Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And so, school has started

It's currently my 3rd week in school now and I've yet to blog about it~

Life's been mundane nowadays as its just school & studies for me....

Yea right~

If you know me well, you prolly know the words that I typed above are just bullshit. XDD

Basically I did not really enjoy my 1st week in school as most of the people there have already formed their own cliques and with a pinch of discrimination, it wasn't hard to feel lost or left out.

But then again, I'm glad that I still have friends to turn too and actually, I don't mind being alone at times as there are loads of things that keeps me occupied. For example: DRAMASSSSS!

Yeaps! Recently, I've been going on a T-drama marathon. Watching 1 after another~ So far, out of all the dramas I've watched recently, Down with Love is like the best! JERRY YAN is absolute LOOOVEEEE! Watching him in DWL is making me reminiscing about the times I fangirl over him in Meteor Garden~ Ahhhh~

Go watch Down with Love if you haven't!~

Besides that, I just completed Devil Besides You and am on the next series, Calling for Love.

Similarity spotted?

Mike He is in all the dramas~ Hurhurhur.

Well, after Calling for love, am gonna move on to Fated to Love You... provided I have the time to watch. T.T Have a feeling that I'm gonna get really busy thanks to the assignments that are gonna pile up and all the group projects zooming over~ Blehhhh!

Oh wait, why am I talking about dramas.
Pssft, I thought I was blogging about school?

So back to school, I guess I can be spotted pretty easily in a crowd thanks to my clothes and of course my hair~

My hair is like the brightest in every class I'm in and most probably one of the brightest in the whole school. LOL~

Besides, the clothes I wear are kinda of different from the crowd I guess. Heehee~ But I'm happy 'cos I had people coming up and complimenting on my shoes~ XDD

Anyway, life's getting slightly better as classes continue and I'm getting to know more people. And managed to click with some of them pretty well like Hui Ying~ So dmn happy that she's in 2 of my classes this sem. XDD
Hopefully I will get to make more friends in the few Clubs that I joined. And for the clubs I've signed up for are SMUSA (Student Associaions), Japansese Cultural Club & SMUBE (Broadcasting & Entertainment).

Out of these 3 clubs, the one that I'm super most lagi interested in SMUBE! And which is currently the most nerve-wrecking for me right now as I'll be having my audition later! Yikes!

Hopefully through this audition, I'll be able to become either a DJ or a Host. (Host as in those emcee, not the host clubs kind of host hor~) Well, I really really truly hope that I'll be able to become either one. Fingers are all crossed for the audition later!! >.

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