Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recent updates~

As mentioned previously, was working my butt off due to the mountain-pile reports that I have to do.

But now, I have a motivation to get through them!

Vietnam Trip + Gossip Girl!!

Been quite addicted to Gossip Girl recently~ Actually, I've read the books before but never had the time to actually watch the series. However fate has it that I should watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl while pampering myself at a nails salon and thus began my addiction to it. =P

Almost finishing Season 2 and am leaving Season 3 to end of exams... that is if I can endure till then. XDD

Still so dmn excited about the Vietnam Trip in Dec!! Am in the Program department and having a great time during all the meetings~


Oh! And I've changed my hair colour. Its not a drastic change from my previous colour which is golden-brown thanks to the bleach.

Golden-Brown with horrid roots!

Liking my current hair colour as it isn't as bright as before but it isn't too dark too. Used Palty's Raspberry Macaron and now there's a slight reddish tint in my hair.

Me likey~

Met XM for the Japanese ninja movie, Kamui.

Well, you can apparently see how happy and hyped I was before entering the cinema. But after like 15-30 mins into the show, I was in torture. It was seriously the worst show I've seen this year, with the exception of 'I love you Beth Cooper'. But Kamui wins hands down in comparison to that!

Urgh! Bad bad bad! Thought it would be similar to 'Shinobi' but the effects and all were sucky!

Moving on~
I have also recently received my iFairy contact lenses and am loving the comfort a lot!~

Trying on a new colour: Cherry Gold.

Love it so so much! Colour was certainly true to those as shown in pictures!

Also gotten a new checkered blouse which is totally loveeeee~

PinkXBlue is a nice combi~! XDD

Okie! Time to dive back into the pile of work that's screaming my name now!

Cya soon!

The ten-ten-ten day!

I guess it was a super auspicious day due to the numerous weddings that were going on that day itself!

For me, it was a really special day.

Nah, not my wedding day but it was Leen's 21st Birthday Celebration!!

Rushing down to meet her while camwhoring. =P

It was also the day where I gave her the birthday present from XM & moi!


This is it!

A ride on Xtreme Swing!
(Not the whole Xtreme Swing itself la!)

After much debate, we decided to take the Xtreme Swing and not the reverse Bungee as it seems not as scary as the latter.

However, after seeing the Xtreme Swing in action, we were SOOOO wrong!
Check it out for yourself!

Going higher~

And higher!

Our tix!

The ride was simply awesome!! Imagine that you're sitting on the viking ship just that its much bigger and crazier! Can't wait to go on it again! XDD

Went to the Central to take a walk around before heading down to Kovan for her party.

Met her cousins there again and they were having fun bullying me.
With Qiqi~

Kuromi came down later with her va-va-voom extensions!

Long hair definitely suits her more!

Had a pretty good time there celebrating her birthday and it was good catching up with people. That day was certainly happening. How often do you see a proposal happening concurrently with a 21st birthday party!

Yeaps, we witnessed a proposal there between 2 members of the live band that were playing that night.

See! 10.10.10 is an auspicious day! LOL!

Besides that day, Stellar, Kuromi & I went out with Leen to celebrate her birthday on the actual day by singing K.Had a delirious time singing and shouting and fangirling then!

Also kira-fied some birthday themes on her photos!
My handiwork~

Am really glad I was able to celebrate her birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday you old girl!

Love you loads!

4 hours of sleep =/= to happy Jo

Gosh! I am so freaking tired! Only had 4 hours sleep last night or rather this morning as I was choinging my TWC report and watching ancient Channel 8 dramas. LOL!

Falling asleep in class now. Zzz~ iPhone is unable to keep me awake either.

Guess the only thing to do is to keep my fingers and brain busy which lead me to this!

Been pretty busy due to project & report frenzy that all uni students would be experiencing during this period~ But then, no matter how busy you are, you will always still have time for camwhore right? Hohohoho!

Well, I know I do. =p


I just realised I got tonnes of overdue photos!

This shall be a good time to upload them~

8th Oct

Halloween is nearing and what are your plans? Well, I have none in mind as of yet but I do know I'll be spending the Halloween's eve with Leen at Haru's 5th Anniversary Cafe. Am also going to the butler's cafe! Angmoh guys have always been my weakness. Hohoho!

Detouring back, on 8th Oct, I went to Night Safari with my youth group for the Halloween event to support Xin Lei who was in charge of the project. Gotta say that I was a little freaked out before going due to the rumors I heard and also the fact that I was never a fan of horror stuff.

But then, it was pretty fun later on as going in a big nonsensical group apparently dispels all the horrifying stuff. Hahahaha!

Camwhored whilst waiting~

Met up with Wendy first at the Sisters' house before going down.

Got our tickets!

We were a pretty big group. 16 tickets in total. O.O

The scenes that greeted us when we first enter.

All these were taken with my iPhone thus the sucky quality. Shall spare you the agony of them and use photos from Joy's & (Xin Yi's boyfriend) Chester's camera.

Will not post much photos of the 'scenery' due to me not being a huge fan of their decor. XD

I looked like I was the only one who is freaked out.

The Liu Sisters.

Their new buddy!

Hahax! Had a really great and crazy time there! Next up shall be my post on 10.10.10~
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