Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And another week has flew by~

*Flutter Flutter Flutter*

*Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!*


Okie! CPR done & blog revived!


Lame I know~ But who cares!! Whahahaha!

I have lots of photos to be posted here but I'm just sooooo lazy to do so~ I need motivation! Pronto~

Maybe I should start with what I was doing before my 1 week of study 'break'. (It was a lie! There was hardly any rest for us!)

Attended SMUBE Bash and had a great time there with my fellow club mates and boy! They were a bunch of crazy, high people! Hahaha!

Manaaged to know more people there and also the seniors! The previous day was the VPH Finals and kudos to all the finalists! They did an awesome job on stage & the respective winners totally deserve their titles!

Love all the videos that they made! Whahahaha!

So enough yakking and I shall post all the photos I took to make this post seem really long~ =p
P.S. All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone thus the quality of it~ But I will totally promise to utilize my camera if I replace my current Sony one now. >D

Was giving out tons of balloons before the event.

I really thought I was going to fly up into the air & visit Niagara Falls. But then I decided that too many people would miss me so I flew back down. =p

Heart the backdrop!

And throughout the whole contest, I felt that the pairings were really well-matched! The VPH committee was awesome in it!

The coolest voting slips that I've ever saw!

Wanted to kope it for myself when I saw it. Kessler had dibs on Ne-Yo first. Pssft~

Left earlier to meet dearest boyf for dinner & we went to Popeyes where I camwhored whilst waiting for him~

Next day was the BE Bash which the theme was: Love-Hate Event
Which basically means that all of us had to don on a hat. Or rather, head gear~

And so, pictures again!

Kessler & his styling beanie~

With Brandon.

Suhailah & Olivia~

She's super good with picking out 'ada' in words. LOL!

Lydia! A really cool babe~

David & his awesome hair~ LOL!

Marcus & Stanley.

Chicken Man!

His headgear was seriously so awesome la! And needless to say, he won the best 'hat' of the night! LOL!

The view from the venue~

Don't you think he look like the hunter in L4D with his jacket? Whahahaha!

And it's Stanley again with yours truly~

Had a really great time there!

Can't wait to meet them again. heex~

And so, next day was the day where I saikang-ed for Leen's Sandplay photoshoot @ Fort Canning~

Gotta say, out of all the times I've been there for photoshoot, that day was the coolest~

And I'm seriously thinking of wearing this for the Harry Potter 7th Movie! XDD

Trying to jio as many people to wear it & go watch. Muahahahaha!

Green tea is good for cooling yourself off~

Lying on the grass & enjoying the breeze whilst waiting~

Kira-fied by Kuromi~

One of my fav photo of the day~

Taken using an app on my phone. Love the effects~

And its me again!

With my 'boyfriend'!

After a tiring day, we all went for makan & played GoNDie!~

Looked at how serious they are!

Okie! Time to end this post off & continue choing-ing my projects!!~

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