Monday, August 24, 2009

Overdue Birthday

Speaking on which. August holds birthdays to 3 important people to me consecutively.

22nd - Kimberly
23rd - Mum
24th - Koa
Not forgetting 3rd August which is Jean's.

Hahas, here's a belated and advance birthday to all! LOL..

Anyway, on 26th June, I woke up pretty early, around 8am to go prawning with my family and my mom's colleagues. Met Eileen at there and we had a rod, shared among the two of us. Our job was easy, we'll take turns to fish. She put the bait, I'll settle the plucking of the prawn. When we just started prawning, the time taken for us to put the bait, was the time that others managed to catch 4 prawns. LOL!! After a while, Eileen got the hook of it and managed to put on the bait pretty fast.... without touching it. The bait was not chicken heart or so... It was...... worms. Urgh~! We caught around 20+ for 2 - 3 hours. Not bad, though we weren't as skillful as most people there but still, it was fun. BT met us after a while and he managed to catch a few too. Hahas. After which, we started bbq-ing the prawns we had along with some chicken wings and sausages too. It was a mini celebration for my birthday, though no cake was involved. My dad wanted to order pizza with the candles on it but in the end, there were too much food, so no pizza.

After eating, the 3 of us left in the afternoon to meet Danny, Trixy, Steve, KK, Ozzy and XM to watch Threads of Destiny and just hang out. Hahas.
Threads of Destiny was not as good as I expected. Sigh~ It was kind of a letdown. Heard the drama is better but oh well. I got time now! I can start watching more dramas and tv!! Whahahahaha! Shall just post the pics now. This year, I didn't get any birthday cake and candles. Whahahahas. But my wishes still came true. =P

I shall not put any comments. Just the pictures. Tired~!

Okay. After the movie, we went to Coffee Club to hang out and over there, I was decorated with chocolate but I managed to have my strawberry mudpie~! Happy! Hahas, didn't post up many pictures. Tired. I shall upload the natsu pics on fb tomorrow. Gonna slp now. Tireddd.. Eyes closing le.


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