Sunday, August 2, 2009



I met with Trixy, Sok Hiang, Jia Hui, Gerry, Lue Song and Ban Theng in the morning for breakfast after which I rushed off for my Entrep Day presentation. Overall was okay for me. Though I felt like I had to rush through till due lack of time, I'm pretty confident in my own presentation skills. Later on, I went to Natsu practice where we were practicing formation for Nobody in the morning. I gotta improve on my timing. It sucks. Especially the part where I'm in front. Dadadadada!!!! After lunch continued with stretching etc. Think I over stretched my thigh area. Feels kinda of painful after it till now. Feeling better though. Heehee. Shall not exert my thigh muscle for a while.

Around 4 plus, went down to meet Sensei and his wife for dinner together with LS, ZS, Sherwin, Danny, Sun Yi and Desmond at Waterfront Hotel. We went to a place called Nanjyo Monjya where we had to cook our own food. It was pretty fun and of course, we gotta discuss about several topics too. But overall, enjoyed the food. It was my 1st time eating so much veggies in a meal. Seriously a lot of veggies~
OHH!! And I cooked fried rice too and it tasted pretty ok. Yay~ I can cook now. Hahas. For those who know me in secondary, you guys are probably amazed. Yea, Jo can't cook for nuts. The last time I tried a 'meal' like noodles or rice....something happened and oh well. Think this time round was ok. Even though the presentation of the rice doesn't look appetizing, but at least it tasted ok. XDDD

Kinda of tired now. Tomorrow there's still church and going out to look for costumes at paya lebar. I shall pop back to sleep now. Nites!

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