Thursday, May 10, 2012







Flying up to Penang early June with my Dad and then flying off to Taiwan with my Mum. And that's just for June! Don't forget my Bangkok Trip with the gals in July!~ Woohoooo~

I so love travelling~ Going back to Penang always feel like I'm going back home in another way. Missing the food there so badly. Ban Theng & I will always talk about the delicacies with each other with a T^T face. And now, I finally get to go back there and enjoy~ Only 1 more month to go!

Though I went back last year, but as it was with friends, I did not really manage to visit my relatives there. And it's been a really long time since I went back to Penang with my Dad. We would often wake up really early just to go for breakfast and just hunt for good food. Ahhh~ 

Alright, just wanted to write out my excitement or I doubt I'll be able to sleep~


Bon Voyage

Summer has barely started and I'm bidding goodbyes to 3 of my dearest friends. 

1) Joy who left for U.S on Monday for a month.
2) Zhi Sen who just flew off today for U.S for 3 months.
3) Kim who's flying off to Thailand tomorrow for 1.5 months. 

Ahh~ All of them are flying off and I'm kinda of 'stuck' here till my overseas trip. 

Went to the airport today with Ban Theng to send Zhi Sen off~

Here's wishing a safe trip for all of them and may they have a blast there! =D

Was planning to work till end of June for this summer to ensure I don't just idle my time away but then Dad proposed an idea - Family Trip in June. 

To Taiwan. 

So that kinda of puts a damper on my working plans. And he had to tell me that after I spent a whole week searching for jobs and going for countless interviews. Countless. >.>

So yea, more or less confirmed going to Taiwan with my parents in June and off to Bangkok with my gals in early July. Not going to work this summer but instead, tie up all the loose ends.

Like for example, get my dmn driving license. Yea.. And clean up my room. It's 70% done. Just left with some cabinets and then it's time to clear my wardrobe. Create more space for my hauls from BKK. =P

But besides driving and cleaning up my room, I felt like going for some classes. Mum sorta asked me to continue learning Japanese while Dad asked me to go for some cooking class. =3=

Any recommendations? Am revising my old stuff online now. 

So besides those 'boring' stuff said above, I've been busy with my movies, dramas and of course chillaxing with my friends. =D Shall share more about it next time but for now, my dreams are calling me. 
Maybe more tomorrow~ Jaa!
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