Friday, April 23, 2010

Updates Time!


As stated in my previous post, I was pretty busy recently. Thanks to my job which does not have internet, I can only check emails and surf the net after office hours. Sigh~

Feeling quite tired 'cos of my job as I have to wake up pretty early for my body clock. Too used to waking up in the noon. =p

Anyway, here are just some random updates! Nothing on the HK Trip yet as I haven't had the chance to sort the photos out. Heehee!

Oh yea!

Anyone noticed that there are quite a few good upcoming movies? I've watched Kick-Ass and I felt it was great. Hit-Girl was awesomeeee!!! Woots! Also caught 'How to Train Your Dragon' in 3D and it was great too! Must watch for both! XDD

Next on my must-watch list is....

Ip Man 2 &....

... Iron Man 2!

The two manly sequels. Coming out next week so hopefully I'll be able to catch it sometime soon!

'Nuff about movies ya?

How about some animes and dramas?

I've been slightly crazy over Macross Frontier recently. I'm a Ranka fan~! And besides my Ranka figurine I posted about in my previous post, I have a Sheryl and an additional Ranka now! Wheeeee!!

Trixy helped to pick out Sheryl and I managed to pick out Ranka~ Happy happy happy! If only Klan Klan is inside too. Nyah~

I'm still trying to capture Ranka's expression in the camera but it's still not there. Sigh~ Shall try again.

I'm quite happy about Sheryl's though. Heehee.

Oh oh!

Another drama I'm addicted to nowadays. Guess most people have watched it by now. I'm a slowpoke at these things.

It is the taiwanese drama, Hi! My Sweetheart, by Rainie & Luo Zhi Xiang.

Ahhhh~ Nice show!!! Like it a lot~
Show & Rainie were good in this drama! Super funny! Hahahaha! But I prefer Lee Wei in Hooping Dulcinea. Ahhhh~ Felt he looked bit weird with long hair in here..


Another thing that has been keeping me busy is that I've just opened a blogshop with Trixy!

But just before I share about that, let me show you what I bought from the previous spree. Heehee!

This is the super duper heavy box that arrived at my house.

It was soooo heavy that it only moved a few cm everytime I kicked it. And the box is like above my knee level and wider than my body. Heavy sia!

And these are all that I bought!

Can't wait for yukata photoshoot with Trixy!~ =p

Ranka helping in with the packing of items.

And taking photo with my Candy Doll Lip Concealer.

I've only tried the lip concealer once but it's really good! Heard they're gonna be bringing it to Singapore and hopefully it will be for a long term. Otherwise, I'll have to buy it online. Heehee!

Back to the blogshop!


Japanese Fashion Street!

We've just ended our yukata spree but fret not, we're gonna open another yukata spree in either end May or early June! Do join in early to ensure you have a lovely yukata for Natsu Matsuri this year! XDD

And also continue to keep a lookout at the clothes section as we will be bringing in some Japanese fashion style apparels and some are from magazines like Vivi or Popteen. Both instocks and pre-orders. So do bookmark the page for more updates. Yay yay!

All apparels are selected by Trix and me so as to bring you all the latest fashion spotted in Japan. Which in the midst of selecting, I'm bookmarking a lot of items that I want for myself. =p

So, don't wait and hop over to our shop now! Support us ok? XDD


Went back to Club Crawl on Wednesday. One word kinda of summed up the whole thing: Sigh~

Not just the performance but as a whole.

Shan't dampen the spirits so moving on. Maybe I'll have more news about it after next Wednesday. Hurhurhur!

Okie! That's all I have for my post today! Still feeling super bloated from the seafood meal I just had with the Family. Yummylicious~ More about it next time I guess.

Ahhh! Before I go off! One last picture of me! Dyed my hair a few weeks back to Liese Marshmallow Brown and here it is:

The colour isn't obvious unless under sunlight so I'm gonna dye it again soon! Can't wait!! I want brown hair!

Okie! Off to drama & shopping time~

Have a great night and weekend ahead!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear old Bloggy,

I've neglected you dreadfully haven't I? I feel so guilty that I shall blog more asap ok? It's just that I feel so swamped at times with the new job, friends, obligations, partings & university stuff that I push you to the back of my head. (Excuses I know.. But oh well~)

Please forgive me won't you? XDD I shall update again today or tomorrow ok? Heehee!

Be back soon! =p

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ahhh~ Been some time since I've blogged.

Been busy with work. Currently working as an admin assistant and the work there is pretty fun and interesting but the people there are...... Let's just say I miss the colleagues I had in Singtel. Though they're more of friends than colleagues. But oh well~ New environment means new opportunities and my supervisor is super nice and funny! Hahahaha!

Anyway, this is just a short post~!

Look at my spoils for the day!

I finally began watching Macross Frontier. (Ya, I know. Like finally!) Got the DVD from Jovan and watched it! I'm a Ranka fan!!! Prefer Ranka to Sheryl. Heex. And Klan is zai~! And so I was too tempted when I saw this box at KKNM and bought it. And I got Ranka! I preferred the other Ranka but it is still nice~! Wheeeee!

Isn't she cute? XDD

Oh! And while inspecting the Ranka plushie that Trix got at KKNM, we realise that Ranka has green eyebrows (fake eyebrows? LOL!! Inside joke.) and upon checking my figurine, she too has green eyebrows! Didn't know that.
See for yourself here!

As I was thinking of where to put Ranka, I found out that I had 4 chibi figurines hidden in my room. My DGM J-Minis! I had forgotten all about them! I feel guilty. =p


Kanda, looking as cross as ever.

And Ranka is taller than both Lavi & Allen! LOL!

Okie~ Shall end off from here. Feeling really tired! Sentosa tomorrow! Can't wait!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!


I'm back in Singapore again! XDD

Gonna do an update about HK soon.. as long as I managed to edit and sort out the pictures. However, most of the pictures will be in my Facebook account so hop over there for more goodies ya? Heex.. Just finished transferring them and I have a total of 1988 photos~

And that is not including those from Jean's, Mom's and Dad's cameras. Woohooo~

Ok, I can't really update much now as I got an early day tomorrow. Gonna catch 'How to Train Your Dragon (3D)' early in the morning.

Gotta do some shopping tomorrow too~ Gonna dye my hair brown~!! Asked Dad today and he agreed. Woots! Thinking of which hairdye to get and colour. Might try Liese. Wanted to get the BeautyLabo Whip It hairdye from Hong Kong but they didn't have it. Siannnn~ More about the Beauty Labo hairdye from Trixy~ She's the one who told me about it. Hahahahaha!

Okie~ Time to zzz now~

Just a sneak photo from HK Disneyland. This is one of my favourite photo.
Don't ya think it looks like the starting 'trademark' in Disney movies? The castle and the star shooting over it? Hahahaha! It reminded me of that. Prolly one of the reason why I love this photo so much~ XDD Oh! This was taken during the fireworks display~ It was the best I've ever seen! Woots!

Okie~ More about that next time. Nites everyone~!

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