Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration

Woots! Today I had an early surprise birthday celebration by the JMD. Great thanks to all of them. I din suspect anything. They came up with a cake, a card and G3 gave me a present too! Thanks guys. They are really great. Thanks to all those who were involved in it. There were Gerry, Ezzat, Fook Yu, Yvonne, Sok Hiang, Theam Huat, Jia Hui(Jiejie), Trixy, Danny(Shifu), Bryan, Ban Theng, Kim Kai, Zhi Sen(Kor/planner). Also to Faq and Honey for writing in the card too. ^^
Thanks guys! I'm really glad to have known you all and join JMD too. Hahas. These are some of the pictures of the remains of the cake. Didn't manage to take a pic of it before hand as we were too busy singing the English, chinese, malay and some other funny languages birthday songs. Hahas. My 18th 'card' I was trying to take a pic of it and it dropped to the floor, but, oh. who cares. 3 sec rule from Gerry. hahas.
Yeaps, thanks guys!!! esp G3 and esp my bro. ^^

Okay. Dad's operation went smoothly, he looks like he has a mini fishtank on his eye..wahahahaha. I'm mean. Okay. long day tmr.
All the best to the JMD performance tmr at Suntec. Yosh!

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