Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shoes + Monsters Vs Aliens

I finally got a pair of new shoes!~ Nike Blazer. If I'm not wrong. Shall post a picture of it.
I like this pair of shoes a lot~~ Hahas. I tried it and I'm like.. 'Yea~ I'm getting this.' Probably will halve the cost with my dad. He's grumbling. Oh well.

Anyway, went to catch my 1st 3D movie today. BT, KK, XM, Eileen, LS, Steve and I went to watch Monsters Vs Aliens! Super funny and cute!~ Hahas. I think we all look super toot with those glasses on. It was pretty painful for my ears after a while so I 'giap-ed' my ears with it. Kept laughing through the whole show. Ahhh~ A must watch. Hahas.

After that, went to LJS to slack and chit chat there. As usual, lots of jokes and I cried~ Yea~~ Thanks to me choking on my drink. LOL. Ahhh~ Happy happy!~

Before the movie, Eileen and I went to take neoprints together for the 1st time! LOL..and we chionged twice. Cos the 1st time was......horrible. Hahas. And I realised I have zero skills in decorating. Whahahaha. Will post up the pics once Eileen scan and pass me the pictures. Also did a little retail therapy, bought some nail polish from Ettusais~ I want their electric blue. Its niceee.. but it was out of stock. Argh!

These few days, managed to talk to someone, so was able to get some stuff off. I'm pretty glad that I managed to find another true friend.~ XDDD Thanks a lot!

These few days still feeling slightly moody. Mainly confused. Argh!~ I've also learnt about some stuff. Sometimes, these things make me feels so suffocated. Sigh~ My answer changed. From a 'Yes' to a 'Dunno' and now its 'I don't think so.' Today's movie said something that left me an impression. 'I don't want to be short-changed anymore.' Yeaps. So, I think it won't happen.

Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to sort out everything. Jiayou!

A picture of Eileen and I during our crazy times. Probably can't tell but yea, it was crazy..I'm super tempted to post up one picture, but....I think I'll be dead if I do that.

Ending off with this~

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