Tuesday, July 31, 2007



The title says it all. Yep, I'm going to Japan!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm super excited..heex. Well, simply put it, during my school holidays in September, I'm going with my school & my cca to Japan!!!! I can't wait. Its quite cheap as the cost covers my accomodation, meals & air tix. Sigh!!!!~ I can't wait for the hols to start now. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Japan~ Here I come!!!! I just needed to shout out to everyone that I'm going Japan! I can't believe my parents allowed me to go. Sigh~ So thankful to them. Japan Japan! My head is full of Japan now. Better not ask me anything important now. Hahas. Okies, going to try to do my last project if possible..but my head & heart is all about Japan now. Sigh!!!~

*edited* I just found out that the trip is unconfirmed. sigh..cross my finders and pray for it. hahas.

Friday, July 27, 2007



Went back to CHR with Kim & Ed. Saw most of the teachers we wanted to see except for Mrs Mohan. Talk a lot with Tomato bout old times & new times. Came home, wanted to blog but too tired to.


Woke up feeling lousy, just remembered that my friends are having a birthday party and i forgot to buy presents. Got pissed off in school. And still quite pissed now. Shan't say much.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Rushing Rules

I only had 1 hour of lesson today, so after my lesson ended, I hung around for a while before going to have lunch with Ben. Not Benjamin Low, Ben frm my cca. hahas. We just bought our lunch at around 12.05pm before Rousong and Joshua came to join us. FYI: Rousong is the president of my cca, though I didn't recognise him..heex. So they invited us to watch the movie 'The girl who leapt through time' and though I had the movie in my laptop already, I went to watch with them. Different atmosphere. Hahas. Then they told us the last showing for the movie is at Cineleisure at 12.45pm. Yep. 40 min to eat finish our food and travel to Cine from NYP. So Ben and I quickly gobbled down our food and the four of us quicky flag down a cab to go to Cine. When we reached there at last(with lots of squashing from Ben), we found out that the movie was starting at 1pm and so we were about to kill Josh. Hahas. We hung around before getting into the cinema and Rousong can really eat. Lols. As Ben & I had eaten, we couldn't finish our popcorn and left like half a bag left, Rousong ate his popcorn and still managed to finish up ours too. Hahas. The movie was quite good but the ending is not what I had expected. After the movie, we hung around at Cine & I was telling them the story of Harry Potter and stuff before heading to Wisma.

On the way there, though it was my 1st time meeting Rousong, I found out that....HE LOVES TO LOOK AT MIRRORS!!! hahas. Without fail, once he spotted a mirror, he will definetly look into it..bwahahaha. Its quite funny. We hung around at Kino looking at manga and stuff before heading to Body shop as Rousong needed to buy something for his friend. On the way, we stopped by Mos as Rousong was hungry again, he's the pro. hahas. At the body shop, the sales assistant were probably wondering why are we in the shop as I didn't looked interested in anything. Ben & I entertained ourselves with a foot file which looks very painful and we deduced that if you keep filing your foot with it, you will probably get shorter. HOHOHO. We experimented with some perfumes here and there too. We kept crapping in public like saying out weird pairings from Harry Potter and started doing some weird things and people might be thinking that we are some weirdos. Bwahahahaha!~ but it was great, hanging around with them. Lols. Pretty tired now, once I got home. Sigh. Gotta go sleep too. Big day tmr. heex. See ya!~ Mata ne~

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Deathly Hallows


Okay, no spoilers for Harry Potter 7 here, I promise. But, I just have to say this thing. SEVERUS SNAPE TOTALLY RULES, ROCKS. HE'S AWESOME!!!! And its dmn sad he ended up like that. So, I think this book is quite awesome as it finally explains all the questions. Some were quite straightforward but J.K still had her twists here and there. The only part I didn't like was the part about Albus Dumbledore. Sigh. Though I still can't find the person who managed to do magic quite late in life. Anyone has any idea who it is? JK said there was one person, but I don't recall. Hahas. But, Severus, he's on 2nd on my list of favourite characters in Harry Potter now. The 1st, hehex, everyone should know who he is. LOL. Somehow, they are all from Slytherin. Hohoho. Oh yea, I just started watching Bleach. Not bad so far. Quite funny, some parts were sad. Quite a nice anime, the fighting part is cool, but I still prefer Naruto, no offense to anyone.

Okie, time for more upload of pictures. This time, I'll show my club people, not so much of cosplayers. If anyone wants to take a look at the rest of the cosplayers, either find me or the rest of my club members, Kim has them too, but if you pester her too much, she might just whack you. Lots of projects' deadlines and stuff. I can't wait for this tuesday to be over. Then my projects will mostly be done. YAY! I was quite happy last week too. Got a great score for my POM test. YAY! Hahas. Okay, pictures time.

This is my club. Most of the AAA people are here. 2nd day of Cosfest.

This is some of the AAA people. We usually hang out more together. All of us are cosplaying at the End Of Year Cosplay event. The anime we're cosplaying is Gakuen Alice.

Just an introduction. From left to right: Dizzy, Chen Feng(Ruka), Tenma the Kisame cosplayer, Eileen(Misaki), Melvin(Narumi), Jo(Nonoko) & Ben(Reo).

Melvin, Me & Eileen.

Eileen & Me with our Kyouya plushies~

Eileen & Me

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cosfest 2007 pictures

Pictures~ Pictures~

Woah! I'm done with all my written tests. At last!~ My most recent statistics test was okay. I think it was easier than what I had expected..I'm still thinking along sec 3/4 maths standard. Hahas. Time to enjoy now! I'm gonna watch Harry Potter later!!!!! Whee Whoo.. with Kim. Yep Yep. Hopefully we will get good seats and no spoilers(esp Kim). Hahas..I heard from my classmates that in order to understand the movie well, you gotta read the book 1st as the movie is moving very very fast. So Kim, I'll give you a crash course on Harry Potter Book 5 later. Hohoho! This few weeks have been very hectic, rushing to Cosfest, studying, revision and compilation of pictures, I've barely have time to blog and watch my animes. Oh yea, I've a couple of animes that I want to watch now after going to the Cosfest. I'm gonna watch Bleach, D Gray-man, Code Gearrs, Nanoha and many many more. Once the holidays start, I'm gonna start chionging all these animes. Hahas. Okie, I'm gonna post some Cosfest pictures up here now. Enjoy!~

Sasuke & Me! 1st day of Cosfest at Ngee Ann City. Sasuke is cosplayed by a girl. By then again, this girl (jesuke) is a brillant cosplayer. She cosplayed again on sunday.

Prince Of Tennis & Me. I haven't watch the show so I don't know who he is cosplaying from the anime..Heex (3rd day of Cosfest at downtown east.)

Kira & Me. Kira from Bleach. Though I didn't watch bleach, but I think he's good too. Hahas

Me, Gin(Bleach Character) & Eileen. I think he looks like the anime Gin, equally fox-faced. hahas

Tamaki & Me. Though Tamaki is cosplayed by a girl, but she really acts like Tamaki. hahas.

That's it for now. I'll post more pictures when I'm done with all my presentation. Hahas. Tata!~

Harry Potter time!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


COFEST 2007 ROCKS!!!!!

Call me an otaku or anything. I'm so addicted to animes, anime guys, anime-guys-turn-real-life, japanese stuff and etc. All this happened because of cosfest!!! It was my 1st cosplay event and I'm totally looking forward to the next cosplay event, End Of Year at end of the year. hahas..It was super cool!! FYI: Cosfest just ended yesterday at downtown east and I went for all three days!!!! There were so many things to see, just yesterday, I took 200+ pictures and for all three days that I went, I took a total of 400+ pictures. Hahas, now I'm more interested in a few animes. I feel that yesterday was the best out of all, the 2nd day was good too. I saw Tamaki from Ouran yesterday!! Kyaa~ A girl was cosplaying her but still dmn good. She even acts like him, I took a picture with her too. The Mori-sempai that came on saturday was brillant too though I regret not taking a picture with him, oh well, there is always another time....I hope.

I went downtown east with Eileen and my cca, SJCC(sakuran japanese cultural club) but most of us were in the AAA(animes anonymous addicts). We went and took lots of pictures. My sempai and her friends dressed up as Code gearss characters and it was fun too. My other friends cosplayed as Kisame and Haku from Naruto. We made them pose for us, thus causing more photographers to crowd and they had to stand there in the hot sun for quite a long time. Heex. I met up with Kim and Chiang and brought them around. It was so so cool and fun. On our way back, we did some quizzes and crap around, the journey seemed so short. hahas, on a side note: I CAN'T WAIT FOR WEDNESDAY!!!! HARRY POTTER DRACO MALFOY!!!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!! hahas..though lots of people said it is not that nice, I don't think so, I think it will be one of the nicest, seeing as how they manage to find someone good to play umbridge. hahas. So, no spoilers please, or I will personally use masking tape to tape your mouth up. And believe me, I will do it. HOHOHO. So, back to Cosfest. IT WAS REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!


I rush down to downtown east straight after church. I managed to arrive there in good timing seeing as I was taking a cab down. And there were soooooo many cosplayers but they were all crowded in the tent where the lighting wasn't that good. But that didn't stop me from taking their photos. I saw some cosplayers cosplaying the animes that I know and I went to stalk take their photos. Sigh, it was a fruitful day for me. Some of the good cosplayers were TAMAKI, jesuke(her real name), the mori-sempai guy, yuna cosplayer and many more. My friend cosplayed as Kisame again and the rest of them cosplayed bleach characters. After the results of the cosfest were announced(Sakura Taisen won..quite shocking), we emo and stone around for a while. I've made quite a lot of new friends in this whole cosfest. So Eileen, Melvin, Ben, Dizzy, Tenma, Chen Feng, Ben's sis, me and some of our friends emo around, sitting on the floor refusing to go back to reality.Hahas. It was really great. I'm gonna compile all the pictures that we took into a cd and pass it around. LOL. Okie, enough talking, shall go watch some of my animes. Hahas. TATA!~

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cosfest 2007

Cosfest 2007 1st day

WOAH!!!!! I attended the 1st day of Cosfest 2007 yesterday, how to explain it..? Hmmm..IT WAS SUPER COOL GREAT!!!! hahas..It was really cool though I kinda pity the people cosplaying Kingdom Hearts(wearing leather trenchcoats under the hot sun)..hahas. I crapped more with Eileen and found out we are both Ouran fans, HP fans and DRACO MALFOY fans!!!! Whee!!! at last I found a draco fan too. hahas, we crapped a lot and I'm thinking of dressing up a little bit for the 2nd day of Cosfest which is next saturday. Hopefully there will be more cosplay teams. I found some really cool and good cosplayers. Took lots of pictures here and there. I took one picture with Sasuke. She really look like Sasuke. Yep, a girl cosplayed Sasuke, but its really alike. Most of the handsome anime guys are all cosplayed by girls. I wonder why. Hahas, saw another good cosplayer cosplaying Elizabeth from Fate/Stay Night. Really look like her. I'm so excited about it, can't wait for the End Of Year Cosplay event too. Hahas..whee whee!!! Okie, getting a bit tired now, hahas, cya all soon..byebye!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Camera Addicted

Camera Addicted

Whoa, another loonng break for today. I had 4 hours of break today and was comtemplating whether to go back to school, watch movie or go jalan jalan with my friends at orchard. In the end, I went out with my friends to Far East Plaza and took lots of pictures. Forgot what is the word for a person who loves to take pictures of herself/himself. Some were crappy and some were, uhmm...nevermind. I can't upload any pictures as my dear husband is still hospitalised and will be discharged earliest by Monday. Sigh, so boring these few days without him. At far east, we did some crazy stuff, or rather, I did most of the crazy stuff like imitating movie posters in the middle of the road, etc, etc... Ahhhhh...~ and there were so many ang mohs there and I was dying to stalk them. Some of them were so so cool, esp their hair. Sigh~ I think I went a little high in that few moments and after imitating the people in the movie posters, we tried acting a little hobbo, but didn't succeed. I think we were rather entertaining for the passerbys. I can't wait for tomorrow!! Cosfest2007!!!! WheeWhoo. I'm gonna bring my camera there and my phone to take loads of pictures. Hohoho. Okie, time for lesson. Ja!

Thursday, July 5, 2007



This has been quite a freaky & bad week. Bad because...(refer to previous post, PlzKThx) Freaky because, lots of people who I think I know but I forgot are talking and saying Hi to me. 1st, I was walking home happily one day when suddenly a guy stopped and waved to me. It took me quite a while before realising he was waving to me. I waved back but I was still processing who that was. In the end, I guessed that it was one of my OBS group mates. After walking off, I met quite a few friends from CHR which was quite surprising. The next day, I was walking to school and I just looked at the opposite escalator and saw this guy, dressed in formal clothes, sunglasses and stuff, he looked at me and started to smile at me and sort of wave 'hi'. I looked around and I realised, he was waving to me again. And up to now, I still don't know who he is. And just this morning. I was sitting outside the mrt station enjoying my delicious waffle when an old lady walked by and started talking to me about the different types of waffles. And our conversation gones like that:

Jo: *happily eating her waffle*

Old Lady(OL): Wah..eating waffle ah? you buy from there one is it?*points to the shop*

Jo: *nods head and gives a demure smile*

OL: actually the waffle here not so nice one, go other shop, here expensive and not nice to eat.

Jo: hahas...I see. *relieved that the old lady had finally given up on staring at her eat her waffle*

OL: *sat beside Jo afte taking a newspaper and began to make some chit-chat*

Jo: *uncomfortable*

And so, we stayed like that until her equally ancient friend came and went to take lots of Today papers and left. I then realised that lots, and I really mean a lot, of aunties will come specially early in the morning to take lots of newspaper and go home. Weird.

Well, gonna bring my 'hubby' to the hospital probably later and after I get him back, its my turn to crash NP!!!!! whee~ I haven't take all the movies I want from Kim, hohoho. Oh, and on another side note, HPPOA in 15 min and HPGOF in 15 min is real good. Hahas, more about it in Kim's blog. K, gotta listen to the teacher now. Cya!~

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

100th Post

100th Post

Whee!~ I've reached the 100 mark at last, though the journey was tough but I persevered to the end and reached the summit at last...Just a little info..hahas

Okay, things are going quite badly nowadays. 1st, my laptop got infected with trojan horse but it has recovered(thanks to Kim, Kim's sis Millicent and Millicent's bf) Thank You so so much. 2nd, I can't install my microsoft office back as my laptop can't detect my cd drive at all. Sigh, so I can't play any cd. If only I didn't get the virus.

And the 3rd bad thing happened today. I met with Kim and later on her god-bro, Jan, came along. And thanks for much to Kim and Chiang for the uber cool wallet and shirt. Hahas, tyty!~ We sat at my school's foodcourt till it close as we were transferring videos. When I came home, I found out that my 3rd grand-uncle had just passed away. Well, I don't really know him well since I only see him once a year during CNY. Well, its a relief for him and his family I guess to relieve him of his suffering but he and his family are non-christians, so...sigh~

Ok, on a happier note, I got loads and loads of new movies. Whee! The spreading of Animeism in my class is going on very very well. hahas. Lots of new animes now. The latest anime I'm watching which in my opinion is one of the best is Kare Kano. Its super good. Though the anime is quite old(1998) but the animation is quite good too. Its a very good love comedy anime. Its about 2 model students in the same class but they are not as 'model' and 'perfect' as they look like. Both have a side but real personality which they both cover up in outside. Its quite cool seeing how they change. Hahas. Okie, really really tired now, gotta go sleep, eyes closing. Nites!~
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