Monday, August 3, 2009

Last week of school

Its the last week for school. Its normally when you can see me going for lectures and tutorials which will be dishing out exam tips. Whahahaha. Time to start studying soon. Once I start my holidays, I'll be trying to look for a job. So if anyone has any lobang, do let me know. Hehehehe.

Went out with Leen, Steve, XM, Danny, Gerry, Emily, Zhen Hao and Selphie to look for 'Nobody' clothes. Managed to get it in the end, went off to AMK to eat steamboat. Full~ Merlion joined us later on and the rest of us head off to arcade while Danny, Emily and Zhen Hao continued eating. Was pretty bored and went to look at UFO catchers. Always tempted to try but still. I saw someone who spent $4 and caught a pair of Stitch and Angel. Ahhh~

After that, we went to Coffee Bean to slack and lots of nonsensical stuff there. Ahh~ Really enjoyed today too. Been a good day in church too. My class was super funny and all their comments and thinkings are super cute la! LOL..

Oh yea, remembered what I wanted to blog about. I do treasure and cherish the time we had together last time. But even then, there was only a small group of people I was really close to. Those are the people I would like to meet up. The previous time I said I would try is cause you guys keep asking and asking and wouldn't take no. I mean, of course it would be great to have a class gathering, but if most of the people who I'd like to meet up aren't there, to me, its kinda of .... Just that, I got other commitments too and I do not wish to attend with a half-hearted attitude that might cause unhappiness to others. Like I said, since the date is confirm and all, if there are really more people going, I will join. But if its less than 10 and not much of the people closer to me are going, I'll pass. Hope you all don't take it negatively and yeaps, I really enjoyed the times we had previously and I'm not saying that the others in the class aren't important and I do not wish to meet with you guys. Just that, I know I might not be happy there and thus create more unhappiness etc etc. Yea~ Hopefully it will turn out right and really have a bigger class gathering.

Anyway, I think I shall hop off to sleep. Pretty tired. Lack of sleep recently. Hurhurhur~ Wanted to blog about some stuff but forgot. Wanted to blog about the gathering.Oh well. Anyone got any job lobangs, do let me know. Heex.

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