Friday, June 6, 2008

Back Again

Hey all. I'm back again. Decided to redo a new blog. Recently, I haven't been updating much and there are lots of things that are going on, esp with my club. I love my blog name. Random, I know..Whahahaha

Since a picture speaks a thousand words. I'll be making up for all the posts that I didn't do for a long time by uploading lots of pictures. XDDDD

Swensens Fondue.

Popeye @ T1

Ajisen Desserts.

My 'bedroom' now.. Currently camping in the balcony.

Some pictures of me since I'm sure you guys miss me so much. Whahahaha.

I love PS toilet~

My hand turned into a not so wild wolverine mutated hand? Jkjk..paw~

My new poofy cap..

My New Job Eileen & me G4 & me

Yeaps. Enough of my pictures? Will update and upload more things tomorrow hopefully. Busy busy busy.

P.S. KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll help you write here that you miss me. I know you do. Whahahahaha

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