Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration

Woots! Today I had an early surprise birthday celebration by the JMD. Great thanks to all of them. I din suspect anything. They came up with a cake, a card and G3 gave me a present too! Thanks guys. They are really great. Thanks to all those who were involved in it. There were Gerry, Ezzat, Fook Yu, Yvonne, Sok Hiang, Theam Huat, Jia Hui(Jiejie), Trixy, Danny(Shifu), Bryan, Ban Theng, Kim Kai, Zhi Sen(Kor/planner). Also to Faq and Honey for writing in the card too. ^^
Thanks guys! I'm really glad to have known you all and join JMD too. Hahas. These are some of the pictures of the remains of the cake. Didn't manage to take a pic of it before hand as we were too busy singing the English, chinese, malay and some other funny languages birthday songs. Hahas. My 18th 'card' I was trying to take a pic of it and it dropped to the floor, but, oh. who cares. 3 sec rule from Gerry. hahas.
Yeaps, thanks guys!!! esp G3 and esp my bro. ^^

Okay. Dad's operation went smoothly, he looks like he has a mini fishtank on his eye..wahahahaha. I'm mean. Okay. long day tmr.
All the best to the JMD performance tmr at Suntec. Yosh!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Movies Love

Whee! I've been so lazy and tired to blog last week. Caught 2 movies which just came out and they were goooood. Both are equally nice and funny. Esp for Zohan. Managed to see Anne Hathaway in another show at last. Woots. Get Smart is niceeeee... Reminds me of those spy movies with all the funny gadgets. Zohan is super funny too. All the stupid parts are awesome. Hahas. Anw, still at my office and I should stop blogging now. Prolly.

Still having quite a few things to settle for Sakuran and I cant wait for my Kanda uniform to arrive. Rahh!! Its so slow...and my Mugen. I think I'm gonna die on Cosfest day itself too. The binding is.........OUCH. I tried last sat and 'danced' in it and just did some walking, yikes. Gotta practice more. MY CAF cosplayers are good!! Woots! Okok, time to stop. I still gotta settle proposals and some things for the event. Whee whooooo...

Didn't managed to meet up with Kim and the rest. Crap....

and I still have to wait 1 more week for my Soul...rahh!! XDDD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shaolin Girl

It was a pretty interesting and nice movie. Though the language was a little mixed here and there but still, not that bad. Wasn't much movies to catch. I can't wait to watch lots and lots of movies that are coming up. GET SMART!!! Don't mess with zohan, Penelope, Driving lessons...

Don't have much to blog about as my pictures are all in my camera who is with ZS now.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Dance dance dance are flooding my head now. All the different choreos swimming inside now.

Going to change phone soon. Samsung now. Samsung soul or U700. Looks pretty nice and fun to use. Will go try out the phones later. I shall go buy on Sunday. Hurhurhur.

Bored in attachment now, can't wait for tmr and sunday! Tmr shall be Get Smart!! Woots! Bored...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Hohoho Kungfu fighting, lalalalalalalala. Hohoho....
Watched Kungfu Panda with Bryan, ZS, Sherwin, BT, KK, Danny, Trixy, Xiang Min, Ozzy, Shaun & XY. Really funny and cool. The show is awesomeness. Hahas. The turtle is cool..and so is Po. There are no accidents. Didn't regret going for it. Next up, Driving Lessons/Get Smart. Woots!

Anyway, I was supposed to sign up for my cca trip to Japan this sept/oct, but sadly, due to my attachment in school, I can't go!!!!!!!!!!!! Siannnnnnnnnn....Its like a bubble(very big bubble) just burst. Oh well, I'll make sure I get to go Japan before I reach the age of 35, or 33. Hahas.

Lots of crap are happening, I'm starting to see some true faces of some people and as usual, it confirms the reason why I've nv really like them. Whahahahaha. Okay, Mom's coming back ltr in the morning. Touching down at 11.50pm, would prolly reach home around 1am ++ I guess.

That's all for now. ^^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prince Caspian

Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. I'm not gonna be like kim and start saying how hot Prince Caspian looks like. Aslan is the HOTTEST!!! whoooohooooo... Edmund is really cool this time round, Peter was a jerk and Caspian is an foreigner. LOL..
Kim: Yar, I do rmb the times where we were spoiling the movie, at least I wasn't affected as much as Edmund(real life guy) and BLow.
Yeaps, movie was pretty good, the battle part not bad. Its much more funnier than the previous movie but the previous one had cool fighting scenes, but so is this. There were so many LOTR/HP/other movies etc that I see in it. The ents, female legolas, ironman, BUCKBEAK!! The battle between Peter & the king was funnily cool. Nice plot. Hopefully there will be subsequent series.
Tomorrow shall be hohoho, KUNGFU fighting!!! lalalalalalala PANDA!!!
Next few movies will be Driving Lessons, Get Smart, Penelope, It's a boy girl thing.
Anyway, getting used to my attachment now. The girls are crazy & my supervisors are pretty cool too. Managed to click quite well with them... XDDDD
I miss lots of people!!! Kim, Sarah, Evan, bGoh, bez & many more...Miss those crazy guys so much...Hahas.
Time to sleep, feeling really tired & sleepy. ^^

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Nope, I was not watching Pokemon at Esplanade. Just happened to be walking at marina square and saw them performing and couldn't resist taking some pictures.

Pika Pika~

The Singapore Flyer.. Love the changing of the colours..and I'm going to go sit on it soon!!!!!

And to top it all, when I reached home, I was just in time to watch some fireworks that Msia put off and it was pretty lovely.

And that was for Saturday after natsu practice. Was feeling pretty tired and sleepy. But still, Esplanade was a nice place, quiet too. Lots of couples, pity the security guards there. Shall continue blogging tomorrow. New attachment starting. Wish me luck...woohooo...Prince Caspian tomorrow~~~

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today is a Disney day for me. Went shopping in Compass Point first and saw lots of Disney soft toys, mainly Winnie the Pooh series and I got an Eeyor~ Chibi Eeyor. LOL I saw the tofu soft toy and its really soft and nice to hug....Tempted~ And there was an Eeyor pillow too, but Eeyor looks kinda of mutated in it and its hard, not nice to hug. Whahahahaha. I want the tofu thingy now. Maybe I'll go hunt around tomorrow. XD

Anyway, yea. I watched Lion King 3 again today and its still as funny as ever. Its been a long time since I've watched it. Went to school after watching for a CCA briefing and had a nice talk again with someone. Wasn't in a good mood after that, started to stone a little. Guess its the weather and also, not feeling too well. Natsu practice tomorrow. My house seems empty now. Mom in Indonesia, Dad going for Operation soon, Bro is somewhere outside and I'm in school. Oh well, pretty tired out here and guess I better rest early. Long day tomorrow.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back Again

Hey all. I'm back again. Decided to redo a new blog. Recently, I haven't been updating much and there are lots of things that are going on, esp with my club. I love my blog name. Random, I know..Whahahaha

Since a picture speaks a thousand words. I'll be making up for all the posts that I didn't do for a long time by uploading lots of pictures. XDDDD

Swensens Fondue.

Popeye @ T1

Ajisen Desserts.

My 'bedroom' now.. Currently camping in the balcony.

Some pictures of me since I'm sure you guys miss me so much. Whahahaha.

I love PS toilet~

My hand turned into a not so wild wolverine mutated hand? Jkjk..paw~

My new poofy cap..

My New Job Eileen & me G4 & me

Yeaps. Enough of my pictures? Will update and upload more things tomorrow hopefully. Busy busy busy.

P.S. KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll help you write here that you miss me. I know you do. Whahahahaha
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