Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Finally got my ice-cream therapy. Met up with Eileen and went to J8 Swensens after school. Jennifer was working there, surprised to see her~ XDD

Eileen decided to order the Durian Supreme (Disgusting) and I ordered Sticky Chewy Choco with one scoop changed to Rocky Road. Won't say the rocky road at Swensens is nice. Kinda of weird. Finally managed to catch up with Eileen and yea, talk about lots and lots of stuff~ Really am grateful to her for being there for me always~ XDD

Felt much much better after ice-cream and lots of crapping together. Lots of unglam expressions and etc. We ordered Milo Dinosaur Float too. Hurhurhur. BT, too bad you couldn't join. Hahas. Before drinking it, I made Leen clean and 'wash' her mouth clean of durian before she could touch the float. Hahas. At least she didn't burp in my face with durian breath. Or she would probably be dead by now.

Anyway, CRM is down. No more projects or exams for it. Next to go is WHP on thursday, Entrep on Sat and HRD next monday. After that.... Whoosh! Study break and exams. =( I gotta jiayou in my studies! Heehee. I should keep telling myself that.

When we were talking, Leen says I'm a crab~ Zhim! Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Which is yea~ Kinda of agree. We also talk about how people sometimes do not mean what they say and how possessive people can be. All these are just part and parcel of life I guess. There are many different people out there and we can't expect them to be the same. Otherwise, we'll all be clones and there won't so much entertainment and life around us. I guess, we just have to keep learning to work and be with these people.

Urgh, I got a blister at my left small toe. Kinda of hurts. Its thanks to my new heels that I got last friday during retail therapy. Ahhh~ But oh well, it didn't hurt as much as my previous platforms. Love this pair of heels~~ XDD However, thanks to the F1 bus driver, I almost fell. Well, I skidded quite a distance and was going around a stupid pole. I shall balance better. Heehee.

I'm feeling better now. Though it rained recently but yeaps, the sun will be out soon. No matter how big a storm it is, how bad it looks, the sun will come out after it. We must be strong enough to go through it. XDD


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