Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Yea, what a generic and cliche title post I have up there. But indeed, I'm starting to feel that my life is starting to be more complicated. And there are times where I have no idea what I want. That might sound like the total opposite of me, seeing that I usually lay out my goals straight down. I have no idea why I'm feeling this moody today or frustrated. Maybe it's the 'curse' that I deemed that I have, or perhaps I'm doing some contradicting actions in my life. And there's this question that keeps lingering in my mind. What was I doing a year back? 2 years back. 3 years and even 4 years ago? Why this period? I guess Natsu period has always been one of excitement. Especially the post period. Without fail, there's always something there.

I really hope the 'curse' won't follow through this time. It's really kinda of tiring to go through just that quite a few times. I say that but yet I do something against it.

I guessed I'm pretty tired and am mumbling on. Which is a sign I should sleep soon. And yeaps. Just wanted to blogged out a little of what I'm feeling.

Good night and may I find the route I wish to take in life.
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