Saturday, August 29, 2009

Natsu Pictures

Hai~ Decided to post up Natsu pictures. Heex..

Yvonne~ My 'hairstylist'. She helped me with my hair. Thanks so much~


KK.. He looks bored.

XM & Ozzy

Ozzy. 2 --> 3


Jia Hui~

Wendy~ She helped me with my nails. Along with Gerry and Selphie. Felt like I'm doing a manicure la.. So tai tai -ish. LOL

Sok Hiang~

Jasmine~ Tai tai club founder. LOL

BT & Jasmine

Emily~ I accidentally press on the zoom button but it came out pretty nice in the end. hahas.

Jasmine & XM



Eileen. She went high on that day. Non stop eating. Drunk. LOL.

Ending off the post:
XM and me~

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