Friday, August 13, 2010

On a shopping adventure~

Last week, I finally got the chance to go out with Leen~ We've been so busy with our own work that we didn't really manage to go shopping or makan at all~ T.T

So after our work/PRCP ended, we set a date and went shopping! Decided to go to Bugis 1st as 37489290365 months have flew past since I last went there.

Somehow, we managed to buy some stuff from there and even got ourselves a 'couple tee' and similar glasses. -.-
(I wonder how boyf would react after seeing us in them though he already knows about it. =p)

After our shopping hunt in Bugis, we head off to Sunshine Plaza to eat our mix-mix ice-cream only to find it closed. As in, closed down for good. After sobbing our eyes out and doing some checking, we found that they had moved to POMO which was just opposite~ Heehee! Shall go there and eat it someday! But our trip down wasn't a futile one as we had a great time in KKNM and Ms Leen managed to buy an awesome Kaichou wa Maid-Sama handphone charm which happened to be the last piece.

After that, we headed down to Liang Court to meet XM and to intro Leen to the Curry Rice there~ Heex.

And as we were early, we camwhored while waiting for boyf to arrive.

Love this pair of shades that I just got!

Had deserts after that which consists of lovely cream puff, cheese stick, mocha cake and pudding. No pictures from me but you can see them at Leen's blog.

Had a superb day out and when she stayed over at my house and we spam You're Beautiful which I'm trying to convert her to a fan... which I think I've nearly succeeded.. Yes?

Anyway, we still gotta go out again someday to POMO for ice-cream and also Arab street to find some stuff that we need for Natsu!! (Yes! Natsu! Next Sat!!! Wheeee!) We were also experimenting our yukatas, obis and hairstyles during her sleepover. Heeheehee!

Okie~ Currently waiting for my SDO download to be done so I can play a little. You heard it right, I'm actually taking initiative to game. LOL! I wonder how long can my gaming mode last me. =p

Cya for now!

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