Thursday, March 30, 2006


Sports days today..damn fun!!!! lols..especially the inter-cca for the girls..everyone did not expect the council to be 2nd..& we managed to beat the netball girls and badmintan..YEA!!!!lols..underdogs..that is what we are.Well after feeling high at the stadium, kim and i went to meet peibao & siewming as we wanted to go makan together with the guys, however we only found chai yan there..lols..all the guys 'pang seh' him and so he was stuck with us..the few of us walked to causeway and on the way there, we met 2 other people who wanted to join us..bLow and sebas. Therefore the 7 of us walked together with peibai and siew ming fren who later on 'pang seh' us when she met her own frens..lols. We went to makan pizza hut..again..(3rd time in 3 weeks..) We all joked around & was eating happily until a group of teachers came in of them was the dream girl of the guys in our class..chai yan had a heart attack immediately after seeing her walk in. A lot of chr pupils were in pizza hut too. So we paid and siewming, peibao, kim and I went jalan jalan and we went to buy a supposedly formal skirt for a wedding that I'm supposed to attend. and all of them were forcing weird skirts and shirts onto me. And when i refused most of them, Kim gave up trying to change my way of dressing. LOL..I'm a stubborn person. Hehex..Nothing much except that I'm very happy about the council winning 2nd place in inter-cca race..yep..yep..yep..HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. i bought a mini-dinosaur that is the excat same model as the huge dinosaur from the carnival redemption counter...lols..

Monday, March 13, 2006

big momma...

Went out today with Jovan, Jovian and Kim to watch Big Momma's house..lols..It was damn crap. Had plenty of fun though. I think I'm going to flunk my chemistry practical. Lols..I keep making mistakes. 1st i mistook P and Q for the burette part, then for the 2nd time, I forgot to put in the indicator and for the last time, I mistook the silver nitrate for the indicator and was puzzling why is the indicator brown instead of green. The bottles look similar. Can't blame me. And straight after that, i had a waterfall in my sink, I was trying to turn off the tap but I turned it in the wrong direction..lols..and everyone was like staring at me. Oops!! Okie, after that, me Kim, Mindy and Jace went to eat at Macs(again..well, they ask me to choose so obviously I will choose Macs right? lols..) and had plenty of fun, I spotted a shiny bald head, more shiny than, you-know-who. Lols..and we went to buy food. So, later on, Jace had to go off and Min had to go home to change for badmintan, so me and Kim were alone. Jovan and Jovian came and later on we went to the arcade after Kim had left. Then, Jovian suddenly said he had to company someone as the movie we were catching was at 5.30 pm thanks to I had to company Jovan to the arcade again..lols..After he was declared bankrupt, we continued walking around and I meet lots of schoolmates, they were staring at me in a weird way and I think I know what was going on in their minds. Imaginative minds they have. And we were walking around the whole of causeway and guess who I saw?? Hock wearing his bright yellow shirt and he was like "wow Joanna, shopping here?" and he gave me and Jovan a look..and I was like, yes and this is my brother, i told him. What is wrong with 2 people just walking around?? can't it be friends..sigh, society these days..tsk..tsk..

Went to watch the movie and it was damn funny. Couldn't stop laughing all the way. And i noticed something, when it comes to the part where all the girls were in bikinis in the spa and another part where the girls bikinis were taken out, Jovan was so excited and keep leaning onto the chair in front of him to have a clearer view of what is happening. Disgusting!
Well, that's concludes the 1st day of my holiday week. And pity me, I have to stay at home the whole day and cook for my grandma. Actually, I don't know who to pity, she who has to taste my cooking or me. Lols..later she have diarrhea again..lols..

Monday, March 6, 2006

depression the next trend??

This few days are so boring..I think i got depression too..lols..don't think so..I've been acting like this since last year, keep thinking how short life is and I might get killed anytime..I got a premotion that I might be killed in a car crash..lols..sigh..these few days thinking even more about death..I'm not afraid of death but its just that there are so many things that I've yet to do and i need to finish all these matters. Maybe depression is the next thing that i going around our school, maybe its a new kind of sickness..lols..better stay away from me then..guess i better go write my will, I just have a strong feeling that my life might end anytime..sigh..don't know why I feel this way, depression? Maybe? lols..ok..tata for now..If you don't see me tomorrow means that...oh whatever..

Sunday, March 5, 2006


so back again..I've been updating quite regularly..lols..went to church today and found out they were holding elections agian for the youth commitee adn fortunately, I managed to escape being the chairperson..lols..and back to my old job as the welfare head who does no welfare and is only incahrge of planning games and activities which i rather do..lols..well..most of the teachers are in shan dong and i bet mostof the guys will miss 'chiobu'..lols..nothing much going on, maths test and a camp to plan and a carnival to attend straight after the camp..sigh..during our march hols too..hope the teachers won't realy stress and disturb us much tommorrow..lols..feeling very sicj and sleepy now..been sneezing non-stop..lols..ok..shall stop her for now..tata..
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