Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love bites~

Check out my love bites that my darling bow gave me today~


Had to increase poundage for my bow and also add a few extra stuff like stabilizer and all! Heavvvyyy~ But got slightly used to the weight now. XDD

On the other hand, I am sooo freaking tired but I can't sleep yet as I've yet to finish studying for my quiz later!


But enough procrastination and back to studies now~ Catch up soon! XDD

Friday, March 11, 2011



Just a short post here! Had to share with you this amazingly addictive snack I've recently got my hands on.

Maybe I'm slow or what but who cares, this snack is awesome!!

Presenting to you:


Super awesome snack! Nice and easy to sneak into class as it can pass off as a pencil.... I think?

It's by the Glico, the same brand that came up with Pocky, so that settles the awesomeness of it!

Nom nom nom! I've been so addicted to it ever since I got introduced to it! XDD

There are 3 different flavours I think. Original, Sour cream & Cheese. Have tried all flavours but Orginal is still my favourite. Cheese ain't too bad but I don't really like the sour cream. Super duper salty! Not my type!

And it's a good reason to camwhore! The potato looks damn cute! =D

Eskimo bubble tea to go along with Spicky!

I've shared with you my favourite awesome snack so now it's your turn! What's your favourite snack?

And P.S. As you can see, my hair length is still the same~ =p
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