Sunday, August 30, 2009

For the past week, I've been traveling to different places to look for a job. Went to many interviews and all. Its like I went on a tour of Singapore. I even went to Eunos for an interview, only to find out that it was not what I expected and left before the so-called 'interview'. Sheesh. At last, finally found a job. Though its gonna be far but still, I'm going to find some way to entertain myself during the 1 hr + journey there. Hohohohoho!

On Monday, went down to this place where the job was assignment based located near Central. Wasn't stable so didn't take it up. It was quite far and good thing I managed to catch a ride down. Which after that, I loitered around Central, shopping and walking around. It was a long trip down, so, zilian with my camera. I finally brought my camera out again. Its a long time since I've been feeling zilian. Yea, took quite a lot of pics that day, as I was pretty happy with how my falsies turn out to be. It was the 1st time I put it on besides Natsu. And it didn't drop! Yosh!~ I like this style of falsies. I shall try out others next time. Heex. So yea, took quite a few pictures.

Shall only post up some. Hahas. My favourite pic out of this zilian-ing period on the cab. Heex.

Brown eyes~
Trying to do a puppy eye look but failed~ Oh well, brown eyes are pretty nice too.
Today, finally able to watch 'The Proposal' by Sandra Bullocks. Its good! Hilarious. Its nice. Sandra Bullocks is one of my favourite actress. This movie is good. A must watch show. Even though the ending is expected but the scenes were.. Whahahahaha. Anyway, went out in the afternoon to buy the tickets as they were selling fast for the showing we wanted. So I went to CWP to buy the tickets and after that, decided to shop and walk around, check out a few things that I wanted to then went to Mac to stone there for a little while. While I was there, took a few pictures too.

Something that I did when I was bored. Not at Mac but at home. 3D puzzle. Found it in CWP Popular when I was looking for the handphone charms. Pretty cool, there's a stick for you to stick the bear through. In the process of doing it, the bear head on the stick reminds me of OCK sotong on stik. Except for this, its Bear head on stik. Okay, shan't think too much about it. Lol, I had to hunt for a few missing pieces that went flying in my room as I was doing. Took me an hour plus? Or maybe slightly more, due to the hunting of the missing pieces. Hahas.
Cute right? XDDD

All the barang barang and charms on my Ultra now. The green person is Anizo. The heart is also a 3D puzzle and the pink charm bag is a present from Trixy from Japan. Thanks! The chinese wordings are Jie Shou. Until now, still trying to figure what it actually means. Got a vague idea but didn't confirm the meaning.
After hanging around and people watch at Mac. I went to the library to use the com. Its super duper slow la! And it blocks so many sites. Can't play a lot of games. Sigh. Not even RC. And it keeps rebooting. After a while, it started to freeze for me and I decided to go back to Mac to get a drink and wait for a little while more. And of course, it wasn't so crowded like earlier so I continued zilian-ing. Put on falsies again~Its becoming one of my essentials in my make-up list now. Whahahaha. Oh, and today is a weird hair day for me. Time to cut and trim my hair soon.

Attempted to act cute.

Finally the time rolled by and I met XM to go to AMK for the movie. He just reached Singapore last night. Hahas. Happy to see him again~ XDD Anyway, we had an hour to kill before the movie commences so we walked around AMK hub to look for some stuff and then went to this new dessert place to eat. The atmosphere and setting gave me a feel of those chinese period shows where people will go to those kind of food shops and order dian xin. Hahas. But we did order that. Forgot to take pictures. Anyway, we had hot beancurd and the way it was served is cute. Hahas. And fun to play though I didn't scoop it. Then also ordered some dim sum which one of them came as a shock to us. It was crystal dumplings, except for the fact that 80% was filled with the Hokkien Mee veggies. It was bad~ I scooped out the veggies and ate the prawn and the skin. LOL. I finished all 3. =.= We also ordered drinks. Mine was Sunny Strawberry. Though it was ice-blended, seemed a little creamy to me. But its nice. I shall try the Double Chocolate next time. XDD

After eating, almost time for the movie. The movie is good!! Next up, I'm aiming for Year One. Heex. Went back home after the movie. I carried a big bag home with me because inside the big bag, contained bags that he bought for me in Bangkok! Hahas. The designs are cute. The style of it is unique too. Like the bags a lot! Thanks!! The plastic bags were pretty unique too. They did not have any opening and as you can see too, for the pink bag's plastic, it is shaped like it too. Really like the bags~ Now I have more bags to use. Whahahaha. Getting lots of bags recently. XDD
Pink, White and very very very Light Blue.

The pink has a round base, reminds me of a picnic bag. And there's no zip. The top can be secured by ribbons. Same goes to the white bag, no zip. Its probably the bag I'll carry most out of all 3. The light blue bag is the smallest and its cute~
Thanks so much for the bags. Didn't expect them. Hahas. Hmm. Did a pretty long post. Shall go off to sleep. There's debriefing for Natsu tomorrow in school in the afternoon. Ahhh~ Can sleep longer. Whahahahaha. Well, off to bed now. XDDD Nights~

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