Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hah! I'm back to blogging again..for now. Just realised I've not touched my blog for more than a month. Been pretty busy I guess, last update was before my exams. Urgh. Anyway, I'm currently in my supposedly 3rd year attachment which I'm currently doing in my 2nd year long holidays thus I'm normally MIA-ing for lots of stuff and in school. I'm pretty much locked up on weekdays. Sigh~ Guess this is what working life is all about. Just thankful that I have 2 great people working with me there too, Mel and Vann. Without them, I think I would have died of boredom there. With them there, everyday is like a crazy day!! Pictures shall be posted in another post. I'm just too lazy to start uploading them.. XDDD

Went shopping with Leen last friday at Far East and due to my workplace's location, I think I know FEP pretty well now. Sigh~ Getting bored of that place, but I'm still discovering new cool shops as I venture around. Bought some hair accessories for myself to try out some new hairstyles I read about online while Leen got some nail art which she seems pretty crazy over it. Oh! And I ate my 1st Subway meal too. Call me suaku or whatsoever. I've really never eaten Subway sandwiches till friday, normally, if I walked into Subway, its to buy their cookies. Heex.

Went out with Kim today. Finally met her since Chinese New Year. Its been so so so so long since I've met her again. And she still looks the same. Hahas, Chiang met up with us later on suddenly. That kuku fellow. Arrived late for movie. We went to watch Hotel For Dogs. It is super nice and touching. But how the dogs are being pampered are like...ZAI! Spa, salon, vending machines. Hahax.. anyway, it was great to 'ketchup' with Kim and Chiang again. Din talk as much as I wanted with Kim partly due to lack of time and also most of the things I wanted to tell her, I forgot. (P.S. Kim, you must be thinking you made me speechless right?) Hahas, it was like in secondary school again. Just hanging out together.
We were talking about CHR, our future, friends, classmates etc which made it sound like we are aging very fast.. Give me back my youth! Lol. But I guess we all grew lots these few years. So, we went window shopping in Taka, Wisma and FEP (again! I know) and who knew Chiang was such a fashionista! Hahas, deciding the clothes that were suitable for Kim and I. I guess we'll probably see him on the cover of a fashion magazine soon. Hahas. We walked for quite some time before we all had to go off. And guess who we met on the train, just as we were discussing about. BLow! Hahas..with his girlfriend. Then we started the old people thing again. Talking about school, about friends, about CHR, about visiting T Square (again) and also discussing about our friends' relationships until we've reached our stop.

Kinda of really miss the days back then. Hahas, oh well, there are plenty of time to meet up again and I'm curious as to how all of our future will unfold. Guess I just have to wait. I can't wait to see how mine will be. XDDD I know it will be great.

As the days go by, I'm only left with one year in poly. Whoosh! So fast! But I'm also confused about where should I go after that. Work or Study? What industry and degree should I pursue? I'm still thinking about tourism/hospitality and events industry. Wonder will I be able to work/study in there? Guess all I have to do is to study hard now (yea right, like I will) and pray about it.

This is a looong post so no pictures. Anyway, I watched quite a few movies again and I think I'll blog about them next time. Chiang and Kim commented that my blog is like a movie reviews blog. Hahas, I shall try to start cutting down on the movies that I'll be watching then but there are so much gooood movies coming out. I want to watch Race to Witch Mountain and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter 6 and also New Moon. Woots! All coming out this year. Hohohoho!

Kim also said that not a lot of people know about this blog of mine. Partly I did not update any links from my previous blog and only informed some friends. Hahas.

Anyway, my attachment is halfway through, another 5 more weeks! Yosh! Gambatte!! I can't wait to start school, freedom and casual clothes! Hurhurhur. Oh yea, I got back my exam results. Quite happy with it as usual. Though my overall GPA dropped but I'm still super happy with it.
Starting from my 1st paper:
ICT Business - Distinction
Japanese Language - B+
Business Law - Distinction
Business Finance - B+
Marketing - B
Fin/Management Acc (EFMA) - Distinction
Human Resource - Distinction
Overall GPA: 3.79 now.

Heex, 4 Dist and lowest B. Thus I'm quite happy, was worried my marketing would be a C. Thank God!

Anyway, I guess its time for me to sign off now. Church tomorrow. Tata!~
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