Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Speech day..

I'm back in Singapore at last..hahas..its been a long day..yesterday was our school speech day and straight after that, I had to rush to JB for my grandfather's funeral whomI 've not seen till I was 13..WOW!! All a long, I though my grandfather was dead as my grandmother was living in Singapore and my family never spoke bout my grandfather at all, till when I was 13 and we went back to my mum's hometown and she suddenly pointed out, that's your grandfather..hahas..Amazing right?? Lols..Anyway, I had to spend 2 whole days there giving people peanuts and drinks and we creamated him this morining, seriously, I didn't really feel anything, if it was my grandmother, I most probably would have cried..lols..but I don't really know him..hahas..

Anyway, the speech day was quite okay, not so boring..Mr Tan's speech rocks man..How I wished he would come back to school..lols..Anyway, this friday is the verdict for our chinese O'levels results..woot..hopefully I'll be able to get a A2 or B3..hahas..I'll be contended..lols..Okay..gotta go watch ym animes again, Didn't really have a chance, no internet and no labtop..hahas..can't wait to get my labtop next year..hahas..Happy National Day!!!!

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