I'm exploring 2 new photographs site for fun, Mag my pic and Photofunia. Really great. After I'm done experimenting, I'll upload some. hurhurhur.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Movies Movies and more Movies~

Yes Movies!

I'm guilty of watching all these and I don't plan on stopping my movie spree. LOL...anyway I only posted those recent chinese movies that I watch as the english ones are quite a lot too. And somehow, the chinese movies are pretty nice.

1st up. Its not that old and not that recent. Painted Skin. My so called 1st 'horror' movie...if it can be count horror. Painted Skin. Pretty good. Had to spend a long time looking for a nice movie poster, some were too scary. At last, I found Zhao Wei's movie poster of it. She rocks! Still my favourite actress as always. Zhou Xun was pretty good. Still prefer both of them in My Fair Princess and Legend of the Arching Hero better. Hahas.

Next up is Storm Rider, Clash of the Evils.
Not really familiar with the story and had to say, it didn't really catch my eye at first, but after watching it, its quite good. Had to get use with them speaking chinese instead of Japanese.

And the latest movie which was today is Butterfly Lovers. Suddenly felt like watching the show. It was weird watching them act in period show and I thought the ending would be a happy one, instead of the original, but oh crap. Lots of 'dots' and 'huhs' in the show but there were some good parts too. Heex.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Week

1st week of school. Pretty like my timetable this time round. Its not as bad as some of the other timetables I've seen and its much better than my previous. I'm taking 8 modules this semester and finally, I'm starting to learn Japanese, elementary though, but better than nothing. Hahas. My class is more or less clique-ifed so yea. Most of the groupings this time round are random so I guess there will be a chance to work with different people, which is a good experience too. Nothing too heavy for the 1st week, like some of my tutors who are pretty good while others, not much comments. Heex.

Open house is coming so practice for that starts soon, like next saturday. Gotta work hard and do my best. Yosh!

As time goes by, I'm starting to feel indifferent to things that I used to care about a lot in the past. I wonder if its me changing or the things. Probably me. My Year 1 life was different from my Secondary years and now my Year 2 life is way different from both, and I'm loving it. Yeaps~

Okies, off for now. Time for R&R.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Anyway, decided to update my blog a little since its kinda of dead...again. Attachment is ending soon, finally. Its back to school for me with 8 modules next semester. KILL ME! Oh well, gotta do my best in it and slack. Whahahaha. This coming week is my last week of attachment and then school starts again. Can't wait to find out my timetable so I can happily start planning which days to skip. Heex.

Besides school, there's always entertainment and the latest few for me are: Cardcaptor Sakura & Special A!!!

Woots, I'm super hyped about Special A. Hikari is cool! Kei is zai...LOL..Anyway, its a super nice show and it just topped the list of my favourite anime. XDDDD

Anyway, that's about all, going back to my surfing, online, not the sea surfing. XDDD I will post up the pictures once I've uploaded it which will be quite some time. Heex.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dum di Dum

Oct's coming and there is this whole list of movies I can't wait to watch:
Painted Skin
House Bunny
Eagle Eye (Sounds interesting)
High School Musical 3

and I think there are still quite a few but I cant really remember.

I'm still slacking and has not yet started on my report. Oh well, I think I will just chiong it over the weekend or tomorrow night. If I get the mood. Whahahahahaa. I'm really too lazy. Sigh.

Toodles for now...Sharpay! LOL

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival

YESH! I'm back!!

Hahas, been too lazy and tired these few days to use my lappie. I'm thinking of reformating it. At least it won't lag again...Maybe I should.

Last saturday, went to JMD and after that, went to church for the mid autumn festival and it was quite the same. Nothing much as usual.

Sunday, after church, I went to Raffles Place to meet up with some JMD peeps to watch a Taiko Performance at Victoria Concert Hall by the JAS. Very cool and zai performance. Not just the drums, but the dance all, woah! Hahas. After that, went to Carl's JR at Marina Square with G4 and it was super funny. My stomach hurt from laughing too much. Totally LOL. Though I keep falling asleep at some parts, headache starting acting up. Hahas. Reaching home, I slept for 12 hours straight. Whoooohooo... Love the sleep. Hahas.

Today had a mid autumn festival celebration, an unofficial SJCC event. Had quite a fun time. Lighting lanterns, celebrating Jia Hui (Jiejie) and Bryan's birthday in advance and also playing the square game. Whee!!~

Okie, that's about all for now. Too lazy to upload the pictures, will upload soon I guess. Hopefully.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Natsu

2 days have passed since Natsu 08. Suddenly feel so weird not practising the dance at home. Well, my parents were quite glad that I wasn't playing the song anymore. XDD

Natsu was great!! The dance went okay I guess, haven't seen the video yet but I guess as usual, my expression is.............. plus I made a mistake at the end, skipped to the wrong place. *headdesk* how klutz can I be. Very, I guess. Hahas. Anyway, I had real fun there with everyone. Met up with quite a few friends there too. After the performance, stayed in the hall for the Bon Oodori and it was fun!! Hahas. Can't describe much except it was fun...LOL. By the time we packed up our stuff and left the halls, most of the stalls were empty and I didn't manage to get my soda drink...again. Oh well, I think I know where I can buy it now, so I shall go on a hunt soon. Heex.

I have been working in the afternoon shift though there are still quite a few things that need to be done, like my personal selling and stuff. Busy! So many things to do, so little time. Argh! Things are getting along better at my work and well, let's just see. Hahas. Being in attachment makes me feel kinda of detached from people at times, but oh well. I guess I have next semester to catch up, if they haven't forgot about me. Whahahaha.

Nothing much these few days I guess, busy doing reports and stuff.

End off here, time to chiong my stuff out. Rahh!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shop, Eat and Walk

Can't think of any nice title this time round. XD

Anyway, countdown to Natsu Matsuri: 5 more days!! Gotta start practicing in my heels. Just got it. Super style at DMK. I spotted it and I was like... 'Style!' So I got it, quite a reasonable price. Hahas. Before I got the heels, we were doing full run for Natsu on Saturday and phew...tiring. Everyone wanted to collapse I guess. Dancing in heels and dress is certainly different and difficult. Sigh. Wish me luck.

Went out yesterday for shopping to Bugis street to get a few shirts and my new bag!! (Yes, I got another new bag...again) I got myself a bright pink shirt for traditional dance..though its not really that bright either, but still, I quite like it. Hurhurhur.

Today was the 1st day of work, and let's just say that...I barely had time to crap with my friends. Urgh. Lots of work to rush, not because the boss assigned lots of work to us, but its due to human error. I think that after today, some of them see me in a different view, I'm not a quiet girl who just accepts things. Hahas.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Food food food and more food~

Okay, don't worry, this page won't be all just about food. real.Well, I think I mention something about the new food 'paradise' was found at the Cathay and so, here are just some of the pictures that taken(at the bottom). Actually, didn't manage to take much as we tackled the food once it reached our table. These are the few that we managed to restrain ourselves before eating it. hahas.Love the fried ebi and also all the fried food. Yum Yum!~

Yesterday went to far east to look for 60s costume and also to see the rest of them getting their haircut. Hahas. All of them look pretty different, especially G3.Well, I've alread cut my fringe today. XDDD

Oh ya, and we managed to find the 60s dress, now all we need to do is to make sure that everyone is OK with it next sat, then we will buy it. Then I have to go source for 2 inch heels for dancing. Heex. Gotta start practicing how to dance with that. XDDD After slacking around for a while, we went off to shop somemore at Taka area and went to eat KFC and decided to join them back for pool at meridien singapore....and they had a F4 Vs G4 competition. hahas. It was BT against Danny (Danny won), ZS against XM (ZS won), Bryan against Ezzat (Bryan won) then Bryan against Jaeson again(Bryan won again) because KK didn't want to play. Woots, and thus, the winner got a box of donuts the free donut mug that they got. Hahas. I wonder where it is now. Had a pretty nice day yesterday~

But I dreaded today... The new attachment. lots of problems. Why why!?? They warned us about blogging so, shan't say much. Hahas. Oh well, just gotta grit my teeth and do my best then. Yosh!! My attachment timing will probably be quite messed up, which means lots of things are going to be impromptu, bringing lots of trouble to many people. Argh!!!!! oh well, let's hope it will get better sooner. :)

At Tampines Mall Ajisen Ramen.
And now, FOOD!!~~~ Ebi.Sotong.Dumpling.Tori Karage.
Sashimi! The only dish we remembered to take a picture of.
The ebis~~~~

Friday, August 8, 2008


Nice number today.. XDDD
Met up with Kim today, happened to see Bez, Choon Hong and Reuel. Hahas, long time since I met up with them. They went back to Chr for the speech day thingy, couldn't go back cos of attachment... XDDD

Anyway, Kim and I had a mini catch up session, talked bout quite a few things, mainly sec sch stuff. After sitting and crapping at KFC for quite some time, we went around cwp and walk. Lots of new shops seem to have sprung out of nowhere. Ard 9 plus, I bade kim farewell and she was crying as she couldn't bear to leave me...WHAHAHAHAHA..jkjk.

Currently watching the olympics opening with my family. Somehow, there seems to lots of steamboat going on these few days. My family is having steamboat for 3 nights in a row from today, I think jmd side also having or sherwin I think. Lots of steamboats!! Hahas.

Anyway, quite happy bout today. Last day at BSU, kinda sad too. A few people cry. Oh well, I cant wait to see what shift I will be in my next stopover.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I just received the fateful call from them. And crap, I'm doing admin work again. Looks like I just can't get away from admin work at all this whole attachment. WHY???!!! I had hoped I will be in giordano, but I had to end up in the admin area again. Sigh. No choice.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flooded with reports~

Whoosh! I'm finally done with my summary report for my attachment and my personal selling report. Now, I can finally relax. Whahahaha. These two are probably the longest report I have ever done individually. 2 long reports. 1 of it is 5 pages long, all words while the other is 4 pages long. After all the printing of appendixes, the 5 page report grew to 6 pages while the 4 page report expanded to 12 pages!!!! Amazing right. Anywhere, pretty tired already.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay. Decided to do some blogging and posting of pictures. Hahas.

Went to church in the morning and afternoon. The new teacher for the youth...not much comments. Let's just see how it goes on I guess. Reached home around 3+, start to open the famous amos cookies my mom bought and eating it. Slept till 6pm and dad started to nag about my wardrobe and as I'm a good girl, I started clearing and tidying it. And......I discovered a lot of clothes that I can wear but it was all hidden at the back. Time to start wearing those clothes. Sadly, a few of my clothes have either shrunk or grown too big... Oh well, great excuse to start shopping again...or not.

Started a little on my summary report for my attachment and I have no idea what I can write. Argh...My mind is somewhere esle...looking forward to tomorrow!!! Another few more hours. XDDD

Okay, anyway, pictures spam again. I'm too lazy to post my cosplay pictures of Tohru so...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures Spam!~~~

Feeling much better after spending time in the library. Hahas. Keeping my promise, so pictures galore!~~~

Cosfest 08 Day 2. Cosplaying Tohru from Fruits Basket. Bryan was my photographer for the day and I had a team. Will upload the pics soon... Here's one with G4.
NYP Cosplay Arts Festival - 16th July 2008
I cosplayed as Kanda, same as Cosfest 08 Day 1. CAF will be the last time I cosplay Kanda and I have officially retired cosplaying him. XDDD
Credits of Photos: Speedknight
Though I wish to update all the photos up here, but majority of it were taken on my birthday. So..shan't spam pictures..


Yeaps, I'm back again. Not with the pictures that I promised but that will be later on. Just wanted to find a place to 'destress' though I'm not stress. Its just...emo? Not really. More like I want a place to babble and just take my mind off some stuff. Sometimes, I guess we have to accept things that are already set and can't be changed. All I can do now is to think positive and be glad that this is so now and it will stay forever this way. Let me just convince myself with that. Maybe I'm just too selfish at times and not used to sharing. Just got to learn to accept that. I want to babble and babble on and on and on. But there is no one to listen to my babbling now. Alone in the office(with only 1 person that I cant talk to) and after work too. Suddenly, I've been hit with a wave of Sian-ness. Dum di Dum.

Maybe I should just end off here for now. And see if I want to do anything esle later.

Guilty as charged

Okay! Its been a really long time since I blogged. Lots of excuses. Once I reached home, I flop on my bed and sleep. Its been really tiring. The few main events are over...basically: NYP COSPLAY ARTS FESTIVAL!!! Whoosh~

We survived it and SJCC rocks! Thanks to the help of many people too. Gotta thank the coordinator/shifu: Danny. Also Zhi Sen(President/Bro), Sherwin(Deco IC/SKW) and Bryan for helping me out when I couldn't be there. Basically, we couldn't wait for the event to be over and when it was over, suddenly, I felt so free. hahas. Really learnt a lot of things from this event and it really made me realise that I really want to go to the events side in the future and as a job. I quite enjoy the style and the whole process though it is really tiring. All the marketing and admin stuff and connections here and there but still, it was fun when you look back at it. All the training sessions and rehearsals we had with the cosplayers(Caffies) were fun and good. At least through this event, we were able to bond the different divisions together much more now. Though there are still post CAF stuff to handle, its not as tough now....or is it not. Hahas.

Another big event was my attachment, the Singapore Garden Festival Expo. Was helping out there and learning things and the food................IS GOOODDDD!!! okok, not just the food, the exhibitions we went to see were good and the comments. Hahas. It was ok except for a few scary incidents here and there, but other than that, it was fun being with the team. XDDD

This week is quite tiring and boring for me. Oh well, I cant wait till next week. Its so fast. This will be my 2nd last week at my current stopover before going over to MSC where I will be located at one of the shops. I'm hoping to be in Giordano. hahas. My classmates say that I have the Giordano look..........Time really passes by fast. I cant wait for the attachment to be over and I can finally catch with up all my friends that I'm unable to meet like Kim, Sarah, Fifi..etc etc. XDDD

Natsu is reaching and i gotta buck up on my own and with Danny's lessons in JMD now, I have to work hard. YOSH! I must make sure that I perform well at Natsu. 'Debut' performance and I shall not drag down anyone. heex. Must pose more and look cute......ARGHHHH!!! I.Shall.Do.It. LOL

yeaps, anyway, shall end off here. Lots of photos waiting to be uploaded. I shall upload tonight when I get back. I shall. XDDD

Monday, July 7, 2008

1 week worth of blogging

Okay, long time since I blogged. 1 week, so this shall be a long long post. If I can still remember what to blog about...

Back to where my previous post was.

26th June:
Had a family celebration at home and discovered that Kimta Claus came up my rubbish chute to lend me a hand paw. Yeaps. Thanks to all the birthday wishes and gifts on that day. Heex

27th June:
Ticketing day for Cosplay Arts Festival. Quite a good response.

5 July:
COSFEST 08!!!! Yeaps, for the 1st day, I cosplay as Kanda from D. Grayman. Not so bad, but I need to improve a lot. Oh well, the binding was....OUCH. Really ouch on that day. After that, took off my costume and stuff and showed sensei around there for a while before running off. Heex.

6 July:
COSFEST Day 2. Had a super happy day today, cosplaying Tohru from Fruits Basket. I find it better than my 1st day. I decided to do female characters and more smiley ones as they are more of my character. Hahas. Kanda will be the last guy character I ever do...

Okay, had been a pretty good cosfest. I've roughly decided on what I'm going to cosplay for EOY. Still keeping my options open for now I guess. Okie. Work time. Will post up pictures when I get home. Cya!~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration

Woots! Today I had an early surprise birthday celebration by the JMD. Great thanks to all of them. I din suspect anything. They came up with a cake, a card and G3 gave me a present too! Thanks guys. They are really great. Thanks to all those who were involved in it. There were Gerry, Ezzat, Fook Yu, Yvonne, Sok Hiang, Theam Huat, Jia Hui(Jiejie), Trixy, Danny(Shifu), Bryan, Ban Theng, Kim Kai, Zhi Sen(Kor/planner). Also to Faq and Honey for writing in the card too. ^^
Thanks guys! I'm really glad to have known you all and join JMD too. Hahas. These are some of the pictures of the remains of the cake. Didn't manage to take a pic of it before hand as we were too busy singing the English, chinese, malay and some other funny languages birthday songs. Hahas. My 18th 'card' I was trying to take a pic of it and it dropped to the floor, but, oh. who cares. 3 sec rule from Gerry. hahas.
Yeaps, thanks guys!!! esp G3 and esp my bro. ^^

Okay. Dad's operation went smoothly, he looks like he has a mini fishtank on his eye..wahahahaha. I'm mean. Okay. long day tmr.
All the best to the JMD performance tmr at Suntec. Yosh!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Movies Love

Whee! I've been so lazy and tired to blog last week. Caught 2 movies which just came out and they were goooood. Both are equally nice and funny. Esp for Zohan. Managed to see Anne Hathaway in another show at last. Woots. Get Smart is niceeeee... Reminds me of those spy movies with all the funny gadgets. Zohan is super funny too. All the stupid parts are awesome. Hahas. Anw, still at my office and I should stop blogging now. Prolly.

Still having quite a few things to settle for Sakuran and I cant wait for my Kanda uniform to arrive. Rahh!! Its so slow...and my Mugen. I think I'm gonna die on Cosfest day itself too. The binding is.........OUCH. I tried last sat and 'danced' in it and just did some walking, yikes. Gotta practice more. MY CAF cosplayers are good!! Woots! Okok, time to stop. I still gotta settle proposals and some things for the event. Whee whooooo...

Didn't managed to meet up with Kim and the rest. Crap....

and I still have to wait 1 more week for my Soul...rahh!! XDDD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shaolin Girl

It was a pretty interesting and nice movie. Though the language was a little mixed here and there but still, not that bad. Wasn't much movies to catch. I can't wait to watch lots and lots of movies that are coming up. GET SMART!!! Don't mess with zohan, Penelope, Driving lessons...

Don't have much to blog about as my pictures are all in my camera who is with ZS now.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Dance dance dance are flooding my head now. All the different choreos swimming inside now.

Going to change phone soon. Samsung now. Samsung soul or U700. Looks pretty nice and fun to use. Will go try out the phones later. I shall go buy on Sunday. Hurhurhur.

Bored in attachment now, can't wait for tmr and sunday! Tmr shall be Get Smart!! Woots! Bored...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Hohoho Kungfu fighting, lalalalalalalala. Hohoho....
Watched Kungfu Panda with Bryan, ZS, Sherwin, BT, KK, Danny, Trixy, Xiang Min, Ozzy, Shaun & XY. Really funny and cool. The show is awesomeness. Hahas. The turtle is cool..and so is Po. There are no accidents. Didn't regret going for it. Next up, Driving Lessons/Get Smart. Woots!

Anyway, I was supposed to sign up for my cca trip to Japan this sept/oct, but sadly, due to my attachment in school, I can't go!!!!!!!!!!!! Siannnnnnnnnn....Its like a bubble(very big bubble) just burst. Oh well, I'll make sure I get to go Japan before I reach the age of 35, or 33. Hahas.

Lots of crap are happening, I'm starting to see some true faces of some people and as usual, it confirms the reason why I've nv really like them. Whahahahaha. Okay, Mom's coming back ltr in the morning. Touching down at 11.50pm, would prolly reach home around 1am ++ I guess.

That's all for now. ^^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prince Caspian

Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. I'm not gonna be like kim and start saying how hot Prince Caspian looks like. Aslan is the HOTTEST!!! whoooohooooo... Edmund is really cool this time round, Peter was a jerk and Caspian is an foreigner. LOL..
Kim: Yar, I do rmb the times where we were spoiling the movie, at least I wasn't affected as much as Edmund(real life guy) and BLow.
Yeaps, movie was pretty good, the battle part not bad. Its much more funnier than the previous movie but the previous one had cool fighting scenes, but so is this. There were so many LOTR/HP/other movies etc that I see in it. The ents, female legolas, ironman, BUCKBEAK!! The battle between Peter & the king was funnily cool. Nice plot. Hopefully there will be subsequent series.
Tomorrow shall be hohoho, KUNGFU fighting!!! lalalalalalala PANDA!!!
Next few movies will be Driving Lessons, Get Smart, Penelope, It's a boy girl thing.
Anyway, getting used to my attachment now. The girls are crazy & my supervisors are pretty cool too. Managed to click quite well with them... XDDDD
I miss lots of people!!! Kim, Sarah, Evan, bGoh, bez & many more...Miss those crazy guys so much...Hahas.
Time to sleep, feeling really tired & sleepy. ^^

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Nope, I was not watching Pokemon at Esplanade. Just happened to be walking at marina square and saw them performing and couldn't resist taking some pictures.

Pika Pika~

The Singapore Flyer.. Love the changing of the colours..and I'm going to go sit on it soon!!!!!

And to top it all, when I reached home, I was just in time to watch some fireworks that Msia put off and it was pretty lovely.

And that was for Saturday after natsu practice. Was feeling pretty tired and sleepy. But still, Esplanade was a nice place, quiet too. Lots of couples, pity the security guards there. Shall continue blogging tomorrow. New attachment starting. Wish me luck...woohooo...Prince Caspian tomorrow~~~

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today is a Disney day for me. Went shopping in Compass Point first and saw lots of Disney soft toys, mainly Winnie the Pooh series and I got an Eeyor~ Chibi Eeyor. LOL I saw the tofu soft toy and its really soft and nice to hug....Tempted~ And there was an Eeyor pillow too, but Eeyor looks kinda of mutated in it and its hard, not nice to hug. Whahahahaha. I want the tofu thingy now. Maybe I'll go hunt around tomorrow. XD

Anyway, yea. I watched Lion King 3 again today and its still as funny as ever. Its been a long time since I've watched it. Went to school after watching for a CCA briefing and had a nice talk again with someone. Wasn't in a good mood after that, started to stone a little. Guess its the weather and also, not feeling too well. Natsu practice tomorrow. My house seems empty now. Mom in Indonesia, Dad going for Operation soon, Bro is somewhere outside and I'm in school. Oh well, pretty tired out here and guess I better rest early. Long day tomorrow.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back Again

Hey all. I'm back again. Decided to redo a new blog. Recently, I haven't been updating much and there are lots of things that are going on, esp with my club. I love my blog name. Random, I know..Whahahaha

Since a picture speaks a thousand words. I'll be making up for all the posts that I didn't do for a long time by uploading lots of pictures. XDDDD

Swensens Fondue.

Popeye @ T1

Ajisen Desserts.

My 'bedroom' now.. Currently camping in the balcony.

Some pictures of me since I'm sure you guys miss me so much. Whahahaha.

I love PS toilet~

My hand turned into a not so wild wolverine mutated hand? Jkjk..paw~

My new poofy cap..

My New Job Eileen & me G4 & me

Yeaps. Enough of my pictures? Will update and upload more things tomorrow hopefully. Busy busy busy.

P.S. KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll help you write here that you miss me. I know you do. Whahahahaha

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Missed me?

I've finally got my lazy butt off and started blogging. Prolly because there aren't anything esle to do and I decided to blog before this place really starts to rot. Anyway, I've been pretty busy these few days watching animes, doing my cosplay stuff, church stuff and cca stuff too. See, I'm sooooo busy. Whahaha.
The latest anime that I'm watching and is my favourite anime now is Saiunkoku Monogatori. Don't get turned off by that name. Its really nice if you continue watching it. Ryuuki~~~~Too bad the subs for the 2nd season are only halfway and the 2nd season will prolly lead to a 3rd season which is not coming out soon. This series is actually originated frm a novel series by the Japanese author and her latest novel will be coming out in May, which means its going to be a long time before I find out what will happen to them after the ending of the 2nd season.

Okay! Enough of Saimono for now or I can see the rotten eggs flying in my direction now. Anyway, I met up with Sarah during the hols, she's also curious about cosplay and Japanese sub-culture and all. Wanted to bring her around but sadly, not much time. We did go shopping for some casual clothes though. XD Next meeting up is with the [s]crazy kuku[/s] Kim and I just know how much she misses me, don't ya Kim? Whahahahaha.

Looks like I have lots of stuff to blog about. Let's see. My exams are over and getting my results next wednesday. Oh, and I've got a job too. Stock taking like last hols, except this time, its 3 days and the last day is from 10pm - 7am. That suits me. Since the hols started, I've been sleeping around 4am-5am and waking up at 8-9am. Kinda of crazy I guess. I was not watching anime the whole time..though some gaming were involved thanks to Eileen. LOL. Anw, guess I'm a night owl now, gotta start changing the habit soon when school is about to reopen.

Guess I better sign off here now, oh yea, and I won't be around from the 14 march - 16 march. Will be at my CCA camp. Long time since I've had one. Oh well. bye~~ off to my beloved Saimono~

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aftermath of Open House 2008

Whoo hoooo~~~~

I'm done with all of my paper tests for now. I just have 2 more group presentations next week and 1 more group report and I'm done!!!! which will mean that CNY is arriving and there are lots of stuff to do, like mugging time for the finals.
Anyway, enough with the academic stuff, Open House 2008 is finally over, though I kinda of missed all the hectic and fun, its a relieve for it to be over at last. Hahas. I've made plently of new, old, crappy and fun friends in this whole thing. Stoning in class now...Waiting for the teacher to arrive, in meantime, here are some of the pictures of Open House 2008. I'm wearing a yukata! ROFL..

Eileen & me!

Hakimah, Azmah & Jo!

Shaun(flower boy) & me~

I'm not peeping!!

Spoiler Alert!! hahas

Not sure if I've posted up any pictures, anw,this is who I was cosplaying at EOY 07.

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