Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Finally got my ice-cream therapy. Met up with Eileen and went to J8 Swensens after school. Jennifer was working there, surprised to see her~ XDD

Eileen decided to order the Durian Supreme (Disgusting) and I ordered Sticky Chewy Choco with one scoop changed to Rocky Road. Won't say the rocky road at Swensens is nice. Kinda of weird. Finally managed to catch up with Eileen and yea, talk about lots and lots of stuff~ Really am grateful to her for being there for me always~ XDD

Felt much much better after ice-cream and lots of crapping together. Lots of unglam expressions and etc. We ordered Milo Dinosaur Float too. Hurhurhur. BT, too bad you couldn't join. Hahas. Before drinking it, I made Leen clean and 'wash' her mouth clean of durian before she could touch the float. Hahas. At least she didn't burp in my face with durian breath. Or she would probably be dead by now.

Anyway, CRM is down. No more projects or exams for it. Next to go is WHP on thursday, Entrep on Sat and HRD next monday. After that.... Whoosh! Study break and exams. =( I gotta jiayou in my studies! Heehee. I should keep telling myself that.

When we were talking, Leen says I'm a crab~ Zhim! Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Which is yea~ Kinda of agree. We also talk about how people sometimes do not mean what they say and how possessive people can be. All these are just part and parcel of life I guess. There are many different people out there and we can't expect them to be the same. Otherwise, we'll all be clones and there won't so much entertainment and life around us. I guess, we just have to keep learning to work and be with these people.

Urgh, I got a blister at my left small toe. Kinda of hurts. Its thanks to my new heels that I got last friday during retail therapy. Ahhh~ But oh well, it didn't hurt as much as my previous platforms. Love this pair of heels~~ XDD However, thanks to the F1 bus driver, I almost fell. Well, I skidded quite a distance and was going around a stupid pole. I shall balance better. Heehee.

I'm feeling better now. Though it rained recently but yeaps, the sun will be out soon. No matter how big a storm it is, how bad it looks, the sun will come out after it. We must be strong enough to go through it. XDD


Memories of the past

Its 2.40 am. Just finished my ppt slides for my group. Was pretty tired but went to read my old blog which dated back to 2005. I almost died of laughter and teared as I read. My typing was.....bad. The English used was horrible. Thank goodness I've improved and moved on since last time. Oh well, its entertaining.~ Suddenly felt like going through those days again. Hahas! Best to go sleep now. Nites!
Oh look. Its raining~

Time to return to my freaking presentation which I'm waiting for my group to pass it to me to do.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cosplay Arts Festival 2009

Cosplay Arts Festival 2009 is over. Finally. Though the past week had been hectic, but looking back, they were times I would always treasure. Life seems to slow down so much after yesterday. Its tiring, definitely, lots of people are. Not just me. CAF is combined with everyone's efforts. Without everyone supporting it, it wouldn't be a success. Though it was not perfect, but it will be an experience and memory that I really treasure. These are stuff that can't bought with money. The times where we all worked together for an event.

Anyway, think I was pretty worked up the past few days. Apologies to the people around me. Jo was on a short fuse and after my ice-cream therapy tomorrow, I should be back to my mindless version. Hahas! Kudos to all!

It was fun working with external parties this time round and yeaps, thanks for the support too guys!

School wise, most of my projects are over too with only 3 more to go. Talking on a career and school area, I think I've a goal in mind. Events. Yeaps yeaps~ I really hope I can go down that path.

Next thing for me outside school would be Natsu. Whahaha. And also, I hope I get to meet up with Kim and the rest soon. Tired.

Ying jie, Ah Pek, Uncle Tin, Aunty Eng Kim and Felicia came to Singapore today. I didn't get a chance to meet the Penang peeps and Felicia is most probably on the way to Australia. Ying jie and Ah Pek are staying at my house currently and doing some kind of renovations and stuff for Grandma.

I shall relax and rest as much as I can now as soon, I'll be back on my feet running again. I bet. I shall go watch the special of Nodame Cantabile. Finally, BT passed it to me yesterday. Hahas. HP tomorrow, so far, the reviews for it were bad and kinda of expected it, but still. Its Draco's turn!!!! Wahaaa!~ Finally. I think he looks much better outside the show, from the premiere pictures I saw. Heh Heh. Mindless Jo~~~

Oh, I got a new version too. The demure and feminine Jo. Heex.

Here are some pictures from the CAF photoshoot and we were taking lots of photos from Trixy's camera. So here are just some of them. XDD

Anyway, that day was super hot. If I cosplayed on that day, I would have melted thanks to the heat. Really good job for the photographers and cosplayers!

So here am I, after few hours in the sun, I decided to take a break at the museum. =)

BT decides to join in too.
Ranka and the frogs. Super cute froggies.. Hahas.
And of course, Chrome. Or rather, its Leen in this photo. Can't wait to do Tayutama tgt~
And of course my kor was there too. XDDD
Trixy took a picture of me. No prizes for guessing who was I sms-ing. At least, that's what I think I'm doing. I like this picture of mine. Thanks Trix!Anyway, I'll just end off with this and I'll be back with more soon. Hopefully~ Ice cream~

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Disy Buzy

Yea! No updates for 1 week.

Been pretty busy with school and CAF. Finally got a load off my mind after today. Outdoor photoshoot is finally completed and there wasn't much hiccups. I'm still learning and this is a good experience for me. Looking at all of them in their costumes, kinda of think back to last year where CAF was the last time I cosplayed. Hahas. Oh well, until now, I'm still thinking. Actually, I was supposed to cosplay with Eileen at this year Cosfest but because some stuff came up and I didn't attend Cosfest 09 at all. Most probably I'll cosplay with Eileen at AFA this year then. Most probably.

CAF is just another 3 days away. Gonna be super duper busy. After CAF, things will lighten up a little more. Time to go catch up with friends again~ Retail therapy and ice cream!!~ Hopefully this year CAF will be a bigger success than last year. Yea yea yea~

Anyway, just a personal update. There are many things happening now. Funny, sad and happy. But I'm just glad for my group of friends always. I'm contented. XD I won't want to change anything. There's so much to say, so much to express but yet.... oh well.

Eyes closing soon. Been sleeping only a few hours recently. Tired tired. I shall go off to sleep now. Nites~

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

%$*&)@#* Isn't it just common sense for people to....

oh wait. I forgot. Common sense is not so common after all.

Just Some Thoughts

'Smile. Think Happy Thoughts.'

This is what I'm saying to myself now. At this moment.

Sometimes, no matter how happy you are in a day, there will definitely be some moments where you are feeling down.

However, I'll tell myself, only I can make myself feel down. Only when I allow others, only then can they or their actions make me feel down. Thus, if I feel upset or down, I'm the one allowing myself to feel that way. Only few can make me feel that way without my control and they are the rare few. Which I know, they won't hurt me in anyway. I believe in them. I'll do my utmost to protect them and I believe they will do the same for me.

Many things have changed. I feel like there are more things that I have to accomplish now. I feel like there are more responsibilities in my life now. I feel like rejecting them at times. But I know I can't and I won't. Its my life after all.

Expectations. That's a word I'm damn familiar with since I was a kid. Expectations were greater when it came to my turn thanks to my parents, my family. Practically everywhere I went, expectations followed. Its normal I know. It happens to everyone. But when expectations turn nasty, when it turns into force. I hate it. I really do. However, I've grown to learn and accept expectations better now. Someone once told me: When people expect things from you, it means that they believe you can make things happen for them.
I got a different perspective of expectations after that. It doesn't mean I welcome it with open arms but its easier to accept now.

Through the past few months, I've been hearing people tell me all sorts of different things. Lots of things.

Loner or not? Another person told me: Sometimes in life, you have to slow down and wait. If you just run ahead without looking back, there may be a day where you realised that there is no one is with you.

I'm getting tired and sleepy so I guess I'll just end it here. Good Night.
I'm counting down.

12 MN

Its past 12 now so I shall say it out.

Sometimes, I feel like strangling them. Seriously. ARGH!!!!!!!!

There, that felt better. I feel better now........NOT!
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