Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Disy Buzy

Yea! No updates for 1 week.

Been pretty busy with school and CAF. Finally got a load off my mind after today. Outdoor photoshoot is finally completed and there wasn't much hiccups. I'm still learning and this is a good experience for me. Looking at all of them in their costumes, kinda of think back to last year where CAF was the last time I cosplayed. Hahas. Oh well, until now, I'm still thinking. Actually, I was supposed to cosplay with Eileen at this year Cosfest but because some stuff came up and I didn't attend Cosfest 09 at all. Most probably I'll cosplay with Eileen at AFA this year then. Most probably.

CAF is just another 3 days away. Gonna be super duper busy. After CAF, things will lighten up a little more. Time to go catch up with friends again~ Retail therapy and ice cream!!~ Hopefully this year CAF will be a bigger success than last year. Yea yea yea~

Anyway, just a personal update. There are many things happening now. Funny, sad and happy. But I'm just glad for my group of friends always. I'm contented. XD I won't want to change anything. There's so much to say, so much to express but yet.... oh well.

Eyes closing soon. Been sleeping only a few hours recently. Tired tired. I shall go off to sleep now. Nites~

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