Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye 18th! Hello 19th!~

This shall be my last post..... before I turn 19 in another 2 hours time.

The past year, I would say I have learnt a lot. It was a fun and good year though there were many incidents but then again, without all these experiences, I wouldn't have grown and become who I am now. But yea, I'm glad for all of them and I feel really fortunate now too.

Even though I'm going to past the 'fun age' of 18 but I believe that my 19th year is gonna be as exciting or even more than ever! Life is just full of surprises that keeps popping out at you. I'm grateful for the friends I have now, or should I say family. To me, they are my family too, I'm glad that I was accepted in too. Though I know what will come along with it, but I'll definitely do my best! Yosh yosh!

Anyway, I was feeling down last week (probably due to the fact I'm getting older) but now, I'm back! Back to my usual self. These few days, I've been going out with Eileen, BT, XM, Steve, KK and yea, had a great time with them. Hahas. I feel that I'm getting to know more people and at the same time, truely knowing them. I'm really glad that I have such close friends around me. Thanks! At the same time, though I don't really have a chance to meet up with the rest of my secondary school friends, but yea, I miss you guys. Kim, Chiang, bLow, bGoh, Jabez. Its been a loooong time since we met up. Sorry! This is getting to be an emotional post. Ahh~ I'm just typing whatever I'm feeling now.

Okay! I hope the next year and the rest of my life will continue to bloom~ I must continue to do my best and not be lazy anymore~ Hahas. Jiayou jiayou! Yosh! Tomorrow will be a loooong day, with my most probably waking up at like 7am? Save me~ Hahas.

My next post will probably be on my birthday gifts. So far, I've received some weird, unique surprise gifts. XDD

Bye 18th! Hello 19th!

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