Saturday, July 3, 2010


Had a great time last Saturday~! After an aching practice in school, it was followed by steamboat buffet @ AMK! Woots~ Thanks for all who came for my birthday dinner: Xiang Min, Danny, Trixy, Gerry, Sherwing, Jae, Shu Herng, Oz, Emily, Zhen Hao, Wendy, Yvonne, Fook Yu, Kim Kai, Ban Theng, Valentina & Mei Wen!

Thank you so much~

And thanks for the cake and the sloooooooooooooow birthday song. Hahahahaha!

Early 'surprise' birthday celebration on Thursday.

They insist that I get the ribbon cupcake... due to obvious reasons. =.=

And of course, the wonderful wishes & presents that I received this year!

Thanks ZS kor for the pressie! Super glad that I managed to see him on the way back home.
And he gave me Bob the Dog! Loooong time since I saw it sia!

Kiddy Windrunner! (3 quarter sleeve) Pretty obvious who its from~
Thank you guys & gals!

From boyf~

Besides my birthday celebrations, there was also another celebration that came up shortly after it~

1 year has passed by so dmn fast~ 1 year since we've got together. 1 year since he asked that question. =p

And so, on this day, he planned for us to watch Eclipse. (3 months before the actual day, he let slip. O.O)

The movie was super sleepy to the both of us~


However, Ben & Jerry's woke me up!

Cookie Affair + New York Fudge are the loveeee~

My dearest boyf~

Giving me the *eyebrows raised* look. 'Not done taking photos yet?' =p

Time for my own camwhores with my new wallet~ More compact in size though it can't hold as many things as before~

Thank you for that lovely day! Time zooms by like its on a fire rocket and before we knew it, 1 year has passed us by.

Love you as always!

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