Monday, November 12, 2007

Anger Venting


I'm here to vent my anger. Due to some STUFF that happened, my blood is boiling...Anyone wants to eat boiled egg? Heex. I'm really pissed. Oh well. I.MUST.CHILL.

*breathes in, breathes out*

Fifi who is currently reading this while I type: I want boiled eggs!

Jo: *twitch*

Okay, so while Fifi is looking at this, I'll type it here. Thank you for doing most of the project access for us...though you were the crazy one to chiong it. Whahahaha. Thanks. I'll treat you to your sundae..................someday..

:P Okay, just came in here as I was pretty bored and also wanted a place to vent out my anger..heex. Okay, back to lesson and my fruits basket. Wheeee~

Sunday, November 11, 2007



I went out with the Stalkers Club from Sgcafe today. hahas, I had a really great time with them as usual. We went to eat Sakae buffet and went to Suntec as we wanted to slack at Manga oasis. However, the place was full so we went to Atsuki to play around. Eileen and I met Chen Feng(Ruka-pyon), Azmah, Lue Song and Diane there. We forced the guys frm Sgcafe to crossdress in Waloli, lolita and mixed. It was hilarious. But they were pretty sporting and so was the sales attendant. I think she had fun looking at the guys. It was a good thing I had to leave early or I might have to wear one costume too. Heex. I had a really really great time with them.

Speaking of costumes, EOY IS JUST ANOTHER 1 MORE MONTH!!!! whooo! I'm getting hyped up about it. Afterall, it is my debut cosplay. I just paraded my costume in front of my parents and they agreed that it looks nice. Heex. I'll be getting my Japanese school uniform soon and my school shoes next sat. Can't wait too!


Somehow, I feel like I've changed a lot. Really a lot. There were many things that I knew I disliked before, things that I know I'll never do them, things that I thought were impossible for me, are all happening to me now. Take cosplay for example, if you had told me last year I was going to cosplay at eoy07, I would have laughed in your face faster than you can say Draco Malfoy(^^). But here I am now, getting hyped up for cosplay and even more crazy about Japanese culture. I know I'm changing a lot. Maybe even my personality, the things I do, the things I wear. I really have no idea how did I changed till this. I was looking back today and found out that, I really changed a lot since last year, or even the beginning of Poly life. I think I was a little freaked out by myself today at how much I've changed. I really can't believe how much I've changed. Maybe only I can see the changes, but no matter how much I've changed, I really hope my friends (esp those I know since sec sch, since I think I've really changed quite a lot since then.EDIT: and also FIFI-cos she's bugging me about it as she's reading it nw. 2nd EDIT: I can predict what Kim will be saying, "esp Kim", so I'll type it here for her too.) will always be there. Heex...I feel so mushy and emo now..ROFL..

Okay! Time to go off now. Jaa~
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