Monday, November 24, 2008

Lots of Fun!~


Didn't manage to update last week cos it was filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy. Let's see.

Monday: Excel Test + Ajisen Ramen @ Tamp
Tuesday: BLaw Test + Jap Test + Food Expo + Quantum of Solace
Wednesday: Monopoly + JMD
Thursday: Winx Movie! + Kobayashi + National Museum + DJ Maxing @ SMU
Friday: Project + EFMA Test + Emo + Winx Anime! ^___^
Saturday: JMD + Drama Play @ TP
Sunday: Church + Emo + Winx Anime ! >___< Yeaps, I went to watch Winx! Its so cool..XDDDD I like most of them. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna. All so cool...Don't really like Layla that much. Heex. Call me childish or whatever, its niceeeee. ^___^

Heex.. Currently finish season 1 of Winx. The dvd in Singapore for Winx are so expensive. $69.90 for one season. Ouch. I shall go Thailand and look for it in December instead. Hurhurhur. Maybe I am a little siao about it now. Oh well. Addiction, they are so cute. Hahas. For the JMD performance for Open House, I'll be in Traditional.

Woots. Actually, I'm pretty okay to be in either one, cos I think both are cool. Go BT, Go Bryan! The two instructors and choreographers for the fusion dance. XDDD There was a play in TP and Ezzat's sis is in it so he invited us to go watch it together. It was a killing spree. And it shows how creepy a woman can be. Muffins? Hyah Hyah Hyah (Evil Laughter) As it was after JMD, G4 + 1 needed to chiong all the way down and grabbing some food on the way. But G4 were still hungry so they decided to start an symphony orchestra in the play. Just joking. But I guessed they were really hungry. We managed to reach there on time and met up with Ezzat, Gerry, XM, Jaeson, Jessica and Wendy. After the play, they went to eat KFC at Tamp while I went home, too tired plus got to wake up early the next day. So far, I can predict busy days in front of me. BFin, BLaw, EFMA, Marketing projects all coming up. After them is HRM project. Last week I had 4 ICAs, ICTS, Japanese Language, BLaw and EFMA. Woah. 2nd year is really busy, but....I'm still coping well, I think. XDDDD Yeaps, I gotta work hard. Yosh!

Let's see this week's schedule:
Monday: BLaw Meeting
Tuesday: Marketing Meeting
Wednesday: EFMA Meeting + BFin Meeting + Yukata Tying Training + JMD
Friday: BLaw Meeting
Saturday: JMD
Sunday: Church

Hmmm, not really settled except for all the funny meetings and stuff. Yeaps, and there a training by Mrs Ota. Heex.

More movies are coming up and I'm waiting to watch Wild Child, Bolt, Twilight (maybe, if it doesn't seem scary) and Ip Man.XDDD

Anyway, I shall continue to go do my stuff. Update next time. XDDD

Monday, November 10, 2008

I want to eat...

2 posts in a day. I must be very free...not. Just blogging to relax from studying for tomorrow Business Finance test. Argh. The result of slacking in class. Hahas. All the questions and answers look like greek to me. Hopefully, I will be able to do well for it tomorrow. 8am. Zzzzz

Anyway, I want to eat!

Eat what? Lots of food.

Cheese Fries
Ice Cream
Teriyaki Chicken
Long John Silver
Pasar Malam food (Chicken Drumstick!)

Okay, I know I sound like a pig. Its just my rambling. Food Food.

Study makes my stomach hungry.


I want a PSP!

The title says it all. When travelling to the bus interchange, I was thinking, how nice if I had a psp on my own. Ever since my Zen refuses to function, I've been deprived of many songs. I could only depend on my handphone which is not that good for listening music after all... Which is why I want a psp! Music is the 1st priority, followed by games, then videos. Sigh~ I have to dream more and hope that I might be able to get one soon. *wonders how much is the price now*


Anyway, blogging in Biz Law tutorial. I'm so dead for this week. Report to be handed up on friday which I have only touch a little and Biz Finance ICA tomorrow. Wish me luck! Whahahahaha!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun & Laughter, Peace & Joy

I got back my TEP results. It was pretty good for me. All As. I'm happy enough. It managed to pull my overall GPA up to 3.81. Happy~~~ Which means my GPA for last sem is 4.0. Woots. At last, though its just attachment and 2 modules, at least its a dream come true. I wonder if I can do as well for this semester. Whahahahaha. This sem, the modules are interesting, but taxing. 8 modules. Pheww whoooo. Yeaps.
Oh yea, here are some pictures that I took over the past week. I also managed to catch a movie. Tropic Thunder. Wooohooo. Its a funny but yet gross show.

Lunchtime Concert on 29Oct and 5th Nov

Had a great time dancing. The 2nd performance was much better for me. Heex. Currently practising for Open House next year. A fusion of both hip hop and traditional. Wheee...can't wait. Just learnt a few sets yesterday and it looks great. Its just too bad that not all the juniors were there. Most of the time, I think I'm not 'Junior-lise' like what Jiejie said. Like the traditional choreo. I shall start to ask them then.

Hamamatsu is this coming wednesday. Jiayou to the Mentos juniors. I believe it will be great. And after this, good luck with Open House. Hahas.

Time to go study and chiong my report due this friday and my two tests tomorrow and tuesday. I hate this week.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last week was hectic thus the lack of blogging. (excuses excuses)

I had my first performance in school, Lunchtime concert and it was full of mistakes. On my part that I feel. Sigh~
However, after that, G4 + Xiao Qiang and I went to watch.....

Wheeee~~~ It was a big improvement from HSM2. Sharpay's still my favourite character in it. Ashley Tisdale. Woots!~ The songs are defintely better and so is the storyline. There will be an HSM 4 coming out but a different cast, probably. Was pretty happy after the whole movie. XDDD

Oh yea, just the day before that, Tuesday, I went to sign up for Nebo membership. Finally. Got my nebo card and my Tapz card, Doraemon~ (though it has no $$ inside, it is purely for decoration purposes and maybe taiko? LOL)

Lunchtime concert tomorrow again. Wish me all the best in it and that I won't repeat my mistakes.

I'm exploring 2 new photographs site for fun, Mag my pic and Photofunia. Really great. After I'm done experimenting, I'll upload some. hurhurhur.
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