Friday, February 24, 2006

aM i a nErD?

I think i'm becoming a nerd..lols..i actually studied chem and a-maths after school in the canteen on my own free still can't get over the shock..lols..i think something really went wrong in my brain..lols..well..i studied 2 hours of chem and later 1 hour++ for a-maths..lols..and finally i see light in chemistry..lols..we wanted to study in a quiet place so me & kim went outside the HOD room and studied..but instead of disturbance from students, we get 'nosy' teachers trying to poke in here and there and keeps asking whether are we suspended. We are such good could they think badly of us..lols.However i think it was quite fun and we were thinking of doing this every friday..lols..mugging hard already..lols..well..guess i studied too hard in school today so i'm acting quite weirdly now..don't mind me..lols..quite high on coke again..lols..tomorrow still meeting tomato for extra lessons on chem n physics at northpoint..lols..going to study in burger king, but i guess the staff there will throw us out soon as we will be in there for like a few hours?AHHH...i'm turning into a bookworm, a nerd...what is happening to must be from all the stress..lols..CY keep grumbling about how he has to go for the PM funeral while i escaped and he has to take my place there..hehex..he's gonna kill me on monday..lols..well..nothing much going on now..i feel that the guys(gays) are becoming a bit racist in our class now.Yep..they definately are racist..and they were talking about Ultraman yesterday in maths class(jabez and bGoh)..lols..they keep laughing throughout the whole lesson..and i was asking Jabez & Garry some riddles, amazingly, Garry managed to asnwered them fast and correctly while Jabez was stumped..lols..however, Jabez sitll play a better game of bluff than Garry..lols..ok..enough typing.Hahax..going to slack for the rest of today..tata..

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