Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is yours, will definitely be yours. What's not yours, no matter how hard you try, its useless.
There are things that you can't control in the world.

I had a great day but just feelings a little emotional so...delaying the bdae post for a while. XD

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye 18th! Hello 19th!~

This shall be my last post..... before I turn 19 in another 2 hours time.

The past year, I would say I have learnt a lot. It was a fun and good year though there were many incidents but then again, without all these experiences, I wouldn't have grown and become who I am now. But yea, I'm glad for all of them and I feel really fortunate now too.

Even though I'm going to past the 'fun age' of 18 but I believe that my 19th year is gonna be as exciting or even more than ever! Life is just full of surprises that keeps popping out at you. I'm grateful for the friends I have now, or should I say family. To me, they are my family too, I'm glad that I was accepted in too. Though I know what will come along with it, but I'll definitely do my best! Yosh yosh!

Anyway, I was feeling down last week (probably due to the fact I'm getting older) but now, I'm back! Back to my usual self. These few days, I've been going out with Eileen, BT, XM, Steve, KK and yea, had a great time with them. Hahas. I feel that I'm getting to know more people and at the same time, truely knowing them. I'm really glad that I have such close friends around me. Thanks! At the same time, though I don't really have a chance to meet up with the rest of my secondary school friends, but yea, I miss you guys. Kim, Chiang, bLow, bGoh, Jabez. Its been a loooong time since we met up. Sorry! This is getting to be an emotional post. Ahh~ I'm just typing whatever I'm feeling now.

Okay! I hope the next year and the rest of my life will continue to bloom~ I must continue to do my best and not be lazy anymore~ Hahas. Jiayou jiayou! Yosh! Tomorrow will be a loooong day, with my most probably waking up at like 7am? Save me~ Hahas.

My next post will probably be on my birthday gifts. So far, I've received some weird, unique surprise gifts. XDD

Bye 18th! Hello 19th!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short Break~

I'm going to Sentosa tomorrow~ Or rather, later. Hahas. I'm going there with my mom and her colleague but I'm sharing a room with Eileen~ Mom helped me book a hotel room with Eileen at Rasa Sentosa~ Woots. And yes, I'm straight. Sleepover at Sentosa. Plan to go lots of places to play later on, hopefully will get to look see at most of the places I want to go~ Whahaha. I can't wait for my short break there. Hopefully, I'll get to relax myself there and have a greaaaat time!!~

My back is much better today, like I guessed, the pain would fade away. Though my friends have been asking me to visit the doctor, I don't like to make such a fuss out of it. Doesn't seems serious. I'll go when its serious. Promise~ Though I feel really really bad for making lots of people worry about me. But at the same time, I feel their care and love~ Thanks guys & gals!~

Anyway, seems like there's quite a few close people around me feeling down or having lots of troubles. Maybe its the season for it, but anyway, my advice to most of them were, follow your heart and at times, intuition.~ Main thing! Don't ever regret. Yeaps..that's what I feel. So I hope that they will cheer up too and maybe seeing it from another perspective, the problem won't seem so major as you thought it was. Hahas. Though I'm still thinking and confuse about stuffs too, I guess I don't have the courage to stand up. Oh well~

Smile~ .^_____^.Okie~ Its 2am and its going to be a long and hyper day for me later. Guess I should go take some rest now. Yawns~

Anyway, here is the link to the pictures we took at the Central. Credits to Eileen, Steve and I.

Central Zilian Session

Nites people~ Off to my short break~!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A not-so-good-day

Been feeling kinda of moody the whole day. Didn't feel like talking much. Had a CAF meeting in the morning which was pretty ok. After that, Danny, Trixy, Jia Hui, BT and I went for ice-cream @ Swensens and shopping at Junction 8. Mainly was BT buying clothes. All of a sudden, my back started to hurt again. Been so long since it hurt. It felt like there was an elastic band holding my back and it feels like I gotta bend and snap/crack it in order to set it back to normal. It acted up when we were at Swensens. Tried to adjust my back to the seat. Felt slightly better then it hurt again after walking for a while. Crap! I hate it.

Anyway, we were joined by Steve, KK, Eileen and Zhi Sen (kor) for a movie @ AMK. Was watching Land of the Lost. Its a mindless movie. A little draggy for me. However I got freaked out at a few parts. Ugh~ I gotta start to overcome my fear of 'horror' stuff. Yea, maybe I should start watching horror shows and take it as a form of entertainment. I wish~

Currently listening to 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus. Feeling kind of down now. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to smile again like usual soon~ =) I must stop emo-ing tmr! Think happy thoughts.
Hopefully this wednesday and thursday will allow me to relax and cheer up~ Planning to go Underwater world, musical fountain, skyride and luge! And shopping @ Vivo of course.

Off for now. byebye. Kinda of hard to conjure up any happy thoughts now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Dream.

A dream I had from my nap just now. Yes, I took a nap on a Sunday. My nap was disturbed by 2 irritating calls. One was due to a wrong number..which in turn, made me snapped back at her. Eesh! I'm a grumpy person when it comes to my sleep. However, I tend to agree or answer nonsensical stuff when I'm still half-asleep. Hahas.
Anyway, this dream was one of the best dreams I've had in a loooong time. How I wish I could continue or have a part 2 of that dream. Recently, I've been having more dreams and most of them have a similar point in it. Sigh~ Dreams are said to be subconscious wishes to be interpreted. Now I wonder~~

Holidays are here but there's so many projects to complete~ Oh well, I'll take it slowly. Hahas.
Yesterday was Natsu practice and was..Woah!~ Had our usual slack session at Astar and Mac again and it was crazy. We came up with nonsenical stuff like Charlie Angels and Journey to the West!

(And oh my goodness, my brother just brought back durians!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Stinky Stink Stink!)

Okay, where was I again? Oh, Journey to the West. Yea, Emily, Cindy, XM, Steve and I started all that nonsense and almost died laughing. LOL..

Oh yea! I'm so glad that there are still people around me who are crazy about Disney! Whahaha. Trixy is also crazy over Hannah Montana!~ Woohoooo...

Okay, some work calling out to me now and I gotta run~
Shall update my cam-whoring day out with Eileen and Steve another day~ XD
just a small picture 1st~

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I've been feeling more of my secondary life character recently. Short tempered and gets irritated easily. Like my character in Secondary 3. Maybe its cos of the weather...or other little things that affect me subconsciously. Since secondary school, I have people telling me to control my temper up until now. Well, I think I controlled it pretty well after the incident in secondary 3 until my poly year 2? Maybe.

Yea, but the past few days, the last week to be exact, I was easily irritated by people. Crap. I know I gotta change, and I will. I don't want to drag my friends into trouble that was caused by me again. Argh~ Think happy stuff! I still have no idea why I'm feeling so moody. Maybe I'm sleep-deprived. Oh well, I shall really control. Think happy stuff!~~~~~

I'm really going to try again~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shoes + Monsters Vs Aliens

I finally got a pair of new shoes!~ Nike Blazer. If I'm not wrong. Shall post a picture of it.
I like this pair of shoes a lot~~ Hahas. I tried it and I'm like.. 'Yea~ I'm getting this.' Probably will halve the cost with my dad. He's grumbling. Oh well.

Anyway, went to catch my 1st 3D movie today. BT, KK, XM, Eileen, LS, Steve and I went to watch Monsters Vs Aliens! Super funny and cute!~ Hahas. I think we all look super toot with those glasses on. It was pretty painful for my ears after a while so I 'giap-ed' my ears with it. Kept laughing through the whole show. Ahhh~ A must watch. Hahas.

After that, went to LJS to slack and chit chat there. As usual, lots of jokes and I cried~ Yea~~ Thanks to me choking on my drink. LOL. Ahhh~ Happy happy!~

Before the movie, Eileen and I went to take neoprints together for the 1st time! LOL..and we chionged twice. Cos the 1st time was......horrible. Hahas. And I realised I have zero skills in decorating. Whahahaha. Will post up the pics once Eileen scan and pass me the pictures. Also did a little retail therapy, bought some nail polish from Ettusais~ I want their electric blue. Its niceee.. but it was out of stock. Argh!

These few days, managed to talk to someone, so was able to get some stuff off. I'm pretty glad that I managed to find another true friend.~ XDDD Thanks a lot!

These few days still feeling slightly moody. Mainly confused. Argh!~ I've also learnt about some stuff. Sometimes, these things make me feels so suffocated. Sigh~ My answer changed. From a 'Yes' to a 'Dunno' and now its 'I don't think so.' Today's movie said something that left me an impression. 'I don't want to be short-changed anymore.' Yeaps. So, I think it won't happen.

Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to sort out everything. Jiayou!

A picture of Eileen and I during our crazy times. Probably can't tell but yea, it was crazy..I'm super tempted to post up one picture, but....I think I'll be dead if I do that.

Ending off with this~

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Retail Therapy

Yes, I went for retail therapy today instead of ice-cream. (though I still ate ice-cream cake today)

Well, went to shop around FEP today with Eileen. Practically walked all the levels and the 'small streets'. Actually wanted to get school bags for each of us but just couldn't find the ones that we are interested in. Eileen is still only interested in the Zinc bag but I want to look around more. Its GSS afterall.
In the end, we got a tee each after walking for so long. I'm happy with my tee. Its bright and colourful~ Hahas. Too bad the other tee I wanted is OOS. Argh! My shoes also have a hole at the bottom of it. Shoe shopping soon! GSS! XDD Oh yea, my online stuff arrived too. So many of the stuff are OOS. Rah! That added to my unhappy mood. D=

I'm not in a good mood these few days. No matter how hard I try to deny or hide it even from myself, I still end up feeling irritated and short-tempered. Don't really want to talk to people too. Maybe its all the horrible confusion that's been accumulating. Freak! I don't wish for myself to be so moody. Thank goodness I went for retail therapy. At least that lighten my mood. Practice made me forget about any mood. Dinner too. But I guess, tomorrow will be a bad day for me. Sigh. I'm looking forward to friday now.

Get out of this crappy phase fast fast! I don't want and like a moody irritated me!
Maybe its just the tiredness talking. Too much reports these few days. I should sleep early then.
Nites!~ Bah!
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