Saturday, February 25, 2006

iTs nOt aN iLLuSiOn..i'M rEaLLi bLoGgiNg..

Its pretty amazing that I'm continuously blogging for the second time..lols..Maybe the studying I did went into my head and I've suddenly become very hardworking..lols..maybe its because I'v seen the consequences of not studying hard and know that I might not get the course I want..Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is not this, today went for a study group with Kim and Tomato. We waited quite a long time so Kim & I went window shopping for a while, went to Macs to look for my friend who is working there and tease her, and wanted to buy some tidbits. P.S Does anyone knows where to get packets of dried gauva? I've searched the whole of Northpoint but couldn't even manage to find one piece of dried guava. Its so frustrating..lols..In the end, I had to settle for some other tidbits as my stomach was growling. I ate fast food for all my 3 meals today. I went to the airport to send my bro off as he was going to Bangkok and ate Macs there, then I went to BK where we were suppose to study to have my lunch there. I ate so many BK till i couldn't eat my dinner. I have an unhealthy day today. Lols..Nothing much going on. In chemistry, there is only a glimmer of hope. Lols..Well, I downloaded loads of anime songs and naruto manga today, gonna to watch my fill for all the hardwork I put in the last few days. Lols..Ok..I think I've gone off the main subject: Study Group. So it went fine and after a few hours of chemistry, I finally understand a few things. And after that, tomato abandoned us at BK and went off with Soon-to-be Mrs Tomato. Dejected, Kim and I though of loitering till 11pm so we can get a free ride back home by the police, but on second thoughts, we didn't. Instead we went to Northpoint and went shopping there again. Well, i went to gift a name & bought a cute turtle again. Yep, my soft toy turtle has a partner now. Lols..then I told Kim I had a hunch that there will be a comics connection shop in Northpoint and presto! We found it on the directory. When we found it, Kim was grumbling & I had to drag her in there, I bought some chains and a hp strap and satisfied, we headed home. And all I did when i got home was slacking. I watched my Tv, listen to anime songs, chat, read manga and etc..etc..etc..ok..stop here for now..tata!

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