Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's throw a welcome party now!~

Welcome me to the iPhone gang!

Seriously, I never did think that I would ever get an iPhone. But then, fate has a interesting way to twist things around and poof! Here I am with my own iPhone. And the amazing thing, Dad volunteered to get it for me. (Well, after some convincing done on my part. =p)

I did not consider getting an iPhone as I was perfectly happy with my iTouch (till I got itchy fingers and upgraded it to OS4 and now it lags like crap. Gotta redo it somehow I guess.) but then, I found that being in SMU = Email Flood!

Really, every morning, I've gotta like clear and check loads and loads of email. It was worse than what I gotta face during my previous job. So with that as an excuse and how much it would help my studies and prevent me from getting lost, the 'rents agreed to get it for me. Muahahaha~

And after going down to Starhub, I didn't have to wait long before I got to use my new phone~ Many thanks to the guy who served me and even helped me transfer my contacts over. XDD

Did all the miscellaneous stuff that you will do after getting a new phone. Like screen protector, casing, yada yada yada.

And so, I'm now connected to the internet 24/7. Good? Bad? I have no idea. Just gotta wait and see then.

Here's the case that I got for my iPhone.

I'm trying to look for one that will enable me to hang my charms on the phone but to no avail. If anyone has any lobangs, please let me know ya? XDD And hopefully, the design is nice? XDD

Okie, ending this post off now~ Short, I know but my stomach is starting a concert now.

Look, I'm so hungry that I can eat my new phone!

Ok, that was lame.

Gonna grab a bite before my next class.

So, that shall be all for now folks!

Do help me clickity click on the new ads lounging around here yea? XDD

(And please pardon this girl with the tired face)
See Ya~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Presenting Mr Heartthrob of the Month~

Who's Mr Heartthrob?

Hurhurhur, I shall reveal that in awhile. Or you can always just skip to the end and take a peek 1st. XD

But the wait is totally worth it!

Did anyone go Seiransai last Sunday?

It was my 3rd year there and each year, I'm there with different people.

1st year: SJCC - AkiMizu & Leen (Oh, the days of naivety and innocence)
2nd year: Danny, Wendy & KK (Which I remember the Merlion game.LOL)
3rd year: My girlf, Leen~ =p

We met Danny, Trix, Wendy & Merlion there too~

And this year, like previous year, I only managed to go to 1 booth.

Leen, Trix, Wendy & I went to the new booth that they had set up on the top floor, the Maze Game~!

It was pretty interesting and you get to choose the gender you wish to be born with and the game slowly takes you through all the stages of life. And I mean ALL~ Up till the age of 50 where after that, you gamble and I think we died due to the thrill of it. =p

Anyway, I had a great time there and I was paired up with Leen where it was hilarious, looking at our choices as we went through it. Heehee.

Here's my prize~

Oh! And this time round, we managed to eat more of the food they are selling there and spend quite some time at the cafe too. They have quite a few food stalls like Okonimiyaki, SibWay (yes, I believe its a spoof of Subway) and also Orchid Cafe which has the most food~


Well, Leen & I headed to Orchid Cafe and we had a great time there with the food~

I think we ordered too much anyway. But the puddings were AWESOME! =p

And of course, how could we miss our camwhore shots?

And that's the end of my report at the 20th Seiransai. Was glad that I managed to meet up with some old faces there. Heex~

Okay okay~ We're reaching the segment for Mr Heartthrob soon.

Anyway, been going out with Leen quite a lot recently. No choice but to squeeze in our outings now as she's gonna start her PRCP next week. Sobs~

And since SMU is so near to POMO, which is currently our fav chill out place, which happens to be near Sunshine Plaza which has fabulous food and KKNM!~

\O/ for KKNM for bringing us goodies~

And so, I bought Mr Heartthrob from there and he is ...

And yea, that's the picture of him in the anime/game~
Ahhhh~ >_< *fangirls* Saitou is Leen's & my favourite character from Hakuouki~ But then again, I still have another fav character from there, Hijikata Toshiro~ Isn't he cute? =p

And so, we were having a mini photoshoot for him at O'Divino.

Love my new plushie so so much~

In fact, I have him in my school bag as I'm typing this out. Heex. Gonna bring him to see the rest later. =p

Hakuouki is an anime that is adapted from a game which is like awesome. For the anime, there are 12 episodes in the 1st season and the 2nd season is coming out this October! Woooots~!
For the game, there are 3 platforms for it, PSP, PS3 & DS. And I was like dying to play it after choinging through the anime in 2 days. =p

And since Hakuouki originated from a game, Saitou's favourite pastime is gaming too~

Check him out~

Ain't he cute? And guess who's DS is that!

It belongs to YOURS TRULY!~~

Courtesy of my dearest boyf~

Who is enjoying it too. =p

It's a super duper extra early Christmas present + something else which is a secret from him to moi~

DS is currently pink with an Hello Kitty casing in a Minnie Mouse's Skirt/Underpants pouch. LOL!
Which is like my gadgets bag now~

I've fully loaded my DS with lots and lots of games like Naruto, RPG games and Winx Club! (Yes, Winx Club. Your eyes aren't playing a trick on you!)


Happy Jojo now as she got 1 more gadget to keep her entertained during traveling or waiting.

Okie~ That's all for my post for now and yeaps, my DS is what I was super excited about yesterday. Heehee!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And yes, I'm still alive.


Sorry for such a long delay. I had to get rid of all the dust on the blog before I could get started on this post.

Ok, excuses.

Anyway, been pretty busy with school and also CCA recently.

Nonetheless, I still have tons of pictures to transfer out from my camera~ Which just got to wait till next time. Tomorrow's gonna be an exciting day for meeee! I can't wait for it~

Gonna keep the suspense here and just sign off now~


Ain't I evil?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre Quarter-Finals!

I'm so freaking nervous now!!!

Tonight is the Quarter-Finals for VPH 2010 and it's starting in less than 30 mins!


Gonna cross my fingers and pray for it to go smoothly later on and that I won't get a blanko mind later!

Okie, just blogging out my anxiety and nervousness so at least later on, I won't feel so kanjiong~

*Breathes in*
*Breathes out*

Okay, I feel much better now~

I must remember not to talk so fast and enunciate my words properly.

Hai! I shall do my best so I will have no regrets and also not disappoint the people who believe in me! XD

Yosh Yosh! Fighto Fighto!

A considerate song next?!

If you've been taking the MRT in Town or at the Circle line, you can probably hear some cute and interesting song that is played right before the arrival of the train. At the end of the song, it also advises people to start queuing up.

I seriously wonder if we are able to hear it in and start showing more courtesy on public transport.
Maybe we'll be able to see the results after a few weeks?

Anyway, I got really pissed and at the same time, disappointed with some patrons on the bus.

I was juggling 2 big bags of stuff that Fook Yu & Stellar returned to me in one hand and my other was for my school bag. Yea, please imagine how I would look with 3 big bags now.

So as I boarded the bus to my house, I walked to the end of the bus where there were 3 empty seats. Lovely, ain't it?

Bah! I could not access those 3 seats at all! How the heck do you think I'm supposed to squeeze in with 3 big bags? These 3 patrons who were respectively sitting on the aisle seats did not think about shifting their butts in and one even placed her bag on the seat next to her. =.=

Oh, though 1 guy did ask if I wanted to squeeze move into the inner seat. Wow~ Nice gesture but I guess you're kinda of blind.

So seriously, I was trying to juggle my bags and balance myself on the bumpy ride and finally, an aisle seat near me was freed~ And a guy rushed to it and sat down. =.=

Like what the toot sia!

By the way, all those patrons that I mentioned above are Singaporeans. Sigh~Was freaking pissed off after I alighted from the bus but at the same time, disappointed at the lack of courtesy that we show at times.

I hope the next song that SMRT plays will be an consideration song! I think we seriously need that!

Monday, September 6, 2010



I got into the Quarter-Finals of VPH 2010!~~


I really thought I screwed up my audition and wouldn't get through but thank God, I did!!!! Wheeee~!

Oops, in my excitement, I forgot to explain what's VPH. =p

Well, VPH stands for Voice Personality Hunt and it is a competition to search for the next big voice talent in SMU.

And the winner gets a shot at being an Emcee or DJ!~ Ain't it awesome?? XDD

Trainings for the QF will be tomorrow and the actual QF will be on Thursday itself. Gonna cross my fingers and pray I won't make a fool of myself and that I will get into the semi-finals!

Okay, so that's the piece of great news that I received recently.

Recently, I've been swamped with quite a few things like school & friends, so much that I've been lacking sleep. At least today is a day off for me. Phew~

Speaking of which, I got a driving class later. >.<

Anyway, on a random note, here are some camwhore and nonsensical pictures of Leen & I which were taken when we were bored in the train on the way to Shaun's 21st birthday chalet. (Whoosh, what a long sentence!LOL!)

Oh oh~ And look at the newest addition to my handphone!

Super cute right??

Guess where I got it from!

The Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu~ machine! (Yea, that's what I call the Sweets/Ufo Catcher)

XM is getting better and better at this machine~ But too bad, we are horrid when it comes to playing the UFO catcher. Oh well~ I have like quite a lot of small soft toys like those above in my room due to the tu-tu-tu-tu-tu~ machine which I'm busy dangling them all over my bags that I bring out~ Especially my Laptop case & my Candy Sugar bag!

Oh! And speaking of my Candy Sugar bag, I've received a few emails asking me for orders & enquiries about it so I decided to just give out some details and open a mini-spree here. XD

Candy Sugar PVC bag
Price: $24
Colours: Black, Brown, Blue

Really love this bag loads and it has lots of compartments for me and what's awesome is that it has a 'thermal' holder for your water bottle & a secret compartment at the bottom of the bag. Heex~

Spree will end on 13th September 2010 and items will arrive in 2-3 weeks time.
Please email your orders to

For those who are interested in getting other Candy Sugar items, do email me the links or pictures of it and I can help you check out the price. There are other bags instead of this like the cloth Candy Sugar bags which I did not get as I got my Nobuta wo Produce (Akira) bag that time~

If you wish to get a Nobuta wo Produce bag, can just email me your orders too~ Last order on 13th September 2010 too! Nobuta wo Produce bags are not just limited to this design. There are Akira, Shuji and also Nobuko's bags too!


Okie, will be posting photos that I took at the Gundam Fiesta at Compass Point soon~ Just went there on Saturday with boyf and even though I'm no Gundam fan but then, you will just get sucked in to the madness thanks to the awesome model kits that were on display. hahahaha!

That's all for now~ Cya soon! XDD

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And so, school has started

It's currently my 3rd week in school now and I've yet to blog about it~

Life's been mundane nowadays as its just school & studies for me....

Yea right~

If you know me well, you prolly know the words that I typed above are just bullshit. XDD

Basically I did not really enjoy my 1st week in school as most of the people there have already formed their own cliques and with a pinch of discrimination, it wasn't hard to feel lost or left out.

But then again, I'm glad that I still have friends to turn too and actually, I don't mind being alone at times as there are loads of things that keeps me occupied. For example: DRAMASSSSS!

Yeaps! Recently, I've been going on a T-drama marathon. Watching 1 after another~ So far, out of all the dramas I've watched recently, Down with Love is like the best! JERRY YAN is absolute LOOOVEEEE! Watching him in DWL is making me reminiscing about the times I fangirl over him in Meteor Garden~ Ahhhh~

Go watch Down with Love if you haven't!~

Besides that, I just completed Devil Besides You and am on the next series, Calling for Love.

Similarity spotted?

Mike He is in all the dramas~ Hurhurhur.

Well, after Calling for love, am gonna move on to Fated to Love You... provided I have the time to watch. T.T Have a feeling that I'm gonna get really busy thanks to the assignments that are gonna pile up and all the group projects zooming over~ Blehhhh!

Oh wait, why am I talking about dramas.
Pssft, I thought I was blogging about school?

So back to school, I guess I can be spotted pretty easily in a crowd thanks to my clothes and of course my hair~

My hair is like the brightest in every class I'm in and most probably one of the brightest in the whole school. LOL~

Besides, the clothes I wear are kinda of different from the crowd I guess. Heehee~ But I'm happy 'cos I had people coming up and complimenting on my shoes~ XDD

Anyway, life's getting slightly better as classes continue and I'm getting to know more people. And managed to click with some of them pretty well like Hui Ying~ So dmn happy that she's in 2 of my classes this sem. XDD
Hopefully I will get to make more friends in the few Clubs that I joined. And for the clubs I've signed up for are SMUSA (Student Associaions), Japansese Cultural Club & SMUBE (Broadcasting & Entertainment).

Out of these 3 clubs, the one that I'm super most lagi interested in SMUBE! And which is currently the most nerve-wrecking for me right now as I'll be having my audition later! Yikes!

Hopefully through this audition, I'll be able to become either a DJ or a Host. (Host as in those emcee, not the host clubs kind of host hor~) Well, I really really truly hope that I'll be able to become either one. Fingers are all crossed for the audition later!! >.
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