Friday, November 4, 2005

coucil camp..

back from coucil camp..its so damn fun..most of us didn't feel like coming back to s'pore..but we realised we had to be patriotic and come back..but we were still very sad..anyway..let me describe the wonderful, perfect, crappy, funny, interesting...etc..etc..

1ST DAY: 28/10/05

when all the rest of the peeps were in school, e coucil and i were happily playing poker cards on the, kim, ben(low) n edmund were sitting at e back of the, sebas,mindy and clara were in front of was gaying with the guy infront..looking for fresh blood to take his gay position in the coucil..sebas..feeling very leftout for some UNKOWN REASON..went to play with some sec 2s n 1s...the rest of us were happily playing heart attack, big 2, bluff and bridge(which ben is addicted 2 after i taught him how to play...) after playing so many card games..we were all tired out..we reached the customs and only our 'mommy'(ms sharifah) was n kim were looking for tomato 'KOKO' (he wanted us to call him koko instead of uncle as he claimed he was not that old..-.-''') we kinda miss someone to bully as he was not on the bus with walk past the customs and went on a malaysia bus..we travel all the way till we reached yong peng where we saw tomato..he was wearing a brown shirt so me n 'da mei' said he was too ripe for a tomato..we were all joking and fooling around..then we went board the bus and continued our trip to malacca..this time tomato sat on the bus with us..everyone was happily watching a movie,corpse bride, which is obviously pirated while kim(da mei), bLow(da di) edmund(er di) n i were playing a round of truth or dare..though it sounds kinda lame..but we were all very happy and needless to say, it brought the 4 of us closer in our friendship...then suddenly, we heard a "poof" sound..only to realised that our bus has a tyre puntured..we were all very excited due to the fact we had not experienced going on an overseas camp and the bus has a burst tyre...however to our surprise, the bus continued moving till it finally reached a tyre shop and repaired the tyre..though wadever burst the tyre may be small..but it delayed us for 2 hours..when we were at the tyre shop..the peter fellow bbrought dunno how many bananas and it results in teasing me as usual..but i did not have any reaction as i'm too used to then board the bus only to find the 3 bags of bananas beside my seat, all thanks to ben..the front of the seats which consists of the sec 1s n 2s were very quiet, sleeping...while the four of us continued our card games...we realised that tomato was very quiet so we went and disturb our luck, he was the best thing i could de was to whip out a camera and took some pictures of him..its quite nice actually..the pictures i took actually...we went back to our seats and the guy besides us started to n kim took some pictures of them and also went to sleep but not before taking precautions against cameras..we covered our heads with caps and used our jackets..and for some unknown reasons again, the 2 crazy girls which are me n kim decided to put two caps on my it look kinda of weird..yup..then we went back to sleep..after our lunch in malacca..we decided to play srated off with a small group of people..but it soon became bigger and bigger and tomato also joined about 4pm..we reached the sempang race track it was very windy there and me n kim took lots of pics of the teachers..they were happily posing for us..i was very happy till i found someone was staring very intensely at my was a girl in the coucil..but better not reveal any names..i got quite scared of her after that trip..around6pm..we found tomato infron of we couldn't resist it..revenge by conking his when i hit his head..he reacted by hitting my head back.but edmund and kim had attack him back by hitting and tickling him..soon we had a large number of people who wanted to attack ben,who was recovering from his tickling seesion which we gave in, joined in and suffered another tickling session from is what we call only stopped when we reached the hotel which was like..8pm when we were supposed to reach there at 6..we had a nice buffet waiting for us but we could only eat until 9..which only gave us like 15 min..when we reached there..the dining area was so cold that me n kim went to hide in the toilet..when we came out said he made a bowl of ice kacang for as his sis, i had to try it..before eating it..i was very suspicious as he was way too nice..he was not in his normal i decided to say my prayers before eating it..after a mouthful..i thought i was wrong about CY..maybe this is his real self..caring and nice to his sis..he even fed me a second mouthful saying i must eat..but i was wrong..way too wrong..later..i found out the bowl of ice kacang had pepper inside..but the pepper suddenly vanished when it came towards my mouth..good thing i said my prayers..but being a good sport..i ate another bowl of ice kancang which had plenty of pepper in it and found out it didn't taste so i went out and made my own ice kancang which consists of only ice and the red brough some after having some fun teasing warren(a guy who forces himself to eat simply because we ask him too)..i decided to mash up some watermelon and added them into my ice kacang..i brought it over to Cy and personally fed him..dan i fed edmund too..then i tried it tasted quite4 ok till i found out i was indirectly kissing the i had used the same spoon as them(CY logic) i was feeling kinda weird from then on..later on..we went shopping at parkson..nothing much so went back to the hotel..did reflection..supposed to go toamto and koa room but was too tired so we planned to leave the gossip section for the next night...i went back to sleep in my own room which iwas sharing with two sec 1 nmalay girls..they are kinda nice and crap we went to sleep..however i had no extra i willingly slept on the floor..i had only 3 hrs of sleep as i slept at 1am and had to wake up at my room mates had to go for their breakfast..i had to keep my eyes open so as to be able to open the door for them when they come i was pacing up and down and it was very cold as the air conditioner was going bonkus..i did not have any blanket except a thin bedsheet, a towel and my jacket..i was shivering in the room until i heard the lovely knock on the door and opened it up and went back to my beauty sleep..however i could not sleep much as it was 5.45 and the wake up call was at 6..and how do you expect me to sleep without a warm blanket when the temperature was like 15 degrees..i woke up later and went to kim and mindy room...i was shivering as the temperature along the corridors were also very cold and i had a 'nice refreshing' shower in the morning as i unknowingly turn on the cold water of the shower thingy on myself..sigh..i reached their room with clara who was supposed to be my room mate at 1st but pokemon didn't i had to take her place in the room..sobx..we had to wait for missy kimby to get ready and went down for n clara decided it would be faster to go get some seats and wait for her at the dining place..after all of us reached..we ate..we reached the meeting place the earliest and leave for caving..tomato found out i was sleeping on the floor and hit my head saying i dunno how i tell themm..but i protested saying that it was too late anyway..and he went round telling the teachers how stupid i was..and all the teachers all came and said to me how stupid i was..wadeva..i was in high spirits then..till i found out that my group,bravo, had to sit in the van..with peter driving it..i was extremely worried as i had seen him driving too relaxed..hands off steering for a long long time...boy..was i worried..good thing tomato who was in charge of my group but he didn't know it was sitting in the fron least i have someone to bully..the trip to the caveswas very short and the guys in my group all fell asleep...we reached the n kim group were the 1st to go in as one whole big group..i laughed at tomato for wearing a white sleveless shirt as he was getting many mosquitos' declared him a rotten it was n i were the last of the group as i was e overall IC and he happens to be the last as he is the teacher..we began talking about many things and romance between bLow and mindy..even the teachers are saying about them..koa tease them in front of saw a lot of structures being formed by the limestones and smelt the bats' it did not drop on anyone head or there would be a nice show for went in further and there was nothing much except going up and down the one part, it looks like the elves home in LOTR1..the scenary was wonderful..then we climb up and down again till we reached a place where all our torched had to be switched off and we had to grope around in the dark..we finally had some light and we were told we were going to climb down without stairs or anything to a lower was quite easy at first except we had lots of powder(sand) on our hands..then tomatao and i tried to powder each other faces..we reached a stoppiing place where the guide told us we had to slide down the n kim decided to let the rest of the coucillors go 1st before sliding down..i was the last one to slide was quite fun..we then saw a small hole and were told we had to go through that hole and so again we did..tomato,me n kim wondred how raj would pass through that hole..there is simply no space for him..and as usual i was the was very interesting and i stepped on took a group photo there and continued walking in the water..and i found myself at the front of the group woth tomato, kim,eu jin and ming hong..we continued until they told us to stop and said in the next few streams there are going to be giantic spiders, poisonous snakes...seriously..who do they think they are kidding..nursery kids?kim,me n tomato exchanged glances and said their story was becoming more and more unbelievable..we went up slope this time and were busily chatting and wondereing who was hugging know..mindy and ben..whether which would be more walk on water again..and were chasing one another around..we reached a part where the limestones were too low for most of them but mw n kim didn't had much difficulty as this is where becoming short is a good advantage..however..there is a part where it was far too low and we had to swim..the water is so freezing was in front of me and tomato behind us..then we manged to stand up again and helped the rest of them..we had to crawl and swim again..this time..tomato was in front of me and kim behind..tomato don't know what he was thinking..he kicked me in my arm when he was 'swimming'..ouch..we continued our journey and at lst..we saw light..but we didn't want it to end..we wanted to walk in the water again..crazy right..we took a photo at the end part and were excited to be able to hit the showers 1st before the other group came..but sadly..peter had the keys with him and was with the 2nd group who entered the cave 10 mins later than the bravo group sat there and waited stupidly for that kuku to come and open the van..we sat there saying jokes and tomato was fascinated by the ants and began squashing them as he wanted to sit last..peter came and we rushed to the van..grabbed our clothes and head for the showers..there was not much time so we had to hurry..i came out in record time and koa bought some fresh stems of lotus fruits for us..we were happily eating them in the van..i was sitting just behind the oassenger seat with two other sec 1 gals..i could see clearly how peter drive and i keep saying in chinese how i was going to tomato and the other 2 gls started to eat the lotus fruits..they gave us 4 stems so the four of us kept eating until we found the est of them at the back of the gals stopped eating while me n joan n tomato continued..we aim to finished at least one stem but it took a lot of time and energy to peel will understnad how difficult it is until you try one..anyway..we managed to finish 2 stems and we reached the restaurant and began to,kim,clara,eu jin sat in the special table, the teachers' table with koa,mrs ang,tomato and big ho..and...

i shall continue the story on the next if you are getting can skip this

Friday, October 21, 2005

hey ppl..srry 4 not posting 4 such a long as results were quite disappointing..i'm so depressed by my science results..sigh..cannot slack animore..mus do betta next yr..lolx..aniwae..let's relax while we still can..can't wait 4 e hols 2 2 ipoh wid e councillors 4 caving, white water rafting, rest n relax, n time square indoor theme park..shiok sia..dan got our class church oso..outing n CS 2 penang..hope kim can come..lolx..dan countdown e daes of e release of harry potter 4, skyhigh, e lion e witch n e wardrobe..n maybe chicken little..lolx..e hols r gonna be bz..YEA!!!!!ok..kinda crazy le..can't wait 4 naruto vol 10 2 come out..lolx..well..hope everyone has a fun time during e hols..guess we all betta work harder next yr..2 get into skl we wan..aniwae..cya...oh ya..i'm gonna chamge my blog skin into something anime..most probably naruto or shaman king..lolx..the shows rock sia..ok..cya soon on mondae..oh yar..oso haf 2 get back at that T2 he kuku macnugget..ask me 2 n apologise 2 dat woman..i was gg 2 puke all over her..but nvm..T2 owes me one..lolx..tata 4 now..

Saturday, August 20, 2005 sianz 2dae...aft skl haf 2 carry kim n my books 2 e locker..dan so heavy..cannot 1st jabez n bLow helping me..dan dunno where both of dem i carry all 2 e councillor room..dan LC n Edmund help me 2 carry 2 my locker..dan pissed off by a junior horrible work he has mad liao..aft dat haf 2 find my cher 2 get e drumset..dan CO dunno y..wan 2 play in teacher dae concert..sae 8 min, dan 10 min dan 15 oso sianz lorx..dan band not confirm..but CO over some dispute decided not 2 play last it is e drums dan ask e indian gals 2 try out, indian guys n sophia n zhang meng 2 tryout...sophia n ZM quite ok, but e dance er......dunno wad 2 sae oso..told e indian gals cannot le..dey still argue n keep asking 4 chance..sigh..gif dem e final chance but dey still cannot make it..sianz lorx..dan e indian guys scold us vuglarity..sigh..dan bLow so angry but managed 2 calm him down..sigh..dan e concert quite bad 2dae..n got a DMC cher come n tell us not 2 wate e DMC ppl time..dan he complain saeing we not serious blah blah..ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!e dmc ppl keep saeing dun care..but he keep comiing down..stress sia..argh..i later run here n dere 2 find ppl..2 do legs now all suan liao..feel so rubbery..dan bLow oso veri poor thing lorx..haf 2 come 4 emcee rehearsal n CO rehearsal..sigh..all cocked up 2dae sia..but later councillor meeting quite ok..bring my mood back mani pl missing 2dae..sian man..i will be so happi when tis concert is finally over..sigh..but e time so long, cannot go back pri by e time it end le..sigh..dunno wad 2 look forward 2 aniwae...stress sia...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005 tired 2dae...e tcher dae rehearsal quite ok lahx..all turned up..had 2 disqualify some of dem..sigh..some back out, some stressed sianz..i so tired le..i fell asleep on e car n didn't wan 2 wake up..lolx..dan my dad n mom half support me when i walk..cuz i still sleepy..lolx..sianz man..even when i type tis i about 2 dun mind my typos..cuz i half close now..2dae oso quite crap lorx..miss e whole dae of classes..lolx..dan heard we will get 0 4 cares..i dun mind..lolx..not our fault sianz..k lahx..will update tml if i manage 2 wake up..sigh.. tired 2dae...e tcher dae rehearsal quite ok lahx..all turned up..had 2 disqualify some of dem..sigh..some back out, some stressed sianz..i so tired le..i fell asleep on e car n didn't wan 2 wake up..lolx..dan my dad n mom half support me when i walk..cuz i still sleepy..lolx..sianz man..even when i type tis i about 2 dun mind my typos..cuz i half close now..2dae oso quite crap lorx..miss e whole dae of classes..lolx..dan heard we will get 0 4 cares..i dun mind..lolx..not our fault sianz..k lahx..will update tml if i manage 2 wake up..sigh..

Thursday, August 11, 2005

hahax..todae damn funni lorx..raj was quite ok wid our class despite the comments on how he was teaching 3/4 2dae..lolx..he is normal fact he seems lyk he was in a gd mood..mebbe he always feel lyk dat after torturing a class..lolx..2dae e race elements quite fun lahx..quite 1st element was abseiling..damn shiok sia..wan 2 go down another time oso lehx..lolx..ddan me n kim supposed 2 go down together de..but den one of the lanes was quite slow so both of us cannot go down together..actually its betta..if not e both of us will be punching each other on e way down..lolx..dan i tk e lady lane lah..nv see her b4 lehx..dan keep saying wad story and ask us 2 abseil down the stairs cuz raining..duh...siao one lehx..dan rain stopped and we continued 2 abseil..dan i was e 2nd last in my grp lahx..n cuz of my big mouth, all of my grp ppl shouted president at me n my GOOD fren kim oso shout frm e top,president, thx peeps..i realli need ur lahx..dan e male teacher dan e lady dat was supporting me 2 hang my halfway so i can wave 2 everyone frm there..quite shiok at 1st..dan both teachers crapping wid me..i passed e 3rd level where all my classmates were n began saying hi 2 dem n dey keep shouting my name n luffing..until i felt e rope dat i was abseing down hooked on n stopped, i look at the teachers n found dat dey happily hooked me unto e hooky thing and refused 2 let me down..eesh..n dey sae we shud be more last dey let me down n i safely arrived back on e ground..our next station was e flying fox..quite ok lahx..not as exciting as e sparkc..lolx..not high enuff..hahax..dan em n kim play 3 round of sicssors, paper stone..n i lost..actually i let her win de i had 2 go down 1st and all of dem shout at me again..president..eesh..i am gg 2 hate dat word..but quite shiok..lolx..dan go 2 e rockwall..i tried e 1st lane..quite ok lahx..tiring but shiok lorx..e guys pro lahx..managed 2 clear e 3rd lane..lolx..dan i belay ppl..belay 3 in a once i almost fly up..hahax.tink it was kim..jkjk..lolx..dan crap wid jacelyn n t sq..crap until e male abseil teacher come..n e 2 teacehrs gang up 2 bully me..wan 2 feed me wid some werid stuff..looks, smell n taste lyk baby poo..dats wad dey sae..but i didn't bother 2 smell or look horrible enuff..lolx..dan went home wid kim..dan let her hear naruto songs..hehex..she hear until she about 2 go bonkus..lolx..but nice wad..dunno y she dun lyk..lolx..dan crap at e busstop..n e werid thing started...i was toking 2 kim n i said..later on e my ex-classmate jonathan again..i onli meant it as a joke dan..on e next bus stop..he board e same bus as fren sae my mouth veri 'zhun' correct..lolx..i sae wad will will wants e next 4D no..i can gif it 2 u..lolx..dan go home..slp..nothing much le..can't wait 2 get our new walkie-talkie..been waiting 4 a whole week le..tink cy is e most anxious one..lolx..tml can miss whole dae of skl..shiok..except 4 maths HAPPIE BURPDAE

Monday, August 8, 2005

hey peeps..srry 4 not blogging 4 so long com die on not my fault aniwae..but quite shiok lahx..long weekend n 3 daes of hols..lolx..aniwae..can't realli tok much on here..cuz currently my dear mum is reading wadeva i write..n betta not sae anything wrong its not my fault again dat my blog is not updated k?lolx..aniwae..e chi test i veri tyco lorx..e sentence i make so jia lat can still get 11/12..lolx..dunno wad e teacher tinking bout...lolx..sigh..but not bad already of the higher marks i got..k..nothing much 2 sae le..cuz my mom still reading..happie national dae 2 everyone..lolx..

Saturday, July 9, 2005

yoyo...wah..kana punish by raj..sueyz..still ask us 2 smile..-.-'''lolx..aniwae..skl now still can catch up larhx..not too bad so far lorx..still can manage my time between naruto n sklwork...lolx..oh ya..n i became 'chiobu' once..rajakumar left her card on my table..dan i proudly pin it on my pocket n walk around wid it..can't find her wad..lolx..dan in e end pass 2 sad..can imitate her signature n kim oso went shopping in cwp..haha..saw naruto puzzle..but damn expensive lorx..hahax..went 2 comics connection 2 stare at naruto..lolx..oso went 2 buy a few cds..actually 2dae big steff ask me 2 go cwp wid her..cuz she lost her discman n need 2 replace if not her dad will scold jux now she begging ppl 2 accompany her..lolx..sigh..2dae kim n sarah all nv come..sigh..dan evan oso went home early 2 see doc..all sickos le..cept 4 me..i'm still healthy n strong than n mr koa 2dae bully me so much sia..when i eating during recess..someone come n pull my hair..dan my arm too short..cannot hit dat person..oso dunno hu it is..dan mindy, evan, clara n thomas than all e end it was mr evil..thomas than oso keep conking my head n calling me banana..dan i call him rambutan in e end..dan he thiam abit..sigh..2dae oso went 2 make IC le..can't wait 4 it 2 come..k..bout 2 watch naruto..ytd watch naruto till 2am++...lolx..dan nv feel tired in skl..mebbe because of the peace in skl widout kim n sarah..lolx..adios...

Friday, July 1, 2005 mani things 2 do now..sigh..must buck up in studies..hehex..must noe how 2 manage time lorx..if don't know dan die teachers' day coming up..quite stressfuls lyk investiture..cuz dat VP will be dere 2 watch..n if somewhere go wrong..we r gg 2 be so dead..she will interfere wid e councillors le..n i will resign n transfer skl..lolx..but now all sec 2 planning..haf a little confidence in dem lahx..but..still quite scared scared lorx..lolx..later go wrong we die..sec 4 prom mafan...mus do 4 dem..sigh..hope e surveys says not much of dem wan e prom..dan need 2 do oso...but impossible..all dat stupid alvin fault dat we had 2 plan e prom..sigh..e chi teacher is quite cool lahx..but all cheem cheem words she thing i oso surrounded by chi pro..lolx..can ask dem anytime..hahax..2dae councillors meeting quite ok..except 4 e kuku grp..keep toking..wan 2 kill dem le..ytd meeting best..wid t sq..dan keep laughing n bully me..lolx..wan 2 kill dem le..especially kim n t sq..eesh..bully me so much..i'm veri upset..sobx..sobx..lolx..hmm..nothing much a happi youth day!!!pengz..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i aM 15!!!

lolx..srry 4 not updating 4 so com crashed..jia lat sia..dan my geo i do halfway oso bb least i noe where 2 get e lahx..nv update 4 so long le..hehex..mebbe watch too much naruto on my com now a naruto freak liao..eesh..hooked on it le..hahax..even my fwenx oso noe i naruto freak..most prezzies i got 4 mi bdae all bout naruto too..naruto headband, posters keychains...etc..etc..lolx..but dunno y lehx..tis yr alot of ppl gif me pink clothes pink pants..hahax..when i dislike pink alot..hmm..mebbe shud change my style 4 a while n start liking pink...hahax..hmm..ok..haf 2 do ss or mrs loh will kill me i tink..not my fault oso..i went overseas dan cannot sign in dan later my stupid com crashed..argh..sianz..but aniwae..hahaha..i bought naruto vol 9!!!!!!!yipee!!!lolx..tis yr bdae prezzie all very nice de..things dat i wanted..a new hp(7260,black), naruto stuff, clothes..hahax..soft toys n a frenz noe me too well 2 watch tv n naruto

Monday, June 6, 2005


yoyo..srry 4 not updating my blog 4 so long, got my eyes glued 2 naruto n went 2 kulai..jux came back more free cuz dl naruto n haf 2 wait...hehex..aniwae..kulai camp is so damn camp ever had so far..lolx..aniwae..did ya all go ice-skating too? ahh...can't waiut 2 watch free tis hols..cept 4 hw..lolx..can watch naruto e whole dae..hehex..miss e kulai ppl dere so much church youths realli enjoy ourselves dere..esp e grp dat i am in..damn extreme fun lahx..lolx..e songs all dere so nice..i actually lyk chi more aft e camp..even my 'ang-moh' fren speak chi..amazing..lolx..but we realli enjoy ourselves restrictions n no worries..extreme carefree..e ppl dere rock n e games n activities, songs were camp i ever been too so far lahx..hope next yr will be e same lorx..sigh..missing dem so much harry potter look alike in my grp sia..damn look like lorx..hehex..

Sunday, May 15, 2005

SAI!! hse carpark now damn someone shitted dere n i haf 2 walk past it everydae..sianz..been dere 4 2 whole days already..dan someone came n swept it was e squishy type..hehex..veri wet i tink..its not e 1st time someone shitted at e carpark stairs already..its was e 3rd time!!!at least tis time dey swept it away, i dunno how though..e previous time dey spray e shit n e shit flew all over da place..all e stairs all kana..stupid sia..hahax..n tis time someone went 2 stepped on e sai n e whole pathway frm e carpark 2 e blk has sai footprints..eeww...stinky stinky.. lolx..aniwae...i hate my carpark now..still haf e shity smell..argh..n e shit colour is sitll dere..horrible sia..worse dan my dog's shit..hehe..e shit is one whole big lump n has 2 pathtic rissues covering it..but 2 no avail..lolx..still can see it..okok..betta save e juicy details 2 myself..4 ppl hu wishes 2 noe more bout it..plz feel free 2 ask me..lolx..but not at meal times plz..i wish 2 enjoy my meal in luck 4 e upcoming exams, chem n emaths..lolx..GAMBATE n AJA!

Saturday, May 14, 2005


OKIE..xtreme big wun cry aft e stupid physics paper 2dae..n i tot a maths was bad another physics paper 2 dampen my spirit 4 e hols..sigh..sianz..whoo..tis hols is gg 2 be veri nice..cuz no CCA n lots of chalets n camps till i get sick of it..yea!!!!lolx..craziee le..already plan my camp coming up straight, dan movie marathon, dan church chalet, dan movie marathon again, dan got camp dan councillors bbq..n lastly my church anniversary which is on my bdae..hehex..celebrate mani plans,so little time..aniwae..2dae quite relief dat e physics paper ended le..hahax..n bought my longwaited earpiece last..hmm..actually i veri long nv blog le..hehex..too bz lahx..srry slacking 2 watch vcd again..hehex..i'm hooked on vcds 2 buy another taiwanese vcd again..hehex..mi too hooked on hope liao..aniwae..2dae went 2 makan n shopping wid kim..hahax..dan saw potato n banana in macs..haha..crap lahx..everytime go mac got something new 2 c de..everytime got free entertainment..lolx..2dae was were trying 2 find out whether is e person over dere a gal or a male..n it turns out 2 be a gal..n we tot it was normal till we saw e 'gal' putting her hand on e other gal's thigh..n e other gal was touching e hand on e thigh...aaaaaaahhhh..betta save e details if not no appetite..lolx..aniwae..we were e last of e chrians dere 2 leave..all blame on e slow eating kim till so slow..everytime lyk dat..dan e service dere oso haf 2 wait damn long de..e aunty onli gif us 1 pathetic packet of jia lat..ask me how 2 next week..some of us will be selling shoes..plz suppoort n buy if u wan..wun 4 a shoe selling course oso..ya..any new movies 2 watch besides star wars??intro plz?thx..tink about wan go makan le..hehex..~tata~

Saturday, May 7, 2005


whoo...stress sia these few daes..lolx..mid-yr exams coming le..but i still slacking lehx..can't realli absorb anything in to my brain..hehex..tink i gg 2 fail a-maths again..can't realli understand lorx..dunno y lehx...aniwae..2dae a-maths paper was horrible..i did not even remember how 2 do even 1 qn..i'm so pathetic..sobx..aniwae, my chi compo sure bb n when e new format 4 chi come out, i am so gg 2 die..n gd 2 those kantangs..hahax..we will suffer e same fate..lolx..oh man..has anione started studying 4 mid-yr??i haven't yet..hehex..not prepared these time lorx..dunno y..dun feel lyk gg 2 skl n everything, jux feel lyk sleping n watching movies all day long..hehex..oh ya..betta not tok so much le..left 2 esp of GTO haven't ppl...adios!!

Sunday, May 1, 2005

.... sianz on sat..nothing 2 decided 2 blog lorx..aniwae..tis will be short coz mi wan 2 go watch GTO..hahax..siao already..crazy bout japanese n korean these few days..korean hitting e skl now..hahax..n mani esp r dere aniwae..dunno loehx..tinbk got quite alot..150++???dunno 2 watch hard 4 exam horx!!!ttfn..

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

everybody is changing now..2/2 guys getting mature le..noe wad is 'luv' different when dey were in sec 1 n 2 le..hahax..but wad is e true meaning of luv??let e expert tell is when u look into her brown eyes..u see her staring back at u n u can see wad she is tinking about..u can always gif her comfort n security...u can protect her frm...dangers..she is extreme chio..she will depend on u always..she will run away but u will find her back..she will leave me aft being wid me 4 15 yrs...we r 2gether 4 2 yr++...she is so faithful...tis is all dat she, care, protection n FOOD!!! n u will haf her heart..lassie,my dog...hehex..she has brown eyes..u see her staring n see wad she is tinking about, food, u can always gif her comfort, by letting her slp on ur stomach, security, when she does aomething wrong n u shield her..protect her, she goes behind u immediately once she does something wrong, she is extreme chio, 4 a dog, she will depend on u always 2 gif her food n everything, she will run away, 2 find her doggy frenz, but u can drag her back, but she will be veri faithful..2 long u haf food..she is so chubby n cute...hahax..too bad she onli has 15 yrs of least it is quite a long way still...hahax..its quite lame..hahax..but i luv my dog so much...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

~tHouSanDs oF aPolOgiSeS n tHanKs~

sigh..glad dat tis is resolved oso..betta 4 me now oso wad..aniwae..wan 2 sae sorri 2 a lot of ppl 4 dragginf dem down..firstly, i wish 2 apologise 2 kim, jacelyn, mindy n e councillors, n my whole 3/5 class, sorri dat i implicated u all in my incident n e vandalism thingy..veri veri srry, plz 4gif me, n i wud lyk 2 apologize 2 my teachers hu got dragged down too, n 4 all e innocent ppl...hahax..sounds lyk a prize presentation speech..not e end 4 e thanking part..haha..wish 2 thank e 1st few..dat r kim, jaceyln, mindy, evan n sarah n e ppl hu believe in me, thanks so much..i'm realli glad 4 ya support, thanks 4 e teachers hu helped me esp mr than..hahax..u all r such great help..thanks n sorri 4 all e trouble..thx..2 everyone..hahax..aniwae, i promise not 2 be so rash le lahx..wun fight lahx..hehe..big relief 4 my 'manager' huh?..thanks kim so so much..u realli hold me back alot..thx..dun get too touched horx..hahax..dun cry...hahax..thx ppl..srry 4 draggin u all down wid me..hehex..

Sunday, April 17, 2005


whoo...karimun rockx fun over dere..frm 3/5 dere were 24 ppl hu went dere..damn fun lorx..1st on e ferry saw so mani d.o.m...mi n kim keep luffing n doing voice recording n bgoh n e rest all shotuing in e background..lolx..hahax..all string at gals on e tv..eesh..gross sia..dan went to eat in e skl at smp 1..e food was can't eat it 4 sure..hahax..ate plain beehoon mianly..gaf all e keropoks 2 ms chan..her fav..hahax..dan so mani speeches in malay..dunno wad dey toking bout..hahax..dan went 2 teach e students experiments dere..hahax..dey veri cute n funi lorx..all 13+ one cheeky boy..hahax..he claims he 4 yr old onli..lolx..but e pupils dere damn rich lorx..old got hp wid cameras de..dan keep tking photos of all of us..esp anand n bgoh..hahax..anand all e gals keep asking 2 tk pic wid him..he too famous le lorx..hahax..n bgoh saes dat a guy told him he was cute n touch his butt..lolx..n call him zai zai..eesh..dey all crazy over dere..dan e concert until veri late n haf 2 sneak out 2 by 2..1st time escape a concert lyk dat..hahax..dan went 2 party in mr hock rm until 3+ in e morning..hahax..all of us siao till siao lorx..e food at e hotel quite ok lahx..dan got one instructor keep kana bullied by all of us..hahax..e climb up 2 mt jantan damn shiok sia..reach e summit damn dun lorx..keep eating lots of stuff thing nv rain if not die liaox..dan climb down 2 e waterfalls..damn nice, kim, bgoh, anand, hongyi, chao yi, peibao, gabriel 1st grp 2 reach 1st e guys wanted 2 jump into e waterfall n swim dan nv..dan went 2 a hut 2 drink coconut..alot of fun dere..hahax..played wid e coconuts n keep splashing e juice..hahax..dan mixed up one coconut..hehex..n e person hu drank it..sueyz sia..dan went back in e wooden bus..learned how 2 squeeze 24 student in a small bus le..+ e teachers too..hahax..went back 2 hotel 2 change everything..hotel ok lorx..dan went 2 makan..ok lahx e food..quite crap all of us on e bus n mr ang brough back a tongkat ali n chai yan had e honour of carrying it..he loves it sia..keep hugging it all e way..back at singapore customs all e officers staring at it..hahax..on e ferry all of us watch wad a girl wants..damn funi n all of us luffing over dere..went back 2 skl so shiok le..dan 12 of us went to makan at cwp..dan at long last ate my CHICKEN RICE!!!hahax..dey all sae i crazy bout it..dan told e story of e coconut..n went damn tired le lorx..hahax..but veri sad 4 all hu did not go..we were all dancing n enjoying outselves iin e hotel..sarah dancnh n 'head-banging' for all of us 2 see..lolx..damn fun lorx..aniwae so sad back 2 skl..haf lessons's normal again..karimun rocks!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005


just started on this new blog..had an old one..but nv use le..lolx..aniwae mi jux came back frm karimun n damn shiok lorx..u'll regret if u nv go sad..aniwae..brief intro bout me..i am 15 tis yr..crazy bout turtles n currently studying in chr..jux about all folk..tok bout karimun more soon next time..too tired le..slept onli 2 cHoO 4Eva!!
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