Sunday, August 29, 2010

Natsu Matsuri 2010!


Did ya go? Did ya?

I know I did!!

Did you spot me there too? Received some emails asking if I went to Natsu this year and you have my answer now~

This is my 4th time to Natsu Matsuri and its the 1st time where I actually got to wear my yukata!

1st Year: Helper.
2nd Year: Performance
3rd Year: Performance

Had an awesome time before heading down to Natsu as Leen & Fook Yu came over to prepare together!

And though after arriving there, there wasn't much of a feeling of 'Natsu' for some for us but I still had a great time!

I managed to meet lots of familiar people and go around most of the stalls to get ice-cream, food and games with boyf(XM) & girlf(Leen) and guess what!

I got 2 exact pink Yoyos this year! One each from XM & Leen. Though 1 of them was like 'pulverized' within an hour. LOL!

Some pictures of the arena:

Camhored while queuing for food~

Tri-Coloured Bento~


My dear boyf on his mission to catch a yoyo~

Leen's 2 in 1 yoyo.

Boyf queuing for the Lucky Draw game.

Nua-ing at the usual spot we take at Natsu~

Leen finally got her candy apple which she took like gazillion years to BITE it.

Leen & my fans & 'getas' which I got from JB & FEP. Absolute cute & loveeees~

And of course, it was the mandatory event of the day - CAMWHORE!

Jasmine & Yvonne~

Trix & Cindy

Wendy, Leen & lots of miscellaneous people at the back. LOL!

Joanna & Joanna. Hahahaha!

After that, a few of us went down for the Bon Odori though it was nearing the end. (I was too lazy to go in the beginning. =p)

Photos from here onwards are what I koped from FB - Danny's camera. The ones above are like from Lolly, so no comparing ya~ Haha!

Went on stage with Danny, Jae & Yvonne for the Rasa Sayang Ondo.

Peeps left at the end of Natsu~

Overall, I had a really great time at Natsu this year too though there was definitely something missing from the past 2 years.

But then, being able to meet familiar faces there was really great and even better when I spotted JFS customers wearing the yukatas they bought from us! Hahaha!

AND I'm really happy and glad that XM managed to go to Natsu with me this year. WHEEEE!

Thanks so much boyf!!

That shall be the end of my Natsu post. But the night was not over for some of us as we headed over to Helipad later which happened to be my 1st time entering a club too~

And yes, in a YUKATA!

Stay tune for the photos and more in the next post!~ XD

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life seldom goes the way you want it to.

Supposed to be an happy post about Natsu Matsuri 2010 but then, stuff happened.

Been thinking about life a lot recently and after a week of uni, feels like, sometimes, you just can't help screaming 'LIFE IS FREAKING UNFAIR!'

When I was on the MRT earlier, I actually wrote a note on my iTouch about how I feel about 'Love' and what I think it actually is.

Then, I found out something upon reaching home and it just punched the spirits out of me.

Though it is just a mere 2 days and 1 night, I guess this was the last straw for me. It feels like time is always clashing. Time seems to be slipping out of my hands recently and I'm afraid it that what I cherished will slip away from me too.

Bad things just seem to flowing once it starts. Sometimes, I feel so swamped up, mentally.
Guess it's time to sort out my priorities.

Maybe it's the exhaustion from 1st week of school.

Just wished at times I could do a 'Kage Bunshin' like in Naruto and maybe my time management will be better.

But then again, more people would not want to see more 'me' I guess.

Okie, this is just me talking crap. My brain is a little dead and I need more cheering up so I gotta go into zen mode to clear my head.

Maybe more next time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Day Jitters


1st Day of uni life starting from tomorrow onwards!

Will I survive??!!

(I better do.)

Anyway, tomorrow will be my 1st day in school and SMU life seems happening even before I start school!

Check it out:
SMU Cultural & Arts Fraternity tomorrow. (Later on~)
Vivace this Friday
Freshman Bash 2010 @ Zouk
Vegas Night in Sept.


I hope I'll be able to attend all these events but then again, feels like I'm not going there for studies. Oops~

Okie, gonna game for awhile and sleep. Feeling pretty tired after a hard day of shopping around with Leen. At least we managed to get our 'fozhu' that we need for our yukatas. Next up is lace hunting! Chinatown, here we come~

Okie, off for gaming with Leen!

Nites people!

P.S. I shall dress in awesome pink tomorrow 'cos the person who comes in the 'pinkiest' outfit gets to win a pair of Dr Martens! Woots!

Friday, August 13, 2010

On a shopping adventure~

Last week, I finally got the chance to go out with Leen~ We've been so busy with our own work that we didn't really manage to go shopping or makan at all~ T.T

So after our work/PRCP ended, we set a date and went shopping! Decided to go to Bugis 1st as 37489290365 months have flew past since I last went there.

Somehow, we managed to buy some stuff from there and even got ourselves a 'couple tee' and similar glasses. -.-
(I wonder how boyf would react after seeing us in them though he already knows about it. =p)

After our shopping hunt in Bugis, we head off to Sunshine Plaza to eat our mix-mix ice-cream only to find it closed. As in, closed down for good. After sobbing our eyes out and doing some checking, we found that they had moved to POMO which was just opposite~ Heehee! Shall go there and eat it someday! But our trip down wasn't a futile one as we had a great time in KKNM and Ms Leen managed to buy an awesome Kaichou wa Maid-Sama handphone charm which happened to be the last piece.

After that, we headed down to Liang Court to meet XM and to intro Leen to the Curry Rice there~ Heex.

And as we were early, we camwhored while waiting for boyf to arrive.

Love this pair of shades that I just got!

Had deserts after that which consists of lovely cream puff, cheese stick, mocha cake and pudding. No pictures from me but you can see them at Leen's blog.

Had a superb day out and when she stayed over at my house and we spam You're Beautiful which I'm trying to convert her to a fan... which I think I've nearly succeeded.. Yes?

Anyway, we still gotta go out again someday to POMO for ice-cream and also Arab street to find some stuff that we need for Natsu!! (Yes! Natsu! Next Sat!!! Wheeee!) We were also experimenting our yukatas, obis and hairstyles during her sleepover. Heeheehee!

Okie~ Currently waiting for my SDO download to be done so I can play a little. You heard it right, I'm actually taking initiative to game. LOL! I wonder how long can my gaming mode last me. =p

Cya for now!

Shopping Goodies + Pig-Rabbit~

WHEEEE! Have I ever mentioned how much I love shopping??

If I haven't, then I'm gonna shout it out here:


Hahax.. (Okay, getting a little hyper due to the sugar rush I just had. =p)

Here's sharing some goodies I got recently.

I went to JB recently with my mom and I haven't been there for ages despite living right next to it.

Got these trophies from there~

There are like tons of Hello Kitty stuff there and my mom went mad over them. Much more than me~

So I got a totally sweet HK laptop bag & mirror, along with some fake nails, cute band aids, fans & a pair of slippers for Leen~ (I have a similar pair in black which I got for FEP)

Look at their cute plastic bags too!

Oh~ And I've received the stuff that I ordered!!

CandySugar Bag!

My Melliesh Lip Gloss & Palty's Eyebrow Mascara~ Woots!

Can you guess who is holding them? (More about that later~)

Speaking of Palty, I went to Watsons recently with Leen and saw Palty hairdye!!~ Though there weren't many colours but I still managed to found one that I liked and bought it back to try which is Sakura Brown if I'm not wrong. =p

Contents of the hairdye~

Love the result of it~ Heehee! Personally find Beauteen & Palty hairdye much more effective and better than Liese Bubble. Though Trix told me that Beauteen and probably Palty is much more damaging. Yikes~ Shall take care of my dear hair better!

Photos of my new hair colour will be up next time~ But, LOVING IT!!~

Oh! And so, did you guess who was holding my cosmetics?


It's from the K-Drama, You're Beautiful and you can check out my fangirl post about them here.
You're Beautiful.

Anyway, I ordered it online and I just received it recently! It's ears have wire in them so they are 'bendable'. Super duper cute!

Cute right? Yeaps, it is!

Anyway, some of my friends have been asking me to help them order too~ So yea, just posting it here to see any YAB fans here who wanna get it too! It comes with the tag as you can see in the photo~

The Pig-Rabbit is 55cm in height with an adjustable bow tie on its neck. The price of it is only $21 including international shipping~ Limited stocks so do hurry! The spree is open till 19th August 2010, 2359. Items will arrive in aprox 2-3 weeks after the spree ends~

Email your orders to

Okie dokie! That's all for now! Still staring at all the pretty yukatas at my house~ Though they aren't mine but our lovely customers from JFS. XDD

Next post coming up soon. Real soon!
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