Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prince Caspian

Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. I'm not gonna be like kim and start saying how hot Prince Caspian looks like. Aslan is the HOTTEST!!! whoooohooooo... Edmund is really cool this time round, Peter was a jerk and Caspian is an foreigner. LOL..
Kim: Yar, I do rmb the times where we were spoiling the movie, at least I wasn't affected as much as Edmund(real life guy) and BLow.
Yeaps, movie was pretty good, the battle part not bad. Its much more funnier than the previous movie but the previous one had cool fighting scenes, but so is this. There were so many LOTR/HP/other movies etc that I see in it. The ents, female legolas, ironman, BUCKBEAK!! The battle between Peter & the king was funnily cool. Nice plot. Hopefully there will be subsequent series.
Tomorrow shall be hohoho, KUNGFU fighting!!! lalalalalalala PANDA!!!
Next few movies will be Driving Lessons, Get Smart, Penelope, It's a boy girl thing.
Anyway, getting used to my attachment now. The girls are crazy & my supervisors are pretty cool too. Managed to click quite well with them... XDDDD
I miss lots of people!!! Kim, Sarah, Evan, bGoh, bez & many more...Miss those crazy guys so much...Hahas.
Time to sleep, feeling really tired & sleepy. ^^

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