Sunday, August 23, 2009

Natsu is over!~

Woots! Natsu Matsuri 2009 is over!~ I had a great time there. It was really fun and took quite a few pictures with everyone. Hahas. It was certainly fun and great! XDDD

Though I felt a bit seh seh in the morning after the cremation of my grandma, but I felt better later on. On that, I would like to thank you guys for coming down. Sorry that you all had to wait, but really thanks for coming too. Really appreciated it. =)

I shall skip posting about the minor details. Hahas. Anyway, thanks to lots of people for helping my get ready. For my nails and hair~! Thanks Trixy, Gerry, Selphie and Wendy for helping with my nails. Hahas.. I felt so tai tai-ish. =P And also Yvonne for helping me with my hair! Thanks so much. It stayed throughout the whole performance. Whahahaha. Thanks so much!

After practising for a while, we all had a break and I walked round the stores with XM, looking at the food. Bought mainly drinks, some cheesy food, sushi and candy floss (which I only ate the next day, when it hardened). Oh yea, I also got a pikachu fan thanks to Wendy. XDDD Got a black Yoyo from Eileen this year too. Though she seemed a bit seh seh after drinking a little. LOL..

The performance was great. Was pretty nervous throughout it and made mistakes. Could have done better but erally enjoyed it still. Enjoyed the bon-odori too despite being pissed with certain people. Seriously, manners people, manners. Sheesh. Oh well, I enjoyed it still. This year natsu was lots of fun with the people I know. I shall just post the pictures that I have in my camera. Think there are more from their cameras. I only took mine out to take a few. Was too lazy to. XDD Most of the pictures that I have were mainly me taking pics with others individually. I shall just post them on facebook. Hahas. Here are just some group shots.

Just one shot of the event.
The Nobody Nobody group. Hahas.

Group Picture!~ Ardorythmatics @ Natsu 2009

I had lots of fun. More photos in facebook. Okay~ I shall continue my looooong overdue birthday post and pics on the next post. Hahas.Oops. Its really late.

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