Tuesday, August 22, 2006

English O'level Orals..

If liars get send to hell, I'm definitely going there after I die. Lols..cos I lied throughout my conversation. it was full of crap but since I told my story very sincerely, the teachers believed in me. Hahas, The 1st topic was about an occasion where things did not turn out the way you expected it to be. I talked about my family having a history of asthma and I was hospitalised when I was 7, just before my trip to Australia, the teacher seems to be quite worried.= about me. Hahas..I talked a lot about my 'weak health condition' and I was thinking how much sins I've committed just for that few minutes...lols... The second topic was about should we have fun in life and I said yes and that I've been protected since young cos of my health condition and I said the school 'opened' my eyes to show me that I could do normal things and how the teachers cared for me...hahas...I went on and the teachers keep smiling and laughing, but the best was till the best, I said" We should live life to the fullest as we will all die in the end..." and when one teacher heard it, she laughed and spit out some of her water, lols..and she couldn't stop laughing, after she laughed, I concluded the whole thing and the teacher smile and said i could go.Lols..hahas...I think I made a very lasting impression on teachers.Hahas...

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yesterday was so fun..Met up with Big Steff, a senior in Rp now, with Kim and went to eat at Swensens..lols..We ordered and my mom suddenly called and said she was outside Swensens and asked do I want to join her, I told her I was already inside..lols..and she said she will come in too. We thought she was going to join us so we piled all our bags in e empty seat..so mean rite? hahas..In the end, she only came and say hi and bye and wanted to foot the bill, but since Kim and I decided that it was a treat for Steff, I told her not to..After all this, I suddenly felt so guilty..hehes..
We then shop for a while and went to Jon's house to meet up with him and Joel..lols..they went to Macs to makan and Jon was happily playing with some chilli and stuff..the three of us left him alone..lols..It was quite fun, we went to Jon house and woffles is so big and so cute, totally unlike the owner(cuteness I mean..hahas..) and had a great fun playing with all his dogs, woffles, pebbles and sugar..hahas..and we were crapping and playing with stuff and decided to compare my skin colour ith Joel's and I finally found out how fair I was..losl..bGoh came online and Jon was having lots of fun with him and thanks to him, now they knows what is Kim and mine nick..Kim's->Kopi-c..hahas..sadly, I left earlier..lols..though I had lots of fun..Jon is a BIG BIG bully..hahas..kk..Orals coming up soon..so, all da best to everyone..lols..
Oh, and who is going for the prom???hahas..

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Speech day..

I'm back in Singapore at last..hahas..its been a long day..yesterday was our school speech day and straight after that, I had to rush to JB for my grandfather's funeral whomI 've not seen till I was 13..WOW!! All a long, I though my grandfather was dead as my grandmother was living in Singapore and my family never spoke bout my grandfather at all, till when I was 13 and we went back to my mum's hometown and she suddenly pointed out, that's your grandfather..hahas..Amazing right?? Lols..Anyway, I had to spend 2 whole days there giving people peanuts and drinks and we creamated him this morining, seriously, I didn't really feel anything, if it was my grandmother, I most probably would have cried..lols..but I don't really know him..hahas..

Anyway, the speech day was quite okay, not so boring..Mr Tan's speech rocks man..How I wished he would come back to school..lols..Anyway, this friday is the verdict for our chinese O'levels results..woot..hopefully I'll be able to get a A2 or B3..hahas..I'll be contended..lols..Okay..gotta go watch ym animes again, Didn't really have a chance, no internet and no labtop..hahas..can't wait to get my labtop next year..hahas..Happy National Day!!!!
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