Monday, March 6, 2006

depression the next trend??

This few days are so boring..I think i got depression too..lols..don't think so..I've been acting like this since last year, keep thinking how short life is and I might get killed anytime..I got a premotion that I might be killed in a car crash..lols..sigh..these few days thinking even more about death..I'm not afraid of death but its just that there are so many things that I've yet to do and i need to finish all these matters. Maybe depression is the next thing that i going around our school, maybe its a new kind of sickness..lols..better stay away from me then..guess i better go write my will, I just have a strong feeling that my life might end anytime..sigh..don't know why I feel this way, depression? Maybe? lols..ok..tata for now..If you don't see me tomorrow means that...oh whatever..

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