Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It seems so boring this few days but still quite crappy. NOw the thing that is making the guys all excited in our class is 'chiobu' (obviously) and the dried guave that I got. Till now, I still don't understand what is so disgusting about it, its just dired guava, you people are so deprived. Lols..Well, nothing much except raj is treating us quite nicely at times and at other times, he will 'kill' us? Today, kim and I were rather bored so we decided to do a drawing on our book, we each draw one stroke and amazingly, it turned out quite 'cute'. Lols..After i drew somemore and saw my own 'artistic talent', I actually though of chaniging my goal to go JC for 'higher chinese and chinese lit' and to go to european countries to teach chinese, to being an artist. Lols, I think my drawings would sell quite badly though, however maybe after I die, my drawings would become famous. Lols..well, mothing much going on here, might be able to miss some lessons on friday as I have to go to St margaret for their investiture, lols..Ok, shall stop here for now and sleep and listen to animes' songs..lols..tata!!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Its a tiring day for me. I had to wait so long for my turn as we had to let the higher mother tongue and the rest of the students who were in a hurry before us to go. It was so boring in there..lols..I came back home and slept for like 2 hours straight. Lols..Ok. Our oral teacher was very cute and we were concentrating more on her than our topic questions. Surprisingly, our topic questioins were quite easy. CY was damn jealous as 'chiobu' didn't call his number and he got jealous..lols..Well, some of the teachers in our school suddenly preferred to wear bright colours shirt..but it doesn't match them at all. Lols..Well, I might not be able to blog much as my eldest bro is coming back tonight and wants his labtop back and my stupid sick computer is still with the repairman. Argh!!! Don't blame me for not blogging often, in the meanwhile, I can use my time to listen to more animes' songs..Lols..I'm so tempted to watch animes again, by my ni-chan..lols..ok..Going to listetn to anime songs now..tata!
Guys, good luck for your oral!!Lols..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

iTs nOt aN iLLuSiOn..i'M rEaLLi bLoGgiNg..

Its pretty amazing that I'm continuously blogging for the second time..lols..Maybe the studying I did went into my head and I've suddenly become very hardworking..lols..maybe its because I'v seen the consequences of not studying hard and know that I might not get the course I want..Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is not this, today went for a study group with Kim and Tomato. We waited quite a long time so Kim & I went window shopping for a while, went to Macs to look for my friend who is working there and tease her, and wanted to buy some tidbits. P.S Does anyone knows where to get packets of dried gauva? I've searched the whole of Northpoint but couldn't even manage to find one piece of dried guava. Its so frustrating..lols..In the end, I had to settle for some other tidbits as my stomach was growling. I ate fast food for all my 3 meals today. I went to the airport to send my bro off as he was going to Bangkok and ate Macs there, then I went to BK where we were suppose to study to have my lunch there. I ate so many BK till i couldn't eat my dinner. I have an unhealthy day today. Lols..Nothing much going on. In chemistry, there is only a glimmer of hope. Lols..Well, I downloaded loads of anime songs and naruto manga today, gonna to watch my fill for all the hardwork I put in the last few days. Lols..Ok..I think I've gone off the main subject: Study Group. So it went fine and after a few hours of chemistry, I finally understand a few things. And after that, tomato abandoned us at BK and went off with Soon-to-be Mrs Tomato. Dejected, Kim and I though of loitering till 11pm so we can get a free ride back home by the police, but on second thoughts, we didn't. Instead we went to Northpoint and went shopping there again. Well, i went to gift a name & bought a cute turtle again. Yep, my soft toy turtle has a partner now. Lols..then I told Kim I had a hunch that there will be a comics connection shop in Northpoint and presto! We found it on the directory. When we found it, Kim was grumbling & I had to drag her in there, I bought some chains and a hp strap and satisfied, we headed home. And all I did when i got home was slacking. I watched my Tv, listen to anime songs, chat, read manga and etc..etc..etc..ok..stop here for now..tata!

Friday, February 24, 2006

aM i a nErD?

I think i'm becoming a nerd..lols..i actually studied chem and a-maths after school in the canteen on my own free will..wow..i still can't get over the shock..lols..i think something really went wrong in my brain..lols..well..i studied 2 hours of chem and later 1 hour++ for a-maths..lols..and finally i see light in chemistry..lols..we wanted to study in a quiet place so me & kim went outside the HOD room and studied..but instead of disturbance from students, we get 'nosy' teachers trying to poke in here and there and keeps asking whether are we suspended. We are such good pupils..how could they think badly of us..lols.However i think it was quite fun and we were thinking of doing this every friday..lols..mugging hard already..lols..well..guess i studied too hard in school today so i'm acting quite weirdly now..don't mind me..lols..quite high on coke again..lols..tomorrow still meeting tomato for extra lessons on chem n physics at northpoint..lols..going to study in burger king, but i guess the staff there will throw us out soon as we will be in there for like a few hours?AHHH...i'm turning into a bookworm, a nerd...what is happening to me..it must be from all the stress..lols..CY keep grumbling about how he has to go for the PM funeral while i escaped and he has to take my place there..hehex..he's gonna kill me on monday..lols..well..nothing much going on now..i feel that the guys(gays) are becoming a bit racist in our class now.Yep..they definately are racist..and they were talking about Ultraman yesterday in maths class(jabez and bGoh)..lols..they keep laughing throughout the whole lesson..and i was asking Jabez & Garry some riddles, amazingly, Garry managed to asnwered them fast and correctly while Jabez was stumped..lols..however, Jabez sitll play a better game of bluff than Garry..lols..ok..enough typing.Hahax..going to slack for the rest of today..tata..

Monday, February 20, 2006

updating info...

Its been a long time..though i've said that i will update everyday..but i broke that promise again..lols..well..at last the carnival is over and all of us are so damn tired..esp the councillors..thank goodness our class has some class spirit this time thanks to ms santha..and some of the councillors for helping out...so..after the carnival yesterday, went out with bLow, sebas, CY, chicken(chee yang), kim, drey to makan at sakae..e gals sat at one table while the guys sat on another...when CY bent down to eat his sushi and when he looked up, the plates multiply from 3 plates to 10++ plates..he was shocked and knew he was going broke again..because of bLow and sebas..Lesson No. 1) never eat with bLow or Sebas when eating in sakae, unless it is buffet..
Sebas continued to eat even chicken and CY said there might not be enough, he keep saying, enough money for 1 more plate and continued eating..in the end, the bill waas $70..and chicken refused to pay more than $4 as he ate only 2 plates and poor CY had to pay $30++...lols..though the gals didn't eat much, but because of drey and her red plates..lols..we ate till $51++..but it was worth it..lols..a relaxing break after all the stressing and tiring time at the carnival..lols..well, i tried to call thomas to come down to pay for us but he didn't get tricked..AGAIN..lols..well..too tired these few days..and i was being whacked by thomas at least 10 times everyday at e carnival..torture!!! But i got my revenge, i think i dunked thomas quite a few time..but i miss raj's dunking..SAD...On friday, i slept from 7.30pm-7.30am...lols..hmm..my bro came to my carnival with his frens on sat but all they did was archery and lan..lols...ok..at last this stressful time is over..the next thing i have to prepare myself for is not to have a heart attack when i have a AAR of the carnival and i have to find all of my MIA councillors who will give me all sorts of stupid excuses which may make me suffer a heart attack and die as i don't carry pills around like raj...lols..
I'll think i'll go write my will now..I'll have a strong premonition..AGAIN..
FYI:My blog is not password-protected for now...
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