Thursday, July 22, 2010

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My working life is more or less coming to an end and I can't believe that I'm actually saying it: I'm gonna miss there!

In fact, I'm already missing the events and being on-site. And of course my crappy colleagues and all~ Gonna miss you gals loads!!

Time really seems to pass by so fast. 2.5 months has passed since I've joined them and next Friday is gonna be my last day of work. So freaking fast! But oh well, this is not the final farewell. They've conned roped me in to joining their company again whenever I have vacations and even for my Uni internship! Hahahaha! I would so love to go back but I believe I gotta explore other companies and industries while I can. But we'll definitely be still in touch~! Because of our loooooveee for shopping!

Anyway, for those who have seen my tweets 2 nights ago and am wondering what the outburst is about. Well, let's just say its an family issue and something I need to go through. But thanks for the concern and all! Gotta go clear my mind after last night and was feeling really upset and 'cheated' in some way. Feels like those words have been repeated and reused for gazillion years. It just feels like, whenever I'm reaching the finishing line, you just move it further away from me. Its not pushing me to greater heights. That's the wrong way. I understand what it feels like to be pushed to our limits to achieve greater things, but this is not the way. All I can do is to pray, hope for the best and do what I know I can.

Enough of my depressant talk! Just realied I got tons of photos in my camera which have yet been uploaded.

For instance, Cosfest photos!

I only went down for Day 2 but managed to meet up with quite a few people~ Ahhh~ Lots of new faces and I feel out at times. Heehee.

But still, I had a great time there with my classmate Trix, Neko-chan, Gerry, Wendy and KK who was always mysteriously not around. Hrmmm~

Photos time!

But before that, introducing Neko-chan! Actually, her name was Nyah Nyah Neko Chan but it was a little too long.

Fook Yu the Neko-chan!

Anyway, this is my meido costume and the last time I wore it was 2 years back. Good to see it being out in the light at last~ Heehee.

Photos~! Much more photos in my camera but there are some unglam and whatsoever so I don't think I shall post it here. =p

Met Douglas there who happens to be my junior in CHR, Fook Yu's & Wendy's friend. It's a small world afterall~

From Leen's phone~

Peace Out!

Let's play, Guess the finger! Gerry looks like she's gonna bite it though. =p

And lookie look! Who's wearing specs now?

My dearest boyf with my purplish pink specs~ He seems to love it soooo much that being the nice girlfriend that I was, I bought him a same pair from FEP. Heehee~

And so it was the specs camwhoring time~

Oh oh~ And here are some pics that I managed to find on Sgcafe & Facebook.

Credits to the photographer~ And someone actually requested us to take the Star Wars helmet. Trix and I were O.O. Well, you can see my expression from the 2nd photo. LOL!

If you know or see any others of ours, do let me know k? Paste the link here or send it to my email~ Thanks~!

Anyway, that shall be the end of this post~ Just realised the many other photos I have in my camera are actually my own zilian stuff. =p

Next post shall be what I've been fangirling over recently and yes, after reading that, you will realised how slow I am~

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