Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kim & Jo

Chip & Dale Kim & Jo

Hmmm, let's see. Due to Kim writing so many nice stuff about me, (it should be easy as A B C). I shall write some stuff too. Let's see. A long long time ago, in the southern part of China... When I first met kim, I didn't know what to say to her. The big question in my mind was, is she a Chinese, Indian or Malay. I was even thinking of speaking some Malay to her even though I didn't know how to speak. But nevermind. Its true about what Kim said in her blog. We don't hug each other or any kind of that stuff. We are quite weird.(esp Kim) When I first knew her, I thought she was quite cold, can't really crap around. But later on, the fox's tail came out and I realised, *lightning & thunder* she is the real mischief. Whahaha. We discovered many things about each other and...its quite lucky I didn't get into SVPS otherwise I'll be tortured by Kim for another 6 years. And I think without her beside me, I think the student council would have close down during my 'reign'. LOL. Well, I'm happy that I've managed to have such a good friend like Kim.(but I'm sure she is happier to have a WONDERFUL friend like me)

She is a movie spoiler too, and I can't stop her so I had no choice but to join her. Hopefully I'll remember to bring some masking tape for HP5. I think we will both spoil Shrek 3. So warning to those who are in the cinema with us, don't sit near us. LOL

Okay, so what is really special and memorable about us is still what had happened last year, when we discovered we had telepathy. We often think and say the same things at the same time. Whahaha. I like that the most. Though I always pester talk to her about my animes, she didn't get any masking tape to tape my mouth up. And at last, she succumbed to my influence and watched animes too. Whahahaha!! I know I am such a great influence on you right? Hahahaha!

Okie Dokie. That is almost all about us and Kim, don't miss me too much k? I know you will.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I fail as girl.

Well, I guess I fail as a girl too. In fact, I think Kim will pass for a girl. Well, 3 simple things about my knowledge summarises why I fail as a girl. 1) Guess what? I bought my 1st pair of heels today! Big Wow~ Yep, I'm a flip-flops-sports shoes type of girl. 2) Against popular belief that I always put on powder, SKII, Olay or even bleach, I don't. I don't even know how to do it. Whahaha. 3) I don't really like to wear skirts or dresses. I'm a jeans girl, not just because one of my closest friend's name is Jean.

Yea. I guess that's it. I fail, completely!

Oh, JSC is uber cool!!! I can't wait for the AAA orientation. All the sempais there are so zai~ Ahhhh!!!! Office wear=I'm dead!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Today is the 1st day of my 2nd week in school. So, I think I'm adjusting to my life in poly pretty well.......I guess. I still miss you guys so so much. I miss the 'kuku' guys(grandsons) and of course, I miss the three musketeers KIM!!! whahaha, kim, you better write something nice for me in your blog. LOL.

Okie! So, let's see what did I do today. I had an E-quiz on Internet and Web and I got acceptable grades though I wasn't very happy about it, I could have done better(but I did study..really!!!) And I had accountings class and guess what!? I was more confused about it after the class ended, going to study more about it in the library tomorrow. Oh yea, due to quite a new number of people viewing my blog now, I'm going to set up a whole new blog just for some people to view if yall want to. 'Cos its kinda of hard to really type out what I want to say when I know that they might be viewing what I wrote about them, but, that is just a possibilty.

Well, I guess most of the people around me now guess I'm a really quiet girl and a studious one. Maybe the demure side of me is overtaking my joking side of me now, more and more each day. So people(4/5 people), the next time yall see me, don't be shocked when you see a DEMURE, nice, lovely, kind and wonderful Joanna. Wait, I'm already demure, nice, lovely and wonderful. Its just that yall don't see it. Sigh, how sad for me. How can I have friends that don't trust me..NOOOOO... Okok, I shall stop the drama now or the next time Kim comes to NYP, she will probably bring lots of rotten eggs to throw at me. I don't really like eggs that much. So the bottom line of my little drama just now was to remind yall that you have such a excellent, wonderful and DEMURE friend(Joanna). Wheee! *shields myself from all the rotten eggs* Tee-hee~ Hopefully, as time goes by, I can really be my crappy self again. Hahas. Okies~ I shall end here now and watch my fruits basket again. So sorry people, I have to go, I know you all will miss me. Hmm, you can call Kim for my autographed pictures. Hehex. Jabez: Don't worry, I know you want 1, I'll send it to you. Whahaha! Bye~

Friday, April 20, 2007

1st Week

Da 1st Week~

Okie! So, my 1st week as a Freshi is...COOL!! I just got my admission card today and talked more with some of my classmates and I really like my class now. We are the participative kind. Hehex, though I still miss 4/5 a lot. Well, once I collected my card and we had a 3 hour break. And I did not bring my labtop, how sad and boring. Oh, and my last lessons were Effective Oral Communication. Its mainly the same stuff that I've heard before from the Student Council Camp. But, its still great. Hahas. Most of my lecturers are great and interesting, I have a few super hyper lecturers and tutors. Lol!!

Hmm, after my 1st week in NYP, I met lots of people I know. I just met Rodney in the library today!! I didn't know he was in NYP too. Hehex. Yea, speaking of library, I have to be extremely hardworking to catch up with my lectures and tutorials so that means that I should stop not spend so much time on my beloved animes, but I can't help it..hehex.

Went jalan jalan with Kim yesterday and it was great walking and touring NYP together. Hahas. I need to buy a bag!! Urgent. My stupid bag sling broke before I even had a chance to use it. Sobs! I need to go bugis to hunt for a nice sturdy bag that will last me a nong nong time. Hmm, lets see, what other stuff happened to me? I'm currently addicted on Fruits Basket again. No idea why. Hahas. I guess that is all. Well, gotta study for my Internet ICA test that is coming this monday, sigh~ Wish my luck. Hehex!

Don't miss moi~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life In NYP~


Phew. I'm so glad today is over. Long Story. Hahas...I'm kinda of happy with my life in NYP now. The lecturers are quite cool and so are the tutors. I went to sign up for Japanese Sakuran Club today..Whee!!! Animes! Hehex. I can't wait for lessons are 10-12!! Yea yea!! And I'm going to meet up with KIMMY KIM CHI!!! I miss all of the people from last year. So far, I only met Sharon, BLow, HL and some others from CHR. At least HL will probably be in the same CCA as me..Hehe.=) Got someone to crap with..whahaha!!

KIM!!!!!!! I miss ya so so much. I miss doing the HP script with you and doing all the weird actions and all our facial expressions so so much. Sigh. Don't let your head grow too big cos ya miss me too..whahaha!! Can't wait for tomorrow..hehex!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eve Of 1st Day

Eve Of 1st Day~

Okay, so tomorrow is going to be the 1st day of school, at last!! I must be crazy, looking forward to school. Well, its been really boring in the long vacation. Hahas. Well, I guess it will be REALLY different now there is a whole new class for me and no kukus to crap with..hehex. I'm a demure and angelic girl. Whahahaha!!! I am. I'm quite sleepy now, going to zoink soon. Whee~ Okie, here's wishing everyone all the best for their first day of school and try not to miss me so so much k? I know without me in school is going to be really boring. Hahas, I understand..hehex. Kk, nitez everyone and tata~

Zoink~(I created this word..whee!!! Zoink~)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SBM Orientation~

SBM Orientation~

Well, nothing much that goes on in it. It was kinda of boring because of all the lectures and I had an headache for sitting too long and listening to all the speeches. I would say I was really quiet throughout this whole orientation. Its just weird for me. I just can't seem to bring out the loud side of me today. There are some really cool and nice people in my class. But I just don't know why I'm so quiet. (Its not because of any hormonal stuff, you perverted minds! Just implying the guys..hehex) It really felt weird going to school and not seeing any of the kuku fellows and of course, my partner in mischief: KIMMY!!! hahas. Hopefully I'll get more accustomed to it and bring out my extrovert side. See people, I can be demure and shy if I want to. Whahaha.
Actually, its kind of bugging me for a long time. During all our poly years, will I still be able to remain good friends with all of you, like now? Or will we just gradually stop talking to each other and have new friends. I really don't know. I know this sounds super emo but its a fact that is haunting me for a long time. I know you guys are the best people I made in my whole life, and without friends like yall, I'll probably not have such a good time in secondary school. Hahas, don't let your heads grow too big. I really miss the times we had in secondary, in our big classroom(4/5). It was cool at that time. I missed the council and all the crappy teachers too. Hopefully I will be able to see most of them when I go for the CHR carnival this saturday. Miss ya and have fun in your orientation!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Farewell People~

Farewell Party~

Whaaaaaaaaaa...I miss everyone. Great Stripping farewell party yesterday. It was so cool and fun watching everyone in different costumes. Hahas. Scooby Doo, maid, Butterfly/Fairy, School Uniform and super informal wear(thanks to tomato!). It was high at one point, with their band playing and stuff. And while the juniors, underage people were all dancing their heads off on stage, some of the 'older' people were doing some, ahem, stripping? Hahas, and we discovered we had a pervert within us. hehex. It was so nice to be back within them, with all our teachers. Whee..Barney Song~

Ben's Version: I hate you, You hate me. Let's all go and kill Barney. With a shotgun, Bang Bang, Barney on the floor, No more purple dinosaur~ Cool sia..

I miss all of them!!!! The juniors are good, coming up with such a great party. hahas. The next time we'll see them is probably on carnival day. Wish them all the best. I want to help out too like last year!!! Whee!!!~

Anyway, I downloaded some movies, not very recent, quite old, like 2 yrs plus. But they are good, i'm getting addicted to them. PB2~ I'm getting addicted to kiddy songs. Oh boy, I don't know what is happening to me..Help!! Songs like powerpuff girls and Brother for Sale, and now ben's version of barney. Whahaha.
Oh yea, anyone knows how to make me look darker?? I have a LOT of comments from people now. They said I looked too white, too eerie, too ghostly, should put on black makeup. And some said my feet are too white like my face. Maybe even whiter. Have a eerie aura around it, like greenish glow around it. I'm turning into a ghost. Help!!! I need to get a tan, asap. Hahas.

Can't wait to watch more movies, hahas. Movie MOVIE!!! well, tata for now. =)
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