Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday 3

Part 3:
' Class' Photo of everyone there? Some left early to rush back for school.(Don't mind the yellow stuff at e bottom, its the table...
Pose Pose Pose. Some guys looks pretty shocked. I wonder why..
Ahhh..caught them unaware. Reuel: Pout. Ben: ACT CUTE!!!! Jabez: Blur.Audrey: Whats going on?? Kim: Ben, my act cute pose is better than yours! Hmph! Bao: Bored...hehex
Girls trying to brainwash the guys while some guys are either trying to pout or practise their kissing style...bad idea!!

Happy ending. Pose Pose!! And this marks another gathering, not our last though. Good luck to all, in JC n Poly! Gambate!!!

Birthday 2

Part 2:
1 of the Million Smiles of Singapore. Smile Smile. Grin Grin
Nice Cake? Before destruction...
Still Nice? After destruction...
Girls' Power!! Powerpuff Girls!!!
Rose Among the thorns? Weeds? Leaves? Flowers!!!


Birthday Surprise!!!!

Part 1. Don't mind the comments. LOL

So, its Miss Santha Mrs Mohan birthday today. So here are some pictures we took. Have fun viewing. I took some videos too, i don't think e file is big, so whoever wants it, please get it from me. I can't access the forum due to some internet problems. So sorry! =)
The guys crapping, as usual. What is Jabeeez trying to do with his hand? N more importantly, what is Benjamin doing with HIS hand???hehex
The girls, preparing the cake and chatting to Mrs Mohan. Some of them seems to be missing.Hmm
Oh, her speech is in a video, but I doubt we can hear what she is saying, as she is having a bad sore throat...
The inseparable twins...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Falling Apart...

.Falling Apart.

These few days, my life is falling apart. Its not just one part of my life that is falling apart. Its everything, everything I tell you(LOL). My family, doesn't seems like a real family sometimes. I don't mind staying at home with my family, but I hate the tension. Its killing me. And things that are falling apart are not just my family, but the past, friends and expectations. Yesterday, I was forced to remember some nice and bad memories. Yesterday, I met a few people who had taken care of me since young, taught me the piano, played with me, but one day, that Incident happened, and I found out that they were the ones responsible for it. I really can't believe that they will do such a thing to hurt everyone. It is really hurtful when the people who took care of you and the people whom I had trusted would do that. How I wished they didn't do that. But that is only my wishful thinking, what has happened, has happened.

I'm worried. Very worried. I don't know if I made the right choice in going to NYP, but the verdict it out, who cares.

Somehow, I feel that some adults have very high expectations of me, maybe not academically, but on other stuff. They did not say out loud, but I can tell what they expected of me. Or am I being paranoid? Maybe I am, but that doesn't change the fact on what they hoped I could do. Its really hard, bottling everything up and stuff. I want to scream everything out!!!!

Okay, over with the emo stuff, its feels much better typing everything out. I want to watch Bean's Holiday!!! Whee!!! Anyone knows when its showing? Hahas.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Chapter Of My Life

New Chapter...

Well, the posting is out. Hopefully everyone will be happy with their posting and if you're not, there is always the appeal form. hahas. This year cop is really shocking. Lol, especially the biomedical courses. Hahas. Though most of the people I know are going to NP, I'm going to NYP. Lol. Its gonna be lonely in there. Lol, but hopefully we will still be able to keep in touch though we are in different schools. hehex. I'm not planning to appeal to NP though people are trying to convince me to appeal. Its like, there is not much point in appealing to NP. Its the same course, except NP might be better in that course. Hahax. Well, I looked at the bright side and thought over it. Going to NYP is not a bad thing after all. I can get a totally new life. No one there really knows me.(its going to be lonely too...) Though deep down I feel kinda of sad to be all alone in NYP BM. Hahas. But its my future and I have the power to change it. WHOOO!!! Confidence. And I heard they have a sakuran Japanese Club there. It cheered me up. Hehex. No matter what, we will still be friends right, no matter what school we go to. Hahas. To everyone out there, GAMBATE!!!!
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