Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A farewell, an new age.

This feels like 3 years ago.

3 years ago, I was in a similar state as I am now - entering another phase of my life. Instead of Nanyang Poly, it's now Singapore Management University. However, 1 thing remained the same. I'm going in alone. Again.

Boy, now that I've typed it out, it really feels that way.

I wanna to study with my clique again! >.< (yea, whining won't get me anywhere) Well, though I'm not looking forward to my life there as of yet, I believe I'll have fun there. What I used to comfort myself 3 years back is that, 'It's a start of a new life!'. Why? Cos no one knows who you were before, it's a new start. I wonder what am I gonna accomplish there and who will I meet. Should I be laid-back or active? What CCA should I join? How should I go along with my studies? How are the people gonna be like? Favoring JC over poly students?


All these questions have constantly been floating around in my mind and are giving me an headache and making me 'fraid of starting school. I guess, the important thing is to be true to yourself... right?

Ahhhhh~ I wonder if I should go for the camps. Both are next week. Feeling really lazy to go for it. Wanted to take a break before I start school~ Afterall, I've been working hard recently. =p


But 1 thing I'm looking forward to are gatherings and parties in SMU! I wonder how they will be like. What I've heard from Joy is that there are gatherings to clubs (I had no idea about this?) and also dinners and such. Seems pretty fun and interesting and from what I gather online about SMU Biz School, there is gonna be a gala dinner / Vegas Night on the 3rd week of the new semester. Sounds interesting~

Mah~ This is just a post as I'm still feeling lethargic from work and my reluctance to start work. BUT, I've finally stopped procrastinating and am starting my driving lessons from this Saturday onwards. I will and I must! I've put it off for like 2 months.

Okay, so you know what 'new age' I was referring to ya? For farewell, easy. My colleagues & my working life for now. Gonna be missing them so much!!
Had an awesome buffet lunch with them yesterday as a farewell meal and Japanese buffet lunch just now with my direct colleagues/supervisors. Still thinking if I should go back during the hols to work or venture to other companies. Afterall, I should experience different things when I have the chance to.

Okie, that's all~ Please go look at my sales page and give my yukatas a good home. Also, clickie click on my ads okie? I think they're potato chips ads now. Its making me crave for them. Dmn~

P.S. Thanks for all the manga links~ Just finished Ouran 81, absolute loooveee~!!

*Spoiler alert!*

Finally their feelings are out in the open! ^_____^!!! So dmn happy~
P.S.S. Btw, anyone has any good lobang on massages? Shoulder, back or legs? Dying for 1~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updated Jojo's Shop!


I've updated Jojo's Shop so do check it out! Click on the link just below my header ya?

Selling away my Pink Goldfish Yukata & other apparels that I got during my impulsive shopping mode. =p

Might be renting out some yukatas so do let me know if you're interested kay?

And if it isn't too cumbersome, go exercise your fingers by clicking on the ads~! XDD

EDIT: Selling away my Black Based Yukata with Pink Sakuras! Go check it out now!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Recognized what/who is that?

The mongoose from Nodame Cantabile! Yeaaaa~ Got it from Japan and was waiting for the release of the 2nd movie to take it out of the packaging which was last week! Managed to catch Nodame Cantabile Finale Movie II last Sunday and I was really really happy! All week long I was just looking forward to that!

P.S. Thanks XM for watching it with me despite watching another movie beforehand. Heehee.

Anyway, I kinda of knew the ending of it since I was following both manga and anime before that. Both were awesome~! Everytime I watch the drama or anime, it just brings me back to the world of music. Wish I could play like that but oh well~ Gonna stick with my decision. XD

Anyway, I felt that the 1st movie was really funny and it was just full of LOL moments, the 2nd movie was more on a 'serious' note. The most serious that Nodame can ever be. It seems to be settling down as the series comes to an end and there was a distinct drop in the funny moments. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and was filled with mixed emotions as it came to an end. I always get that feeling whenever I finished watching a series or reading a book. Its like 'Damn! It has ended. Nothing else to look forward to.' That's how I always feel and I'll just go back to the start again. Whahaha!

Anyway, gonna wait for the release of both movies in DVD and sees if there are any deleted scenes not shown in the theaters~ XDD

Speaking of animes, currently watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Feels that its really good and its quite addictive. I choinged all 6 episodes on hand after Leen passed it to me. And before that, I was skeptical of it. Boy, was I wrong~ I can't wait for the new episodes to be out~ Along with Gakuen Alice & Ouran manga!

Seems like Ouran is gonna come to an end. Notes from Lala says that the next chapter of Ouran is the last arc and for the past 2 months, it has been on hiatus. Can't wait, can't wait~!

Need to find new places for manga scanlations as One Manga is gonna close down. =(
Any lobangs or suggestions? Heex~

And now, for the thing that I've been fangirling over and causing me to have sleepless nights...






You're Beautiful!!!!!!

*shields from all the eggs & tomatoes throwing*

Yes yes, the Korean drama featuring Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki.

Only after relentless recommendations from people about this drama, did Ms stubborn jO went to read about it.

Well, whenever I find a drama/movie/book that I really love, I would just get caught up in it and keep playing/reading it from the start again. Then I will get skeptical of other shows/books of whether will they be as interesting as those I've read/watched.

So now you know what I do after finishing a drama series if its nice. *Show ends -> Restart 1st episode*

And you can be sure I'm sooo gonna do that for 'You're Beautiful!'


I'm sooo dmn glad that I went to read about 'You're Beautiful' when I was bored out of my wits at work. Kept LOL-ing in office when I was just reading about it.

Found pictures of them~

^_^ V

Jeremy looks so dmn cute in this photo while Shin Woo is just... ahhhh~

*fangirls again!!*

Anyone else have any nice dramas or animes to intro? Heehee~ And yes, I'm slow.

Recent Events


My working life is more or less coming to an end and I can't believe that I'm actually saying it: I'm gonna miss there!

In fact, I'm already missing the events and being on-site. And of course my crappy colleagues and all~ Gonna miss you gals loads!!

Time really seems to pass by so fast. 2.5 months has passed since I've joined them and next Friday is gonna be my last day of work. So freaking fast! But oh well, this is not the final farewell. They've conned roped me in to joining their company again whenever I have vacations and even for my Uni internship! Hahahaha! I would so love to go back but I believe I gotta explore other companies and industries while I can. But we'll definitely be still in touch~! Because of our loooooveee for shopping!

Anyway, for those who have seen my tweets 2 nights ago and am wondering what the outburst is about. Well, let's just say its an family issue and something I need to go through. But thanks for the concern and all! Gotta go clear my mind after last night and was feeling really upset and 'cheated' in some way. Feels like those words have been repeated and reused for gazillion years. It just feels like, whenever I'm reaching the finishing line, you just move it further away from me. Its not pushing me to greater heights. That's the wrong way. I understand what it feels like to be pushed to our limits to achieve greater things, but this is not the way. All I can do is to pray, hope for the best and do what I know I can.

Enough of my depressant talk! Just realied I got tons of photos in my camera which have yet been uploaded.

For instance, Cosfest photos!

I only went down for Day 2 but managed to meet up with quite a few people~ Ahhh~ Lots of new faces and I feel out at times. Heehee.

But still, I had a great time there with my classmate Trix, Neko-chan, Gerry, Wendy and KK who was always mysteriously not around. Hrmmm~

Photos time!

But before that, introducing Neko-chan! Actually, her name was Nyah Nyah Neko Chan but it was a little too long.

Fook Yu the Neko-chan!

Anyway, this is my meido costume and the last time I wore it was 2 years back. Good to see it being out in the light at last~ Heehee.

Photos~! Much more photos in my camera but there are some unglam and whatsoever so I don't think I shall post it here. =p

Met Douglas there who happens to be my junior in CHR, Fook Yu's & Wendy's friend. It's a small world afterall~

From Leen's phone~

Peace Out!

Let's play, Guess the finger! Gerry looks like she's gonna bite it though. =p

And lookie look! Who's wearing specs now?

My dearest boyf with my purplish pink specs~ He seems to love it soooo much that being the nice girlfriend that I was, I bought him a same pair from FEP. Heehee~

And so it was the specs camwhoring time~

Oh oh~ And here are some pics that I managed to find on Sgcafe & Facebook.

Credits to the photographer~ And someone actually requested us to take the Star Wars helmet. Trix and I were O.O. Well, you can see my expression from the 2nd photo. LOL!

If you know or see any others of ours, do let me know k? Paste the link here or send it to my email~ Thanks~!

Anyway, that shall be the end of this post~ Just realised the many other photos I have in my camera are actually my own zilian stuff. =p

Next post shall be what I've been fangirling over recently and yes, after reading that, you will realised how slow I am~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Old Bloggy

Dear Old Bloggy,

I'm back~

Well, I was back for some time but I guess my mind was too fuddled that I needed time to clear it.

Sadly to say, it hasn't. Bah!

But it was better after typing it all out.

Missed being on-site & I can't wait for the next event.

Lots of photos in my camera screaming to be let out. Which I promised them that it will be soon. (Yes, I'm talking to inanimate objects now.)

For now, my bed is calling to me.
(And they're talking back to me.)

Actually, no. Its my DRAMAS! =p

P.S. I'm thinking of selling / renting some of my yukatas. Anyone interested? Pics would be up soon! Heehee! Updating Sales page soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sleep Deprived!

I need sleep so damn badly! Can't wait for this event to end & sleep in on Monday! *yawns*

Having a great time with my colleagues though, & learning lots of stuff! XDD

- Posted from my iTouch

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Had a great time last Saturday~! After an aching practice in school, it was followed by steamboat buffet @ AMK! Woots~ Thanks for all who came for my birthday dinner: Xiang Min, Danny, Trixy, Gerry, Sherwing, Jae, Shu Herng, Oz, Emily, Zhen Hao, Wendy, Yvonne, Fook Yu, Kim Kai, Ban Theng, Valentina & Mei Wen!

Thank you so much~

And thanks for the cake and the sloooooooooooooow birthday song. Hahahahaha!

Early 'surprise' birthday celebration on Thursday.

They insist that I get the ribbon cupcake... due to obvious reasons. =.=

And of course, the wonderful wishes & presents that I received this year!

Thanks ZS kor for the pressie! Super glad that I managed to see him on the way back home.
And he gave me Bob the Dog! Loooong time since I saw it sia!

Kiddy Windrunner! (3 quarter sleeve) Pretty obvious who its from~
Thank you guys & gals!

From boyf~

Besides my birthday celebrations, there was also another celebration that came up shortly after it~

1 year has passed by so dmn fast~ 1 year since we've got together. 1 year since he asked that question. =p

And so, on this day, he planned for us to watch Eclipse. (3 months before the actual day, he let slip. O.O)

The movie was super sleepy to the both of us~


However, Ben & Jerry's woke me up!

Cookie Affair + New York Fudge are the loveeee~

My dearest boyf~

Giving me the *eyebrows raised* look. 'Not done taking photos yet?' =p

Time for my own camwhores with my new wallet~ More compact in size though it can't hold as many things as before~

Thank you for that lovely day! Time zooms by like its on a fire rocket and before we knew it, 1 year has passed us by.

Love you as always!

P.S. Do check out my Sales Page & click on the ads if it ain't too much trouble~ XDD Thankies!
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