Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Dream.

A dream I had from my nap just now. Yes, I took a nap on a Sunday. My nap was disturbed by 2 irritating calls. One was due to a wrong number..which in turn, made me snapped back at her. Eesh! I'm a grumpy person when it comes to my sleep. However, I tend to agree or answer nonsensical stuff when I'm still half-asleep. Hahas.
Anyway, this dream was one of the best dreams I've had in a loooong time. How I wish I could continue or have a part 2 of that dream. Recently, I've been having more dreams and most of them have a similar point in it. Sigh~ Dreams are said to be subconscious wishes to be interpreted. Now I wonder~~

Holidays are here but there's so many projects to complete~ Oh well, I'll take it slowly. Hahas.
Yesterday was Natsu practice and was..Woah!~ Had our usual slack session at Astar and Mac again and it was crazy. We came up with nonsenical stuff like Charlie Angels and Journey to the West!

(And oh my goodness, my brother just brought back durians!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Stinky Stink Stink!)

Okay, where was I again? Oh, Journey to the West. Yea, Emily, Cindy, XM, Steve and I started all that nonsense and almost died laughing. LOL..

Oh yea! I'm so glad that there are still people around me who are crazy about Disney! Whahaha. Trixy is also crazy over Hannah Montana!~ Woohoooo...

Okay, some work calling out to me now and I gotta run~
Shall update my cam-whoring day out with Eileen and Steve another day~ XD
just a small picture 1st~

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