Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just a song that I wanna share~

Kinda of like this song a lot. Came across this song when I was Youtube-ing. Sometimes I prefer these original songs that the Youtubers come up with due to the lyrics. For me, I really enjoy the the music, her voice and the lyrics. 

Presenting - Baby, I Love You (Tiffany Alvord)

Tears - Happiness & Sadness

I started my birthday with tears and ended with it too.

No, I did not cry the whole day. There's a difference for those 2 tears-fest. 

When the clock striked 12 midnight on 26th June 2012, I felt overwhelmed with sadness and just broke down sobbing. I just sat there and 'stoned' for a really long time before picking myself up and proceeding with my usual activities.

And just, at 11.59pm on 26th June 2012, I started tearing again. This time, the tears came due to the happiness I felt in me. I felt so much love from my friends and without them, I wouldn't have as much fun today! 

I really feel so blessed for having them in my life. I know I've said it on FaceBook and all but I just can't help it. Words just can't seem to express how grateful and blessed I feel towards them. 

This is just a short post and I will update again soon about it~ I'm really tired now but I just feel the need to blog it out 1st! There is no better word to describe this moment than jubilant.

Kimberly, Sarah & Evangeline:
Thank you to my dear girls for coming down. Despite your hectic schedules, you made time for me and I really appreciate it! We're all growing old and in a blink of an eye, we've known each other for almost 10 years. Thanks for always being there for me! 

Danny, Trixy, Xiang Min, Sherwin, Kim Kai, Ban Theng, Wendy, Fook Yu & Steve.
Thanks for coming down today! Really appreciate it and I really really feel so blessed and loved to have you people in my life. I'm really glad to have met you all and thanks for making this such a memorable and awesome day for me. Words really can't express how I feel but still, I'll try my best. May we have many more good years ahead of us! ^^

That's all for now, I'll blog more in detail tomorrow I guess, if I'm not knocked out by tiredness. I think I might finally be able to sleep well, like finally. At least for tonight, I don't want to think so much and just sleep. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I wonder..

Random short post.

Spend the last 5 minutes of my 21st year underneath my block. Decided not to go home yet. Mulling over certain stuff. Upon reaching home and after exchanging pleasantries with my parents, somehow, I just went straight to my room and watch the rain. 

I don't know why but it just rained. It just did. Maybe it was too sunny earlier, too much vapor or whatsnot collected up in the sky. 

Alrighty~ I shall have a good rest and look forward to the rest of the day. Cheerios~ =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What am I doing?

I don't know. Truth to be said, I have no idea. Recently, I've realised how easily I can be affected by certain things or people in my life. Good or bad, I have no idea. Depends I guess. 

Been feeling irritated at myself lately.Maybe it's the weather, the boredom, the upcoming even that reminds me of how old I am or maybe, just maybe, I'm blaming it on everything except  that one 'THING'. In short, I believed I know the reason why I'm feeling irritated. Simply 'cos I feel useless for not being able to accomplish such an easy task. 

And there I was, few months ago being all strong headed about independence and living well on my own and now, being pathetic, confused and upset. Over a person.

Yes, I'm mindless ranting but I decided to just try typing it out. I knew I had to do it after I couldn't sleep this morning and realised, "Damn, I'm really affected by these simple damn things!". 

Sometimes, I just wish we can read what's going on in their minds, it might make things so much simpler. On the surface yes, but there are definitely serious consequences to bear if we really managed to do that. 

All in all, I guess after writing this down and stuff, I'm still lying to myself about how or what I feel for that person. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Déjà Vu?

Recently there's been quite a few changes going on in my life. Some new, some welcomed, some unexpected and somestuff that gave me a déjà vu feeling~

June, somehow my June are always filled with doubts and upset thoughts. Same goes for this June, it did not start well but I enjoyed myself thoroughly today. Going off for a short trip later on and I hope that this will be a trip where I get to relax myself and also clear up some thoughts. Wish me luck in this and I do hope I'll be able to update more when I'm back!

Catch you peeps soon! =D
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