Monday, August 8, 2005

hey peeps..srry 4 not blogging 4 so long com die on not my fault aniwae..but quite shiok lahx..long weekend n 3 daes of hols..lolx..aniwae..can't realli tok much on here..cuz currently my dear mum is reading wadeva i write..n betta not sae anything wrong its not my fault again dat my blog is not updated k?lolx..aniwae..e chi test i veri tyco lorx..e sentence i make so jia lat can still get 11/12..lolx..dunno wad e teacher tinking bout...lolx..sigh..but not bad already of the higher marks i got..k..nothing much 2 sae le..cuz my mom still reading..happie national dae 2 everyone..lolx..

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