Friday, April 2, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!


I'm back in Singapore again! XDD

Gonna do an update about HK soon.. as long as I managed to edit and sort out the pictures. However, most of the pictures will be in my Facebook account so hop over there for more goodies ya? Heex.. Just finished transferring them and I have a total of 1988 photos~

And that is not including those from Jean's, Mom's and Dad's cameras. Woohooo~

Ok, I can't really update much now as I got an early day tomorrow. Gonna catch 'How to Train Your Dragon (3D)' early in the morning.

Gotta do some shopping tomorrow too~ Gonna dye my hair brown~!! Asked Dad today and he agreed. Woots! Thinking of which hairdye to get and colour. Might try Liese. Wanted to get the BeautyLabo Whip It hairdye from Hong Kong but they didn't have it. Siannnn~ More about the Beauty Labo hairdye from Trixy~ She's the one who told me about it. Hahahahaha!

Okie~ Time to zzz now~

Just a sneak photo from HK Disneyland. This is one of my favourite photo.
Don't ya think it looks like the starting 'trademark' in Disney movies? The castle and the star shooting over it? Hahahaha! It reminded me of that. Prolly one of the reason why I love this photo so much~ XDD Oh! This was taken during the fireworks display~ It was the best I've ever seen! Woots!

Okie~ More about that next time. Nites everyone~!

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