Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aftermath of Open House 2008

Whoo hoooo~~~~

I'm done with all of my paper tests for now. I just have 2 more group presentations next week and 1 more group report and I'm done!!!! which will mean that CNY is arriving and there are lots of stuff to do, like mugging time for the finals.
Anyway, enough with the academic stuff, Open House 2008 is finally over, though I kinda of missed all the hectic and fun, its a relieve for it to be over at last. Hahas. I've made plently of new, old, crappy and fun friends in this whole thing. Stoning in class now...Waiting for the teacher to arrive, in meantime, here are some of the pictures of Open House 2008. I'm wearing a yukata! ROFL..

Eileen & me!

Hakimah, Azmah & Jo!

Shaun(flower boy) & me~

I'm not peeping!!

Spoiler Alert!! hahas

Not sure if I've posted up any pictures, anw,this is who I was cosplaying at EOY 07.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2nd week of school term


My 1st post in 2008. Hahas. The countdown this year was cool. Managed to spend the eve of countdown's eve at Changi Fairypoint chalet with just 3 of my friends. It was a super big bungalow which looks quite haunted, so you can't actually blame us for sleeping together in 1 room though there were 6 rooms in total. It was quite cool, had a anime/dorama marathon during the whole night. Joy and Jean came back from their holidays too from Aus. At least we managed to spend countdown together and pop champagne. I managed to pop 2 bottles..heex. Oh yea, and guess what Jean & Joy got for me as a christmas pressie from Australia! They went to movie world and got me Draco Malfoy's wand!!!!! How cool is that. Thanks so much! Hahas. We spend the rest of the countdown playing Mafia(a super familar game..heex) and charades. I almost died laughing. And soon, the night passed and we had to get ready for school...

These few days seemed to passed by so fast. There were a few ICAs and presentations here and there, got back my accounts, marketing and macroE results. Very happy with macro and marketing, though I think I can do better for my accounts if not for my careless mistakes. Oh well, what's done is done. All I've left now is my Excel project, Accounts test(again), stats ica next week. And macroE proj again. Hahas. But I think the macro project is gonna be great though.

Anyway, besides the excitment of returning to school, there is also preparation for NYP Open House that is currently going on. Lots of stuff to do like setting up the booth and so. However, I'll not be around SBM school but with my cca, the foreign languages club. Heex.^^ Do come around and visit me~I LOVE MY CCA!! (being random..hahas)

Lots of stuff has happened and I think I grew more matured and more demure. :P (I can hear the snickers) Hahas. Well, that's all for now, feeling sleepy.

Oh yea, 1 last thing, any fruits basket lovers out there? Interested in cosplaying, do tell me.

See ya.
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