Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clumsy Jojo

Something is wrong with me recently. I'm getting really clumsy. More so than ever. For example, I could knock my forehead into my own chair when retrieving a pen from the floor. And just now, I knocked my head into the dishwashing 'dryer' area above my sink when I was washing my hands. Knocked straight into it. I feel like I'm having lots of accidents lately. Should be more alert. Maybe its the lack of sleep and projects. I can even sit at a wrong angle on my ankle. Yay me! LOL..Anyway, been really clumsy these days. Better take care of myself and sleep more.

This coming week will be my last week of school. Tomorrow's Entrep Day, my 2nd last presentation for this semester. Like finally. I've been working with 3 exchange students and the experience is not good at all. Sigh~ But I'm not getting the brunt of it. Good thing. I think I've learned to be smarter in this aspect after 2 years in business school. Once tomorrow's over, I'll be able to breathe easier.

Tomorrow's a busy busy day too. Meeting the girls in the morning for either breakfast or running. Preparation + Presentation at 10. Natsu practice after that, followed by dinner @ Waterfront. Whoosh. I'll be carrying lots of thingys tomorrow. XDD

Guess I should sleep soon. Once I've finished packing. However, I'm not looking forward to sleep as much as before. Having 'nightmares' since last friday. Somehow, can't sleep easily and sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and just feel uneasy.

Yesh, I'm a human. I have my phobias too. Which is horror and supernatural things. Precisely why I'm never fond of ghost stories or horror movies. Even shows that are too gruesome will leave me shivering and insomnia? Okaaay, saying this much, I should pack my bag and try to sleep. Its a long day tomorrow too..


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